Adoptive Parents Of Ukrainian Orphan Claim She’s Not A Child – And She Tried To Kill Them


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  • StanNCT StanTalents
    StanNCT StanTalents  2 hours back

    The face she made at the end scared me...

    • Ashley Love
      Ashley Love  2 hours back

      Theirs 16 acting grown looking grown and are very smart and well spoken so y’all need to stop using that as an excuse

      • Mary Gorie
        Mary Gorie  3 hours back

        Like the movie orphan

        • Alissa Adams
          Alissa Adams  3 hours back

          Shes in her 30s

          • Lyba A
            Lyba A  3 hours back

            Reminds of the movie orphan

            • Adam Silva
              Adam Silva  6 hours back

              They confirmed she's 16, so all the internet doctors can stop with their nonsense opinions.

              • Megan Holliday
                Megan Holliday  7 hours back

                I think these adoptive parents watched the orphan and became ridiculously paranoid then started to get attention and rolled with it, what else are they going to do, when I was 10 years old my mum went through a horrible time and started drinking with hideous women that lived in a place called Rokeby here in Tasmania, we moved there when I was an inocent 9 year old by the time I was ten I was not only taking care of myself but also the 4 children that lived next door who were 9 7 3 and the youngest had just turned 2, I washed clothes dealt with really bad situations, clean what ever needed to be done and every kid in our street was the same, we had to be, as Dr Phil says necessity is the mother of invention, at 12 my brother and I were put in to temporary care for 6 months in West Hobart with an awesome couple Virginia and Jim Oakley we did have a girl come from Sydney to stay in the home, she was not evil or dangerous she was not to be 12 aswell but after an accident hospital records showed she was a 27 year old homeless woman who had been living in children's homes to survive, no one noticed, it happens, there are amazing kids out there, my 10 year old grandson told me a few months back stop worrying about how you look man. If you're family loves you the way you are why would you want to look different things my 55yr old dr has said, kids are as smart as they feel the need to be 😉👍.

                • Poppi Starr
                  Poppi Starr  8 hours back

                  ok bc of this i just had to make a new playlist.... entitled... u cant make this 💩 up

                  • Alo Oso
                    Alo Oso  8 hours back

                    Natalia has some serious CAULIFLOWER EAR!!!! Look at 2:27

                    • Fred Rodz
                      Fred Rodz  9 hours back

                      Is this based off a Hollywood film? The orphan?

                      • Melissa
                        Melissa  9 hours back

                        It’s like the movie „the orphan“ irl

                        • Alina Vaysfligel
                          Alina Vaysfligel  10 hours back

                          i need to know more about her language situation when she was first adopted, cuz after living 6 years in Ukraine, that is the language she would be speaking. English would have been a struggle for her for a little while (i immigrated from Ukraine when i was 4 and i couldn't fully speak English until at least a couple years after). the Barnetts say they brought a Ukrainian friend home to speak with Natalia and she could not understand or communicate with this person. even if you've mostly forgotten how to speak the language, at that young age (8-ish years old) you would still have a general understanding of what the person is saying.

                          • Hello Ninaa
                            Hello Ninaa  10 hours back

                            the pic behind the tree gave me the creeps

                            • Magdalena Jones
                              Magdalena Jones  10 hours back

                              i think she is a adolt may 30 years old.. her smil look like older.

                              • Cory S.239
                                Cory S.239  10 hours back

                                Evil dwarf 😂😂😂😂😂

                                • KG B
                                  KG B  10 hours back

                                  It’s like that one movie “orphan”. Go watch it !!

                                  • Gloria
                                    Gloria  10 hours back

                                    A real Killer, kills and doesn’t tell it to anyone.

