Yummy Fri-YAY Cocktails with H2rOse!


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  • Shay91
    Shay91  3 days back

    Y'all need to make some mocktail recipes. I'm sick of y'all leaving us non alcoholic drinkers out.

    • Sexy Homeowner
      Sexy Homeowner  2 days back

      There are lots of alcohol substitutes out there, like Seedlip, a non-alcoholic gin. You can probably just swap out for them the equivalent amount of alcohol.

  • K Mill
    K Mill  4 days back

    Eva’s mom standing up 😂😂🤣

    • Mandy S
      Mandy S  4 days back

      I know Tamera and Adrienne get drunk fast but it seems Loni and Jeannie are no less depending on the type of drink, it really hits them.

      • JackGeezy
        JackGeezy  4 days back

        LOL Jeanie sounds so Damn weird 1:22

        • Tank Experiment
          Tank Experiment  4 days back

          I remember when jeannie was trying to be sexy shaking her drink 😂😂😂😂😂

          • The Iconic Family
            The Iconic Family  4 days back

            H2rose must pay Adrienne sooo good!💵💰 She talks about them all.the.time

            • Yeni Taylor
              Yeni Taylor  3 days back

              The Iconic Family she’s sponsored by them, but it’s not her company 😂😂

            • Yeni Taylor
              Yeni Taylor  3 days back

              The Iconic Family she’s sponsored by them, but it’s not her company 😂😂

            • The Iconic Family
              The Iconic Family  4 days back

              @Yeni Taylor ah man... this is a roller coaster... now I gotta google 😅😂

            • Yeni Taylor
              Yeni Taylor  4 days back

              NYCzora it’s not her company

          • Keilin Sanchez
            Keilin Sanchez  4 days back

            Omg my face though 😂 love H2Rose

          • Lovellyycee
            Lovellyycee  4 days back

            Do anybody have the full episode?

            • Chrissy Got The Coils
              Chrissy Got The Coils  4 days back

              Yessss Adrienne 👏🏾💕 Promote your company 👏🏾 I still need to try her Rose water

              • Izzy C
                Izzy C  4 days back

                1:52 i’m weak, the only girl standing 😂

                • Dion The Con
                  Dion The Con  4 days back

                  Y’all be druuuunk. It’s funny asf😂

                  • jennellaangel21
                    jennellaangel21  4 days back

                    Bet uk has stopped airing your show for over a month. What’s going on???

                    • Noah Brown
                      Noah Brown  4 days back

                      “ Jeannie slow down!” 😂😂

                      • Siphesihle Zuziwe
                        Siphesihle Zuziwe  4 days back

                        22:55 SA time, love The Real...

                        • Naomi M
                          Naomi M  4 days back

                          Siphesihle Zuziwe 23:17 now🙆‍♀️ totally love the Real

                      • Jay's world
                        Jay's world  4 days back

                        Chileeee it helps with anxiety i need to drink it but the sad thing is i don't like peach 😭😂

                        • Gabby
                          Gabby  4 days back

                          And she also said OCCASIONAL anxiety, so its not for people truly suffering with anxiety everyday

                        • Rebecca Oliveira
                          Rebecca Oliveira  4 days back

                          Jay's world there’s other flavors! Apple, mango and wild berry!

                      • Nikki Nikki
                        Nikki Nikki  4 days back

                        Confused "Christian's" this day and age.

                        • Jay Nana
                          Jay Nana  3 days back

                          Antwan Pena God is so real. You don’t see the signs ?

                        • Antwan Pena
                          Antwan Pena  4 days back

                          God isn't real

                        • BritBrit Nicole
                          BritBrit Nicole  4 days back

                          Tiara W right lol

                        • Tiara W
                          Tiara W  4 days back

                          & the way you judging I’ll be confused too

                        • mphephu sessie
                          mphephu sessie  4 days back

                          how are they confused?

                      • Emma Agyei
                        Emma Agyei  4 days back

                        First person here