Home with the Hardy`s: Laine Hardy`s mom talks about son`s American Idol journey


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  • ll c
    ll c  1 months back

    what a good looking boy with asian mix , stunning

    • Katie Fields
      Katie Fields  1 months back

      He has,such a supportive family and gf. We all support him too. #PartywithaHardy

      • Richard Autida
        Richard Autida  5 months back

        Congrats Laine 😄

        • KarlaElaine100
          KarlaElaine100  6 months back

          He’s a cute kid with a decent voice! Haven’t heard anything about him since shortly after he won Idol. That’s Idol’s fault!

          • TropicalPassionFruit
            TropicalPassionFruit  6 months back

            “Home with the Hardy’s” sounds like a good TV show!

            • Jonathan Marshall
              Jonathan Marshall  7 months back

              Have you ever walked barefoot in Holly wood. If not, then any advice offerd concerning it is just plain bad advice. Impart only that which directly leads to his success. Not to sound harsh but unless you have already journied down the path he is now on. Nothing you can say will lead him to the rewards he now seeks. All you can do is be there for him when he needs you. The world is filled with posers mixing the good with the bad and eagerly offering it up as advice with the dilusion of success in the end. I have yet to meet a mother who couldn't spot them a mile away and didn't take steps to gently guide their child away from that influence.

              • Colleen L Johnson
                Colleen L Johnson  8 months back

                I pray that Katy Perry and other sexual deviants do not get their hands on this young man.

                • bea mills
                  bea mills  6 months back

                  @marypatb22 ......look into it..............yes

                • bea mills
                  bea mills  6 months back

                  i think he is pretty stuck in his upbringing by his parents.....respects his family values........katie perry was salivating like a hyena over roadkill.......can't say what i want.......

                • Teresa Blanco
                  Teresa Blanco  8 months back

                  @Frank Frohreich he won't mom got his back GOD TOO!!

                • marypatb22
                  marypatb22  8 months back

                  Colleen L Johnson sexual deviant???

                • Frank Frohreich
                  Frank Frohreich  8 months back

                  He's got a good upbringing, loves his family and a great mentor in his older brother. Wholesome guy, a real American Idol but it'll be all up to him!

              • Connie L. Silbert
                Connie L. Silbert  8 months back

                Way to go Laine!!! You are such a delight to listen to!!!

                • Alice G Ledet
                  Alice G Ledet  8 months back

                  Stay close to your roots I think you're amazing young man we are so proud of you , And we knew you were going to be the winner ,, l love your voice thank you for blessing livingston parish with you I think your mom and dad has a great family I will always be a fan

                  • JetlinerDtj
                    JetlinerDtj  8 months back

                    She looks Asian

                  • Barbara Gomez
                    Barbara Gomez  8 months back

                    He will become the next Chis Allen

                    • June Brison
                      June Brison  8 months back

                      His heart will always lead him home, Ma'am. The Lord and y'all raised him right, in the way he should go, even when you can't be near him, God is! Blessings to you all. I'm thrilled he won!!!!!!!! 😍🤗😘

                      • Anna Serene
                        Anna Serene  8 months back

                        Yes laine stay humble always n rmb to pray always. Do not gò the way of many celebraties : drugs n alcohol!
                        May the good Lord Yehweh bless n keep u in these End Times. Shalom n Agape

                        • Yolly B
                          Yolly B  8 months back

                          He gonna be Famous around the World! Faith Love Peace Joy Hope! May God Bless Him more!!! 🙏❤️🙏

                          • Mohd&Mariam Vlogs
                            Mohd&Mariam Vlogs  8 months back

                            stay humble laine don't change even you become famous,don't forget to pray God bless u more and he will guide you always.congrats

                            • TropicalPassionFruit
                              TropicalPassionFruit  8 months back

                              We, Laine’s fans, genuinely care about him as though he is one of our family members! What an exciting time for him and his family!

                              • Chantelle Gordon
                                Chantelle Gordon  8 months back

                                I love Laine and his wonderful family indeed💙

                                • Karen Hardie
                                  Karen Hardie  8 months back

                                  Help him on this wonderful new journey. What a nice family.