Hermitcraft Livestream 18/08/19


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  • m3b0
    m3b0  4 weeks back

    I died when he copied his old voice

    I watched some of his old videos a few minutes before watching this and it's just hilarious to hear him making that voice now-

    • Karolina P
      Karolina P  1 months back

      104 whole days on server! That's crazy

      • Mr. Lego
        Mr. Lego  1 months back

        shouldn't he be streaming rn?

        • Alicia zhu
          Alicia zhu  1 months back

          How do you show chunk borders?

        • Awesome Sauce_35
          Awesome Sauce_35  1 months back

          Let’s build a wall
          -Xisuma 2019

          • Dee Whitefield
            Dee Whitefield  1 months back

            the type of display kindles have actually does not use light to create an image, which makes it the best for least amount of eye strain due to light. if you’re interested, the type of display that kindles use is actually a matrix of small rotating balls which have a light side and a dark side.

            • Krizzo - Edits
              Krizzo - Edits  1 months back

              1:52:20 hey thats me (I spent way too long looking for this)

              • washthesandout
                washthesandout  1 months back

                Bored X = Holly from Red Dwarf

                • Philipp Wieczorek
                  Philipp Wieczorek  1 months back

                  I don't even know where to begin.
                  Can somebody please show me some research that proves his statement?
                  I'm pretty sure the pure existence of solar energy (as an example of developing technology)
                  counteracts his point that technology is "bad".

                  • UNBREAKABLE -
                    UNBREAKABLE -  4 weeks back

                    @Philipp Wieczorek Everything comes and goes. Nothing lasts forever and in the end everything decays. What we do in our existence is what really matters.

                  • Philipp Wieczorek
                    Philipp Wieczorek  1 months back

                    @xisumavoid You are right, there is no sustainability in place and there never will be, as long as the population is growing.
                    The only possibility we have as a species to keep existing is to advance technology and spread to other planets. If weΒ΄d want real sustainability we would have to stop reproducing. But this has nothing to do with the technology itself. Technology is not to blame for climate change or other disasters in the world. The world would look even worse with the tech of the 1500s and a population of Β 7,63 billion.

                  • xisumavoid
                    xisumavoid  1 months back

                    Its about how we use technology that is bad. Are use of it is furthering the diminishing of the resources and environment on this planet. It doesn't seem to matter what new technology we create, we keep using up resources and space faster and faster until it will run out. There is no sustainability in place.

                  • Max H
                    Max H  1 months back

                    And solar panels still pollute, perhaps (if lucky) less than standard power plants, but still pollute anyways

                  • Max H
                    Max H  1 months back

                    What do you mean?

                • Daniel Scutt
                  Daniel Scutt  1 months back

                  2 a week is fine.

                  • Daniel Scutt
                    Daniel Scutt  1 months back

                    WSvAD. Who cares. It was fun to watch.

                    • baboochka
                      baboochka  1 months back

                      keraliss???? WHAAAT?! 😍

                      • NaTe Garrido
                        NaTe Garrido  1 months back

                        It was, actually too early in my country, like 7 am... so I rolled around in bed and kept sleeping

                        • wildlaser106
                          wildlaser106  1 months back

                          Xisuma out here blaming electricity for global warming. Me: it’s cows mate, it’s feckin cows from all of the methane they produce which has been proven scientifically to be the main cause πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

                          • Dalton Bedore
                            Dalton Bedore  1 months back

                            Peter Schumacher eating meat isnt the problem, we are only individuals with little power to change the system. collectively we need to pressure the regulations to make the producers take responsibility for their environmental effects.

                          • Peter Schumacher
                            Peter Schumacher  1 months back

                            But I like my beef πŸ˜‚

                          • Dalton Bedore
                            Dalton Bedore  1 months back

                            and why is there so many cows? factory farming.

                        • Sakana Kaizen
                          Sakana Kaizen  1 months back

                          Hi, Xisuma, Keralis is back on the Hermitcraft server. *whoop-whoop*

                          • Constant Sorrow
                            Constant Sorrow  1 months back

                            For anyone interested X has played on the server for 2560 hours give or take, about 106 days.

                            • Constant Sorrow
                              Constant Sorrow  1 months back

                              @Lego Man 12345 12345 ​ When X hit Tab and show the player list it also show minutes played on the server because of a datapack the hermits use.

                              At 55:37 X shows he has played for 153649 minutes.
                              60 minute to and hour so you divided that by 153649 by 60
                              Which is 2560 hours more or less.
                              24 hours in a day so divide 2560 by 24
                              Which is 106 days (though I think a lot of that is also X AFK'ing.)