                                    • Peter Griffon
                                      Peter Griffon  12 hours back

                                      Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that the adoptive parents are now divorced

                                      • Joan Witscher
                                        Joan Witscher  12 hours back

                                        She doesn’t speak or act like a real child even at 16 I don’t question that one

                                        • Rehema DeJong
                                          Rehema DeJong  13 hours back

                                          Woww real life Orphan

                                          • Kate Nelson
                                            Kate Nelson  14 hours back

                                            If she were in her 20s when she came over from Ukraine, surely she would still have an accent, right? Only a young child could have lost their native accent. Also, if the adopted family honestly thought an ADULT were trying to murder them, why didn’t they go to the police? Finally, she has been labeled a ‘con woman,’ but was is the ‘con’ she was trying to pull? Find a family to try and murder while repeatedly revealing her plan to the adoptive parents that she wanted to kill them? That’s not a con, it’s a mental health issue.

                                            • ashley hankins
                                              ashley hankins  14 hours back

                                              Anyone seen the 2009 movie Orphan?

                                              • potatobird XoXo
                                                potatobird XoXo  14 hours back

                                                Either Natalia is scamming everyone, or the Barnett’s are trying to fool everyone.

                                                • Chris Barnes
                                                  Chris Barnes  14 hours back

                                                  Look at her teeth at “6” vs now. I’m not claiming to know her real age but most 6 year olds don’t have fully grown adult front teeth. So that is weird in my opinion. But hopefully this gets sorted out

                                                  • Gocha Gocha Uruse
                                                    Gocha Gocha Uruse  15 hours back

                                                    Busy thinking about the Orphan.

                                                    • Solmary Golden
                                                      Solmary Golden  15 hours back

                                                      Ya really crazy bro leave the girl alone already she’s 16 just stfu

                                                      • Becky Zonunmawii
                                                        Becky Zonunmawii  15 hours back

                                                        its obvious.. she was not a child..

                                                        • SophieSophs
                                                          SophieSophs  15 hours back

                                                          They keep saying grown woman but that wasn’t the issue. She’s a grown woman now but appears to be a teen at that time not a 6 year old. The facial changes in some of those pictures show evidence of starting puberty. The face changes around 11-13.

                                                          • milk milk
                                                            milk milk  15 hours back

                                                            Fake tears

                                                            • Valerie B
                                                              Valerie B  16 hours back

                                                              If she was really trying to kill them why would she tell them. They’re lying.

                                                              • Sydney Mack
                                                                Sydney Mack  16 hours back

                                                                Why isn't anyone talking about that movie Orphan that is exactly like this girl

                                                                • Lily Cortes
                                                                  Lily Cortes  18 hours back

                                                                  An 8 year old can't take care of them self

                                                                  • Eileene Clark
                                                                    Eileene Clark  19 hours back

                                                                    11/11/19....THIS is NOT a child....this is def an ADULT trying to scheme/scam her way here in America.
                                                                    Just looking into her face + her eyes....
                                                                    + catching a glance when she's NOT AWARE that she is being viewed/watched---I can see that she's def "playing a part" prob for fame + fortune.
                                                                    Sad she's "deformef" physically but she is def an adult + I can see she's fully capable of doing the evil scary things this couple has talked about/ accused her of doing!

                                                                    • R M
                                                                      R M  20 hours back

                                                                      Well...she doesn’t even speak Ukrainian!

                                                                      • charlenefrida emilia
                                                                        charlenefrida emilia  20 hours back

                                                                        I think she is a 30 years old woman trying to act like a child so that she can kill the family who adopted her. I don't mean to judge okay but I think that it's really weird because in some pictures shown in the video, she looks like a kid and in the interview she looks like a woman. Or maybe they used a picture of another kid because it's impossible that she was adopted when she was 8 and now in the interview she looks and sounds old. Another thing is how she tries to manipulate the family and Dr. Phil and acts like the victim. I believe that no charges should be charged with the parents who adopted her. I believe that the parents are innocent and they're telling the truth. Plus no child would be thinking about killing his or her family unless that child is a demon. A demon who disguises as a child but thinks about how to kill her family and like the victim. Like the way she turns into the camera and the way she speaks scares me. I'm praying for the justice and safety of the family who adopted her.

