The Decline of Black Mirror


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  • CalpolMeister
    CalpolMeister  13 hours back

    Do a video on Top Boy or you else have no right to call yourself a British youtuber

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy  14 hours back


      • juicyjohnny !
        juicyjohnny !  16 hours back

        shut up and dance was one of the only episodes i watched that really resonates with me.

        • m3lonh0de
          m3lonh0de  19 hours back


          • collette
            collette  22 hours back

            The episode of the two men fucking in a game honestly was so shit. It was basically a whole episode of 'no homo' if they ended up together maybe it would have been better. I also think why the new season was so terrible was because there weren't in twists that were interesting enough as the twists in the early seasons

            • collette
              collette  22 hours back

              Honestly utopia getting cancelled still haunts me that show was so fucking good and so short lived. I still mourn it

              • Singing Espeon
                Singing Espeon  1 days back

                15 million merits will always be the best black mirror episode

                • Empire State sloth
                  Empire State sloth  1 days back

                  iN tHe bLiGhTy

                  • Adolfo Castelo
                    Adolfo Castelo  1 days back

                    This accent so difficult, idk but I prefer the American. the clear, slow and correct.

                    • rinza
                      rinza  1 days back

                      only watchhed s5 for andrew scott and miley cyrus

                      • Yo It’s Blizzard
                        Yo It’s Blizzard  2 days back

                        did anyone get the persona 5 stuff?

                        • erikbarrett85
                          erikbarrett85  2 days back

                          Bounced on my boy's Nord to this video

                          • Shannon Van Schalkwyk
                            Shannon Van Schalkwyk  2 days back

                            I enjoyed episode 2 of season 5. The ending had a strong message that I didn't actually get at first... After we hear the gunshot, and see the screen go black, we see people checking the update of the situation on their phones. We see people either having no reaction or very mild reactions. Did the main guy get shot? Did the intern get shot? Did they both get shot? Was it a misfire? The viewer doesn't know what happened and the whole point of that is that it doesn't matter, and I guess that's the Black Mirror-ey part? Like all news on social media, people forget within a matter of days.

                            • Mr Mister
                              Mr Mister  2 days back

                              This season did not feel like black mirror . /:<

                              • MASdestroyer
                                MASdestroyer  2 days back

                                Great video man and bonus brownie points for the utopia reference.....fuck them for cancelling that show.

                                • Shir S
                                  Shir S  2 days back

                                  My main issue with Striking Vipers is the game itself. Why would anyone want to get the sh*t kicked out of them when they can have epic sex instead? Wouldn't the game developers just make the characters entirely sexless like The Simms?

                                  Also, nitpicking: you spelled משחק אינטראקטיבי wrong. Great vid, though I actually kinda enjoyed both Bandersnatch and season 5.

                                  • PeachyEats
                                    PeachyEats  3 days back

                                    I totally agree

                                    • MarioTGP
                                      MarioTGP  3 days back

                                      The mortal kombat sex episode is crap, the guys basically accepted to be cucked once a year for video game sex lol

                                      • András Agócs
                                        András Agócs  3 days back

                                        Interesting content, horrible delivery. Do kids these days really need this flashy BS to keep their attention?

                                        • Pieter
                                          Pieter  3 days back

                                          USA can't make tv shows. They just squeeze it till shit comes out, because money. You wanna see the things you love die in front of your eyes? Let the USA make the show. You wanna see a gem for all eternity? Literally any one else to make the show.

                                          • Pearl Kohler
                                            Pearl Kohler  3 days back

                                            “Stars Jim Moriarty” 👏

                                            • Soooper Dooper
                                              Soooper Dooper  4 days back

                                              That last episode sounded like a Disney channel original

                                              • DeusExMackia
                                                DeusExMackia  4 days back

                                                Real talk what is with the Bus Driver menu music on the outro?

                                                • DannyWilliamH
                                                  DannyWilliamH  4 days back

                                                  People making videos about Black Mirror on YouTube while being sponsored by Nord VPN without a drop or irony is a good bit.

                                                  Also, half your points are completely wrong for reasons you don't understand and your content style almost seems like a parody of the millennial YouTube generation's retarded, spastic, ADHD drug-addled mindset.

                                                  That said, season 5 sucked (outside of one episode) and the Miley Cyrus episode was easily the worst BM episode ever made. Not even close. Awful.

                                                  Finally, I want to dive in on a fallacy in your opinion wrt America vs British tastes:

                                                  Being American I can safely say that there is a general difference in what we want from entertainment. However, it's not that different. We're basically the same population whether you like that or not. Having spent plenty of time in The UK, I can safely say that I found this out first hand. England in particular is just America with worse weather and food. Truly. Your population is as dumb, out of shape and racist as we are. Why? How? Well, we are you. We came from you. So, yeah.

                                                  When it comes to TV, British television is much more polarized than American television. Your shovelware sitcoms are truly the worst shit ever made. Fucking bottom-of-the-barrel dogshit that has no redeeming quality to them. Generic British sitcoms make "Big Bang Theory" look like fucking pieces of art. It's astoundingly bad.

