UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (10.03.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • ops4Christ daily
    ops4Christ daily  4 months back

    Didn't have to worry about the Packers taking Zeek out. Because today, Kellen Moore took Zeek out.😂

    • Locolbew Productions
      Locolbew Productions  4 months back

      Seahawks lose to saint loses 6 spots cowboys lose to saint dont move at all smh

      • Bruce Lehman
        Bruce Lehman  5 months back

        Skip I really like Kyler Murray and like you I believe he has great potential. But he has not had near as much of an impact as you say he did.

        • Ryan Frakes
          Ryan Frakes  5 months back

          1:53:30 Colin laughing at Shannon is gold

          • FOH HOE
            FOH HOE  5 months back

            43:05 YESSIR

            • Papa Smurf
              Papa Smurf  5 months back

              Lol it look good coming out his hand 😂😂😂 skip is something else... The man missed the throw skip!!!

              • lite codes
                lite codes  5 months back

                20 seconds in... this comment made laugh. I know Skip is crazy.

            • CLEMSONtiger 300
              CLEMSONtiger 300  5 months back

              Can someone please count how many time skip says “hmm” in this podcast... over under at 5,000

            • Jovani Cruz
              Jovani Cruz  5 months back

              POS trash Lavar ball

              • hoison68
                hoison68  5 months back

                Can you guys please invite Charles Barkley on? Then say goodbye to that pos Skip Bayless.

                • tankdamp
                  tankdamp  5 months back

                  is Dallas the only football team in the league need more content

                  • Giffond Hall
                    Giffond Hall  5 months back

                    don't listen chump

                  • A Bailey
                    A Bailey  5 months back

                    @Jakco 0 i love your profile pic

                  • Jakco 0
                    Jakco 0  5 months back

                    It probably brings in the ratings for them

                • RRainDDroPP
                  RRainDDroPP  5 months back