                            • Lego Man 12345 12345
                              Lego Man 12345 12345  1 months back

                              How did you figure that out?

                          • The NothingNothing
                            The NothingNothing  1 months back

                            of course, my number was off...

                            • RandomU5erName
                              RandomU5erName  1 months back

                              Sees K in the thumbnail: Don't give me hope

                              • UNBREAKABLE -
                                UNBREAKABLE -  4 weeks back

                                Dude... watch his channel. He is actually back! Rejoice!

                              • Mathew Kennedy
                                Mathew Kennedy  1 months back

                                the hope is real

                              • Awesome Sauce_35
                                Awesome Sauce_35  1 months back

                                Guess who’s back
                                Back again
                                K is back
                                Tell your friends

                                Guess who’s back
                                Guess who’s back
                                Guess who’s back
                                Guess who’s back

                              • Nektronik Gaming
                                Nektronik Gaming  1 months back

                                Did you know? He's back!

                              • MeguSmith
                                MeguSmith  1 months back

                                HE IS BACK

                            • Zephaniah Bean
                              Zephaniah Bean  1 months back

                              bored xisuma sounds like john lennon

                              • Giacomo Messori
                                Giacomo Messori  1 months back

                                On 45:15 a wild keralis appears

                              • Derek Simmons
                                Derek Simmons  1 months back

                                Not two days a week! :o

                                • ErrorNameNotReal
                                  ErrorNameNotReal  1 months back

                                  Hey x! If you could have anyone join the hermitcraft server, who would you pick?

                                  • UNBREAKABLE -
                                    UNBREAKABLE -  4 weeks back

                                    I kinda liked the first episode of Hermitcraft. GenB used the 'DUNN' sound like he knew Hermitcraft was going to be BIG. Good times.

                                  • UNBREAKABLE -
                                    UNBREAKABLE -  4 weeks back

                                    @Tophie Nah man, Generik is not coming back. GenerikB wanted to rejoin Hermitcraft but he can't. It's complicated.

                                  • Petrikillos petri
                                    Petrikillos petri  1 months back

                                    @Jan Nieszporski actually they have a consensus on who to add. The last person was Grian, since keralis had already been in seasons 1 and 2, so he was supposedly already whitelisted.

                                  • Jan Nieszporski
                                    Jan Nieszporski  1 months back

                                    Thomanski yes, I know, that’s exactly what I said in my previous comment lel

                                  • Thomanski
                                    Thomanski  1 months back

                                    @Jan Nieszporski Anyone in the server can propose anyone. It's not like X has more privileges than the other members just because he does the administrative stuff. Everyone in the server is equal

                                • Mr. Lego
                                  Mr. Lego  1 months back

                                  What’s your stream schedule?

                                  • Mr. Lego
                                    Mr. Lego  1 months back

                                    Thank you

                                  • Mr. Lego
                                    Mr. Lego  1 months back


                                  • Shadow Fan
                                    Shadow Fan  1 months back

                                    every other day at 18:00 BST on weeksays and 11:00 BST on weekends

                                • Vanka
                                  Vanka  1 months back

                                  doc is using bad language >:(

                                • Kemko
                                  Kemko  1 months back

                                  We are not your kind is one of Slipknot's best albums man, I enjoyed it!

                                  • Peter Schumacher
                                    Peter Schumacher  1 months back

                                    I thought your head was blue? Why is it green? (I’m assuming it means something...? I feel like I should know this πŸ˜†)

                                    • DragonX Channel
                                      DragonX Channel  4 weeks back

                                      @AvgZing and pumpkin too (i love that one)

                                    • Nate Carolus
                                      Nate Carolus  1 months back

                                      @AvgZing and a yeti lol

                                    • AvgZing
                                      AvgZing  1 months back

                                      @Peter Schumacher He's been turtlesuma before as well! ^w^ you can see that earlier in this season

                                    • Peter Schumacher
                                      Peter Schumacher  1 months back

                                      Artorvian ah ok I was like, I’ve seen it change other colors but... green? That makes sense thx

                                    • Peter Schumacher
                                      Peter Schumacher  1 months back

                                      Joshua Peterson ah

                                  • Just Another Random Crit
                                    Just Another Random Crit  1 months back

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                                          • DcIhop Gaming
                                            DcIhop Gaming  1 months back

                                            Second! So that someone else can be first.

                                            • Peter R
                                              Peter R  1 months back

                                              You are actually the second comment.

                                            • Zakimals
                                              Zakimals  1 months back

                                              thats not how it works

                                          • Mecatfan
                                            Mecatfan  1 months back