                                                  On the flipside, "serious" British TV is lightyears beyond American offerings. Basically, when BBC or Sky or whoever the fuck really wants to make a quality show they absolutely crush it. The writing, acting and cinematography is on par with many major films! S1 of BM is a testament to that fact.
                                                  In that sense, America just doesn't hold a candle.

                                                  HOWEVER, that's not an issue of taste. That's an issue of budget and a direct cause of the difference between our two systems of major TV networks:

                                                  BBC is basically public broadcasting. The government (via the people) keep it running.
                                                  America has ABC, NBC. CBS and FOX as major networks. They are all private corporations. Money is their chief concern. We have public broadcasting (PBS) and they make amazing content but their budget is a fraction of what BBC has. They solicit donations between shows and the Gov't funding of public broadcasting is comically small.
                                                  In short, if PBS had BBC's budget they'd make shows of similar or better quality. They simply don't. Major networks play it safe because a failure or outrage impacts their profits directly.

                                                  It's not a sensibilities issue. We have mass shooting almost daily and nobody gives a fuck. You're not darker or more depressed or "deeper" wrt artistic tastes than America is. It's very similar but we're fundamentally set-up differently so it doesn't show itself as much.

                                                  As far as Netflix is concerned, that's a whole different novel sized post that I don't wanna make (lol). Netflix is global. Netflix doesn't cater to Americans as much as see that most of their viewers are Americans so...yeah.
                                                  BM turned to generic dogshit because the premise of BM is weak and quickly burned. Technology is killing us. We know lol

                                                  I mean, Game of Thrones turned to dogshit! That alone proves that it's not tastes but burnt-out mixing with greed and an unsustainable premise.

                                                  • kaloan999
                                                    kaloan999  4 days back

                                                    Wow, good job on not saying anything in 30 mins.

                                                    • Finnella O'Leary
                                                      Finnella O'Leary  4 days back

                                                      This channel has the best way of integrating sponsorship into the video without it being boring af...lmao

                                                      • Peter G.
                                                        Peter G.  5 days back

                                                        Season 4 is the worst, no episode is good.
                                                        Season 5 is awful, but the second episode really make do.

                                                        • K W.
                                                          K W.  5 days back

                                                          Hang the DJ (Season 4) was pretty damn good...

                                                          • Events Crypto
                                                            Events Crypto  5 days back

                                                            Speaking of feeling Bamboozled, there are too many ads in this video.

                                                            • Steve of Unknown Kadath

                                                              First three seasons of BM were breathtakingly original for me. In American television, it's practically illegal to portray women at fault in domestic quarrels--there must ALWAYS be a way to blame a man, irrespective of how it has to be shoehorned in to the story. BM treated women as equal to men in callousness and invective.

                                                              • Los so
                                                                Los so  5 days back

                                                                Lets just assume that these episodes were metanarratives. As in, the writers made these episodes bland and one dimensional on purpose to demostrate tha degradation of quality that is characteristic of rapidly expanding technological societies.

                                                                • readme info
                                                                  readme info  5 days back

                                                                  At least now it's name is a TRUE description of the show. Handful of white actors, and those characters that they play are always some cliche stereotype of a dumb white guy, or slutty/silly white girl. MAYBE some power house CEO white woman type, but thats the best they get to...

                                                                  • MyDoubleJs
                                                                    MyDoubleJs  5 days back

                                                                    You're doing good!
                                                                    All of your videos (including this one) have some parts that funny and goofy, and like it!

                                                                    • dil oreo
                                                                      dil oreo  5 days back

                                                                      The editing in your vids gets me everytime lmao.

                                                                      • mario kart
                                                                        mario kart  5 days back

                                                                        *systemd bootstrap*
                                                                        *proceeds to get windows boot screen*

                                                                        • TheMeletti
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                                                                          • MrAndrewrock
                                                                            MrAndrewrock  5 days back

                                                                            Thumbed up for Gmod

                                                                            • BigMisterApple
                                                                              BigMisterApple  5 days back

                                                                              Wait, season 5 was serious?
                                                                              I thought it was like bandersnatch just a random thing in between.

                                                                              • ol
                                                                                ol  5 days back

                                                                                This video is hilarious too. Great work dude!!

                                                                                • ol
                                                                                  ol  5 days back

                                                                                  Yeah I must admit you’re making some convincing points

                                                                                  • my pp small , i was cucked and

                                                                                    HOW WE GAMERS BE WHEN FEMALES AIN`T AROUND

                                                                                    • my pp small , i was cucked and

                                                                                      love the dancing dorito

                                                                                      • cxrtera
                                                                                        cxrtera  5 days back

                                                                                        Can we pretend bandsersnatch and season 5 didnt happen

                                                                                        • Matthew Sielski
                                                                                          Matthew Sielski  6 days back

                                                                                          Never thought I would actually enjoy a mid video ad lol

                                                                                          • xoxoxoxoxc
                                                                                            xoxoxoxoxc  6 days back

                                                                                            Entire history of you is still the best episode. I only really liked Striking Vipers from this season but it is only viewable once

                                                                                            • Red
                                                                                              Red  6 days back

                                                                                              WHY DID YOU BRING UP UTOPIA!


                                                                                              I WAS JUST BEGINNING TO FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

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                                                                                                • Melissa T
                                                                                                  Melissa T  6 days back

                                                                                                  Ay man what's ya fax?