Tisha Campbell Martin Confirms Duane Martin Helped LisaRaye’s Ex-Husband Cheat

  • Published: 23 October 2019
  • Just in case you thought LisaRaye was capping when she claimed Duane Martin ruined her marriage to former Turks and Caicos Prime Minister Michael Missick, Tisha Campbell Martin is coming through with the co-sign.

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  • Mack Millz
    Mack Millz  4 days back

    YOUR marriage failed because of this other guy?!?!?!? smh....

    • Shellz DaBest
      Shellz DaBest  6 days back

      This makeup has to STOP!!

      • Ruffian Thystoic
        Ruffian Thystoic  1 weeks back

        No one cares about these high mileage old thots! #smdh

        • Booker Ford
          Booker Ford  2 weeks back

          It’s always someone else’s fault!!

          • Anthony Hernandez
            Anthony Hernandez  2 weeks back

            No one cares you old bags

            • Lois King
              Lois King  4 days back

              Anthony Hernandez you so disrespectful,If it wasn't for bags,that is, if you want to call your mother and the other women in your life.bags you wouldn't be here.Do you call your mother bag or mother. we all come here thru the same avenue a woman.For you to disrespect another persons dsughter,mother,grandmother,sisteaunt,is a testament to your ingorance. what the world needs is respect for each other.You need to learn why you are on this earth,I'm sure it't not to disrespect women.You have a nice life.

          • M Badger
            M Badger  3 weeks back

            If she was still married, would she still have story LisaRaye? Probably not.

            • Mrs. O'connor
              Mrs. O'connor  3 weeks back

              What an asshole!!!! I heard he hid money from Tisha and spent hers.

              • Im her
                Im her  4 weeks back

                Duane was cheating too!!!

                • Markela Banks
                  Markela Banks  4 weeks back

                  Still sounds like a bash session to me. Take it up with that man or shut the hell up.

                  • Spicy Hot
                    Spicy Hot  3 weeks back

                    @Wise Teacher Exactly ...Buy sadly Lisa thought Duane was her friend until he did her dirty..

                  • Wise Teacher
                    Wise Teacher  3 weeks back

                    @Spicy Hot Yes. If your friend help/encourage your spouse to be unfaithful, then they are not your friend.

                  • Spicy Hot
                    Spicy Hot  4 weeks back

                    @Markela Banks I'm.not saying Duane was the total cause of Lisa and her husband's split ...Infidelities happen in marriages its up to the couple if they want to stay together or not..All i'm.saying is Duane was wrong for helping Lisa's husband cheat by introducing her husband to other women ..

                  • Markela Banks
                    Markela Banks  4 weeks back

                    @Spicy Hot I understand where she coming from but I don't agree with that mindset. Nobody can break up your relationship except you and the person you're with. Her husband was a cheater before being introduced to Duane. I think its tacky when people place the blame on outsiders

                  • Spicy Hot
                    Spicy Hot  4 weeks back

                    I agree her ex husband is to blame and was WRONG...but Duane was wrong too for introducing Lisa's ex husband to other women....basically helping him cheat..Lisa looked at Duane as a friend and brother...Lisa prolly thought Duane would check her husband for cheating on her NOT help him cheat...Duane was an influence and the one who influence is also part to blame as well..

                • james Christmas
                  james Christmas  4 weeks back

                  Ok Lisa I hear u sweetheart

                  • caramel king200000
                    caramel king200000  4 weeks back

                    2 Washed Up H000000.eeees !!!

                    • Scotty Dippin
                      Scotty Dippin  2 weeks back

                      @Im her u act like u know them hoes, fuck outta here

                    • CampLala
                      CampLala  2 weeks back

                      Im her relax!!!😂😂😂😭😭😭

                    • Mrs. O'connor
                      Mrs. O'connor  3 weeks back

                      Nah....Tisha Campbell ain't never washed up. She been in the industry for 35 years. She continues to land gigs.

                    • nenehurt2596 evan
                      nenehurt2596 evan  4 weeks back

                      caramel king200000 wow!

                    • Im her
                      Im her  4 weeks back

                      Just like your mother!!

                  • james Christmas
                    james Christmas  4 weeks back


                    • Kate
                      Kate  4 weeks back

                      Lisa’s was a hoe period. No one made him commit adultery.

                      • Diva Davis
                        Diva Davis  4 weeks back

                        Kmsl fuck him fuck him