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  • Published: 23 October 2019
  • The Ballon d'Or shortlist is live and France Football have announced their 30 nominees for 2019. Sam Tighe (@brsamtighe), Dean Jones (@deanjonesbr) and host Jack Collins (@jjwc) are joined by Marc Geschwind (@MarcGeschwind) to take a look at five players that should have been nominated for the list but aren't, and the five players that should drop out of the shortlist in their place (18:53).

    Hot Takes this week involve a chat about La Liga's proposed fixture taking place in Miami, and who it ultimately benefits (02:11), a discussion of whether Jordan Henderson's time in the Liverpool first team is coming to an end (07:40); and a deep dive into Juventus' unsung hero in midfield, Miralem Pjanic (11:42). This week's Melon of the Week is off to Madrid, to rest one the shoulders of a man at fault for their defeat to Mallorca at the weekend... (16:20)

    Roulette asks about our earliest football memories (41:57); which club we think will triumph in the MLS this season (44:39) and if we could swap shirts with a player, but never watch them again, who they would be (47:07); before Sam rounds things off by ranking Wayne Rooney's funniest tweets in this week's nonsense rankings (49:23).

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Comments • 49

  • [Z9] Yacavurse
    [Z9] Yacavurse  3 weeks back


    • Kieran KA
      Kieran KA  4 weeks back

      Why has EVERYONE forgotten about Reus??

    • Hariprasad Km
      Hariprasad Km  4 weeks back

      KdB and Koulibaly out over Van De Beek, Marquinhos, or even Wijnaldum. Come on. This is absolute stupidity from Tighe. Also, Fernandinho, Sancho, Ederson have a better case than Pique to be in that list when you just consider 2019.

      • puneeth bharath
        puneeth bharath  4 weeks back

        Jack Collins ..your intros are so annoying to otherwise brilliant podcast series

        • andy f
          andy f  4 weeks back

          is that the pulisic's voice actor?

          • andy f
            andy f  4 weeks back

            @6weedy innit

          • 6weedy
            6weedy  4 weeks back

            OMG it does sound like him!

        • ilies Weezy
          ilies Weezy  4 weeks back

          That blonde bitch should be fired from that podcast

          • soccer nation 8
            soccer nation 8  4 weeks back

            bernardo silva isnt proing his worth this season sadly and raheem is having god and bad games what is going on so far what has been happening? bernardo should have been a nominee and so should have rheem for this yar

            • Florian E
              Florian E  4 weeks back

              Sterling is doing good but is just bad at finishing

          • Venkat
            Venkat  4 weeks back


            • Amoo Olusina
              Amoo Olusina  3 weeks back

              Venkat Most goals by Barcelona players in the last 3UCL seasons

              Messi: 19 goals
              Own Goal: 7 goals...

              You need to pick your culprit carefully...

              Messi is the one carrying Barcelona all the time..

              The other millionaires in the attack are just there to earn money, that is Messi's fault right??

              Origi performed greatly in the 2nd Leg, carrying everyone including VVD.. I guess, he deserved the Ballon d'or due to that...

              Leo is the best individual player of the 2019 ....No other player come close!!!

            • Venkat
              Venkat  3 weeks back

              @Amoo Olusina A best player should perform well in every situation not like Messi who bottles ucl, winning a Farmers league and you know about Nationals by urself

            • Amoo Olusina
              Amoo Olusina  4 weeks back

              It is better if Modric should win the Ballon d'or again ahead of overrated VVD..
              Best defender in the world?? Yes! Best player in the world?? Absolute No!!

          • D Sairam
            D Sairam  4 weeks back

            Didn't Messi score 2 goals in the first leg of that semifinal tie? That game also included a mistake from Van Dijk (Not to mention Van dijk was guilty of the second goal vs Napoli and was dribbled past in the Nations League final as well). Nonetheless, Van Dijk is a very good player. Raheem Sterling was sublime last season too (both on and off the field). In my opinion Alisson a better choice as he won the Golden glove at UCL, Copa America and was the best goalkeeper in the Premier league last season (based on no.of clean sheets). But the Van Dijk hype squad led by the ESPN FC experts and the fact that Alisson is a goalkeeper would mean that the former may well win.

            • Miguel Vale
              Miguel Vale  4 weeks back

              Messi didn't do shit after choking for a second straight year after leading a tie by three goals. Anyone but VVD winning it is a disgrace. Facts don't care about your feelings.

              • SHARAN PANNOO
                SHARAN PANNOO  4 weeks back

                @Abdullah Mustafa he had 22 assists not 15..