                                                                        • Notka D
                                                                          Notka D  20 hours back

                                                                          Guys, she didn't ask to be adapted it is not her fault that adaption agency faked her age. Stop blaming on her, she wasn't the begging of this issue. Interesting part that this family's issues started AFTER they found out in the shower that she is older then they thought. Before that they loved her, like they said. It doesn't have any since what these parents saying. If they didn't like the fact that they adopted older child, then blame it on the agency not girl. I can bet after they found out she is older they started to rejecting her and to be mean to her and blaming her for their unsuccessful adoption, and suddenly they don't love her anymore. Is that really matters to you how old she is? Im pretty sure she wasn't 7 by then but she wasn't over 30 neither. She might was 10-14?? I don't know. But you don't dump a human like a trash after found out she is quiet bit older AND SPECIAL with a disability. I don't understand who ever let these monsters adopted her?? They aren't human. Sure, as a normal respond she felt unwanted sedately, rejected and mistreated just because she is few years older back there.I would be angry too. In this case they could have her anyway. Or if they would not want her then have a talk to her, explain EVERYTHING, find out exactly how old she is, and base on her age help her out with her life to move forward. But don't dump a human and reject like that.

                                                                          • The Golden Beetle
                                                                            The Golden Beetle  20 hours back

                                                                            Barnettes shouldnt be charged with anything. Court rulings and med documents state this woman was in her 20s was recieving ssi and had a bunch of resources. The Barnettes left AFTER THE COURT RULING ON HER AGE. Therefore they are not legally responsible.

                                                                            • aisha sahin
                                                                              aisha sahin  21 hours back

                                                                              I mean she could be a child, I knew a girl with dwarfism who looked 35-40 at age 11.

                                                                              • creative corner
                                                                                creative corner  22 hours back

                                                                                This reminds me of the film "orphan"

                                                                                • Skye Nicole
                                                                                  Skye Nicole  23 hours back

                                                                                  Isn't this 'Orphan'?

                                                                                  • Mary Jane
                                                                                    Mary Jane  1 days back

                                                                                    Dr.phil seems to think so, as he calls her an evil psychopath demon child lol He must know something we don't.. Sounds pretty accusatory to me

                                                                                    • Mary Jane
                                                                                      Mary Jane  1 days back

                                                                                      Wow! I'd really like to know the truth about this.. Damn

                                                                                      • Charles Chudabala
                                                                                        Charles Chudabala  1 days back

                                                                                        So many holes in this story

                                                                                        • Jennifer Lynn
                                                                                          Jennifer Lynn  1 days back

                                                                                          In my opinion, these adoptive “parents” should absolutely not be charged. They did what they had to do to protect their family, and were even kind enough to pay this grown woman’s rent for an entire year. They were nicer than I would have been to someone sociopathic woman who came in and tried to kill my family.

                                                                                          • Ali-Pop
                                                                                            Ali-Pop  1 days back

                                                                                            Jennifer Lynn You don't know if the barnetts lie, you weren't there. Why are you so sure that the barnetts tell the truth?Are you forget how small the Ukrainian girl is. Are you compared her face with dwarf children of the same age?. Are you sure she is a grow-up woman.

                                                                                        • Maya Moo
                                                                                          Maya Moo  1 days back

                                                                                          Has anyone thought to look at her social security number?

                                                                                          • GoldenGoddess
                                                                                            GoldenGoddess  1 days back

                                                                                            Ooh hells nah this is like the orphan movie but with a twist .. I’m good off this

                                                                                            • GF Gabayeron
                                                                                              GF Gabayeron  1 days back

                                                                                              In some photo shown, you can still see some of her milk teeth

                                                                                              • Emary An
                                                                                                Emary An  1 days back

                                                                                                When they adopted her they were given paperwork of her age. She went through an agency it wasn’t herself giving them the paperwork. I think she looks older than she looks also if they had doubts of her age or if they were scared for their safety why not contact the police so they could start en investigation instead of going by what age she acts like. When you go through what she has gone through you have to grow up fast. My sister was six years old and was already taking care of her 4 siblings and she knew how to cook so if bills were paid and food left for her I totally believe she would have been able to take care of herself at a young age. The fact that they left her with bills paid and food makes me wonder why they would do that if according to them she wanted to kill them? Was it because they felt bad of what they were really doing to her???