Can’t Get a Muscular Back? Just Do THIS!!

  • Published: 23 September 2018
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    If you have tried to build a muscular back but it just doesn’t seem to be responding, then you are going to want to watch this video. Here I’m going to show you how to get a bigger, wider back and to get all of the muscles in your back to stand at attention. The key is knowing how to activate each of these muscles fully and then develop them through the rest of your training.

    As I did with the biceps and shoulders, I’m going to show you again how important the mind muscle connection is to developing the most muscularity as possible in any given muscle group. The back is no exception. In fact, because of all the muscles located in the back including the lats, traps, rhomboids, teres major, teres minor, infraspinatus, rear delts, erectors and more you will want to be sure you know how to activate them all.

    The first thing to do is experience the feeling of an intense contraction in your back muscles. This can be accomplished by taking your elbows and tucking them as hard into your sides as possible. You should immediately feel the lats working if you do this properly. Now some people lacking a good mind muscle connection may not be able to feel this that much. There is no need for panic but you should be aware that you will need to work more on your ability to feel the contraction by doing this drill a few times every day.

    The idea is to squeeze as hard as you can and see if you can develop a bit of discomfort in the muscle. If you contract but cannot feel any type of shortening discomfort or contraction then you likely are missing the mind muscle link that is helpful for brining out and developing maximum muscularity, size and performance.

    Next, you want to not just tuck your elbows into your side but then drive them back behind your body. This will engage many more of the muscles of the back including the scapular muscles and traps. See once again if you develop any type of discomfort when doing this. The idea should be that even if you didn’t on the first one you will on this one since it intensifies the muscles participation.

    Finally you want to try and include a rotation to the movement. Here you will pull one elbow back and around your body to really feel the squeeze. If you still can’t feel any strong contraction then you definitely want to focus on getting better at doing this by frequently performing these three activations multiple times per day and week.

    To hammer this home however I have a complete back workout activator called the Size in 6 Minutes workout for back. By alternating a lat pulldown variation with the bodyweight y press exercise you will be able to hit every single muscle in your back. The key is not to speed through your repetitions but rather work hard to squeeze every one of them hard, even if it means holding the squeeze for 4-5 seconds each time.

    Go from underhand pulldowns to y presses, back to overhand squeeze pulldowns, y presses and two final variations of the pull down. See if you can keep it up for 6 minutes straight. This is not easy but it is a great way to reinforce the contraction that you are able to engage through the bodyweight version of the sequence. Once this is improved and you are able to start applying it to all of the other exercises you do like rows, pullups, chinups, etc you will be amazed at how much more muscular your back will be.

    For a complete step by step plan that shows you how to build a more muscular body from head to toe be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Start training like an athlete and overlook nothing in your training.

    For more videos on how to build a massive back and the best back workout for wider lats, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on RUclip and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new workout when it’s posted at
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      iM Valiant  3 months back

      Make one of this style of video about the abs.

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      MR. K  8 months back

      Sir please make the perfect exercise for love muscles or oblique muscles.
      I need it very badly. Please make it sir.

      TIGLATPILESER ASIRIA  8 months back

      ATHLEAN-X™ Please do a video about diet and get lean and ripped. Good job!

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    M888ARK Mark  3 days back

    Can't see mine, my heads on the wrong way.

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      Ron Sealy  5 days back

      Damn Jeff. The science U kick out is on point once again. Thanks for dropping another valuable video.

      • M W
        M W  1 weeks back

        Exceptional tips! I was happy doing my counting. "quality of the reps" makes my normal routine impossible (wasn't doing it right), but wow! - my back is on fire!! Thanks Jeff!

        • mm 2018
          mm 2018  2 weeks back

          Different size and body fat ratio

          • Jonan Bahnsen
            Jonan Bahnsen  2 weeks back

            everyday i climb a 50m turbine more than once. wearing a safety harness. only developed forearms from it. after watching these videos i see it as a 50m of back training. i use every 3rd step and a squeeze the shit out of my lats. and now my back is growing at an insane rate....

            • Zetsuke4
              Zetsuke4  3 weeks back

              This is sooo good

              • Zetsuke4
                Zetsuke4  3 weeks back

                OMG this is so helpful exactly what I needed this works!!

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                  Ortic Sébastien  3 weeks back

                  Just fantastic, thanks

                  • Roman Garcia
                    Roman Garcia  3 weeks back

                    I'm trying to get rid of rolled over shoulder, so I have been performing rear delt and back exercises with a supanated grip. Would you recommend this course of action?

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                      Promise Omoigui  4 weeks back

                      I want a slimmer back

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                        THANK YOU!

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                            Thank you man

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                              Jeff, you are The Man! Love everything you explain and you explain things so well. I implement most all the cues you give on the movements. And it works. I'm seeing dem gains.

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                                Robert Adams  2 months back

                                Even Jeff's brick wall behind him is ripped

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                                  Going for my PT certificate in this couldn’t be more helpful. You’re awesome brother 💪🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸

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                                    Some of these workouts would make people look at you crazy in the gym lol but I'm doing them! Idc lol

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                                            1:58 my scapula hurts when I do that, anyone know why?

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                                              garagedj  2 months back

                                              Ok Jeff I did what you said. I didn't do all the exercises but I did concentrate on activate my back muscles and getting a quality workout. I only did Wide Grip Pull Downs, Underhand Pull Downs and cable seated rows but my back is still feeling it. Thank you

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                                                Armando Tejerina  2 months back

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                                                • Muhammad Al Amin
                                                  Muhammad Al Amin  2 months back

                                                  Hey Jeff! Loved all your videos find it very helpful and I see a lot of gains when I started listening to your advices and even told many of my mates to refer to your videos for advice.

                                                  Got a question! I have a lower back injury I got for almost 10years ago. Slipped disc, the Doctor said C9,L2. And also I’m a chef. So because of this injury I somehow developed a minor scoliosis, I leaned more to my left.

                                                  So my question is, every time after leg day my back will be aching due to squads. I can only carry 10kg on each side. If I were to carry more then my back will definitely ache after. Is there anyway I can still do leg day without having an aching lower back after? I do regular stretches in the morning. Hope you can help. Thanks Jeff!

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                                                    Tamer Said  2 months back


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