              • Amoo Olusina
                Amoo Olusina  4 weeks back

                Check the last Monday sir!!

              • Abdullah Mustafa
                Abdullah Mustafa  4 weeks back

                Messi 51 goals,50 match,14 assists. That ratio is absolutely ridiculous that means for every game you are almost guaranteed a goal from him

              • Yes Man
                Yes Man  4 weeks back

                Yeah sure. Only knobs genuinely believe that just because VVD won the UCL, he was the best INDIVIDUAL player last season.

            • Konrad Makaronski
              Konrad Makaronski  4 weeks back

              Don't understand what's going on in these comments. Bernardo as good player as he is, he isn't even on first 11 in city, how can he be considered top 5 footballer if he's not first choice and only plays a lot because of Pep rotation and Sane injury.

              • Amoo Olusina
                Amoo Olusina  4 weeks back

                He was the best player in the Man city squad that won the domestic treble!!! He got an award for that officially!!

              • gregory phillips
                gregory phillips  4 weeks back

                He is usually a first 11 player, and he was definitely a starter last year, and was arguably there best player.

            • kaimodar
              kaimodar  4 weeks back

              You have to understand that Balon d'Or is a popularity contest, at least for the last couple of years...

              • Mihai Avram
                Mihai Avram  4 weeks back

                @Amoo Olusina modric ? Rlly? :)) Can't you think of a better player in that season?

              • kaimodar
                kaimodar  4 weeks back

                @Amoo Olusina
                100% agreed.
                Doesn't change what I said earlier though :)

              • Amoo Olusina
                Amoo Olusina  4 weeks back

                Ballon d'or is won by Votes!!

                Every winner deserves it so far... Yes, including Modric!!

            • King KDB
              King KDB  4 weeks back

              Fernandinho was the best CDM in the world last season, until he started playing CB he was better than Fabinho.

              • King KDB
                King KDB  4 weeks back

                Александар Стакић I don’t remember seeing him in the PL TOTY, for someone who was ‘the best CDM in 2019’ I would expect more.

              • mr Robot
                mr Robot  4 weeks back

                No way! Fabinho was in world class since the start of the 2019! Best CDM on planet!

            • Bibek Khadka
              Bibek Khadka  4 weeks back

              1. Messi
              2. Mane
              3. Van Dijk
              4. Bernado Silva
              5. Mohammad Salah

              • Amoo Olusina
                Amoo Olusina  4 weeks back

                2) VVD
                3) Mane
                8) Bernaldo Silva
                9) De jong
                10) Lewandoski

              • Venkat
                Venkat  4 weeks back


            • Tim Guerra
              Tim Guerra  4 weeks back

              Top 5:
              4) Bernardo
              3) Mane
              2) Messi
              1) Virgil

              • akhenatuh
                akhenatuh  4 weeks back


              • Marinko Marinko
                Marinko Marinko  4 weeks back

                @King KDB agree

              • King KDB
                King KDB  4 weeks back

                5. Sterling

              • Marinko Marinko
                Marinko Marinko  4 weeks back

                1. Messi
                2. Virgil
                3. Mané
                4. Bernardo

            • Laurent
              Laurent  4 weeks back

              this dude said he couldn’t pick up a watermelon lmfaooo

              • Ryan
                Ryan  4 weeks back

                That American guy is retarded 🤦‍♂️

                • Marinko Marinko
                  Marinko Marinko  4 weeks back

                  Messi should be first, followed by Virgil, Mané and Bernardo
                  Man was literally leading in every midfield and forward stat in leagues and UCL, and individually noone played even close as good as him.

                  • Laurent
                    Laurent  4 weeks back

                    y’all upload early

                    • Tim Guerra
                      Tim Guerra  4 weeks back

                      Klopp is going to start rotating midfield players every game or 2. When Fabinho has to rest eventually then Hendo will play defensive. Klopp’s has no ideal midfield 3, he just had to play the 3 atm because of other injuries. Now that all midfielders are fit, it’ll be a good rotation

                      • TheSawHill
                        TheSawHill  4 weeks back

                        Can I get a shout out ut

                        • Priyank Sunny
                          Priyank Sunny  4 weeks back

                          Melon of the week should have been emery

                          • RajaFifaFC 10
                            RajaFifaFC 10  4 weeks back

                            3rd lol mlg 20th viewer

                            • PES 18
                              PES 18  4 weeks back


                              • MUBARAK Ab
                                MUBARAK Ab  4 weeks back