Stop Charging Your Phone at Night, Here's Why

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • It’s a basic thing – you want your phone fully charged in the morning so it’ll last through the entire day. And even with cutting-edge smartphones that can charge to max capacity in a matter of an hour, there’s no guarantee that you’ll remember to charge it in the morning while you’re in a sleepy daze.

    Advice to leave your phone unplugged during the night may seem risky. The worst fear here is that your phone will charge down while you sleep and won’t see the dawn of a new day to wake you up like you’re used to. But still, you can’t go against the word of science. Leaving your smartphone on a charger is bad for it.

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    Automatic switches don't solve the problem 1:20
    How to choose high-quality chargers and cables 2:12
    Is heat really bad for batteries? 3:32
    Fully depleting the charge 4:07
    A lazy battery effect 4:42
    Charging a phone with a sound 6:13
    Sodium instead of lithium? 6:33
    How about gold batteries? 7:15

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    - Even though lithium-based batteries are rechargeable by nature, and made with this process in mind, they’re highly vulnerable to constant interactions with high voltage electricity, like in the outlets of your house.
    - There are automatic switches on your phone that’ll stop the charging process the very moment it reaches 100%. But when your phone naturally goes down to 99%, the charging will start all over again.
    - Good, high-quality chargers have special chips in them that prevent overcharging. So it’s advisable not to skimp on chargers – this way you won’t spend much more money on a new battery or entire smartphone too soon.
    - Overall, it’s always advisable to use good quality tech when it comes to something as expensive as smartphones these days.
    - Heat is bad for batteries. That’s why it’s so harmful to your phone if you leave it in a closed car in the middle of summer.
    - You’ve probably heard something about fully depleting the charge of your smartphone and then charging it to the maximum capacity. This is fair for devices from the past decade.
    - Any modern lithium-ion battery won’t get lazy like a cadmium based one, so you don’t have to worry about that.
    - Scientists and engineers promise that soon, we’ll have another kind of lithium-based battery that’ll be able to charge in a matter of minutes and last for more than one day.
    - One of their new ideas is to make battery chargers that can produce energy from a Wi-Fi signal.
    - And how about charging a phone with a sound? Using piezoelectric principals, tiny nanogenerators will be able to transform the surrounding sound to electric power. -
    - Scientists from Japan are in the middle of a decades-long study that will allow replacing lithium ion batteries with sodium.
    - Another idea is to use literal sand in batteries. Not quite literal though, as this battery will use silicon – the main component of the sand.
    - But for now, the best course of action is to use good quality charging equipment, keep your smartphone out of the heat, and most importantly, keep the charge in it between 30% and 90%.

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Comments • 4 952

    BRIGHT SIDE   1 weeks back

    Hey guys! How often do you charge your phone? ☎️

    • Aisake Nadredre
      Aisake Nadredre  20 hours back

      I used to charge it at night but now i will think again


    • faithloveandhope65
      faithloveandhope65  21 hours back

      I charge it at night

    • Andy Fishman
      Andy Fishman  22 hours back

      I don't have a phone AND you are WRONG

    • Chase Schuchardt.
      Chase Schuchardt.  22 hours back

      BRIGHT SIDE every night

    • Model-Works Canada
      Model-Works Canada  22 hours back

      Every night for years No issues. Now I Use a wireless charger and still no issues.

  • Neo_182
    Neo_182  22 minutes back

    Completely wireless on-the-go charging is not far off actually.

    • ღSimplyAlmonds
      ღSimplyAlmonds  26 minutes back

      But I have school :/

      • Baboue Nicolas
        Baboue Nicolas  35 minutes back

        Hmm dream battery huh?

        For an iPhone to last MORE THAN A DAY when consistently used

        My iPhone: Who me? Boo I’m you

        • •Frenchie Fry•
          •Frenchie Fry•  37 minutes back

          Sometimes I feel like SOME of these videos are just fake news and things and that bright side just wants money and subscribers, WERE ON EARTH ARE YOU GETTING THESE FACTS?

          • anymor ?s ?s
            anymor ?s ?s  42 minutes back

            Who's right I've heard the opposite of this theory

            • Steven Universe Super Fan
              Steven Universe Super Fan  42 minutes back

              I charge my phone for 1 hour

              • Lil Missy
                Lil Missy  1 hours back

                Ok here is where I’m confused he is saying to only charge are phone between 40% - 90%. The thing is why would we be staring at our battery life at night like there is this thing called sleep that we need to get to operate soooo I don’t get it.
                Pls help me understand or if I missed something in the conments

                • Scott Monsoon
                  Scott Monsoon  1 hours back

                  Very interesting

                  • Jorden Belanic
                    Jorden Belanic  2 hours back

                    Manufacturer fix: charge to 100% then let it go down to 95% before starting to charge again UNLESS its unplugged & plugged back in. Isn't that simple?

                    • ROBLOX PLAYER1
                      ROBLOX PLAYER1  2 hours back

                      It scary 😱 i have exact same phone and charger

                      • michael larocca
                        michael larocca  2 hours back

                        You just lost a subscriber dipshit!

                        • 5SC Basher
                          5SC Basher  2 hours back

                          My Alienware M18X R2 is immune to this. Has been running of the wall socket since 2012. 👽

                          • RX G
                            RX G  2 hours back

                            Only applied when you have a such garbage phone that isn’t even able to prevent overcharging

                            • GD Fuzion
                              GD Fuzion  2 hours back

                              my phone automatically turns charging state off when fully charged unless powered off

                              • S k y ö F r y :O Fan
                                S k y ö F r y :O Fan  2 hours back

                                How else is watching this video at night and charging your phone??

                                Just me?

                                • NoVa Devildog
                                  NoVa Devildog  3 hours back

                                  It's hard when you start school at 6:00 am and get home at 10:00 pm. I wont remember to do anything the next morning

                                  • Jaylan Pittman
                                    Jaylan Pittman  3 hours back

                                    Actually something has happened... if you look at your battery life when you first got it brand new which would be 100% and look at the battery life now.. your battery is actually only holding 85-90 percent of its charge now.... if that, because you said you had it for 4YEARs...only reason why it doesn’t seem that way is because how the software optimizes it.. which in real life your phone is actually dying pretty quickly you’re just use to it now...I noticed this all on my last iPhone and notice it now on this one 11pro. Which has already dropped 1%from 100% since I’ve gotten it... that’s how much I use and charged my phone...

                                    update... it’s now 2% down from 100% from when it’s new

                                    • Fearinracer13
                                      Fearinracer13  3 hours back

                                      Ok Boomer

                                      • GJM19631963
                                        GJM19631963  3 hours back

                                        Why have manufacturers never used solar cells to charge on the go?

                                        • professional at poo
                                          professional at poo  3 hours back

                                          Who still watched this and still charged there phone at night cuz I did lol

                                          • Row Kah
                                            Row Kah  3 hours back

                                            New music:

                                            Don't charge at night!

                                            • Tumey 17
                                              Tumey 17  4 hours back

                                              Hahah no.

                                              • extra red 19
                                                extra red 19  4 hours back

                                                There's like a 5000 milliamp battery and I let it charge through the night.this my battery goes down when I'm not using it probably because of some apps

                                                • Shem Panoy
                                                  Shem Panoy  4 hours back

                                                  Bright side's other video: it is safe to charge your phone overnight

                                                  This video: don't charger at night


                                                  • Paul Van Dyk
                                                    Paul Van Dyk  4 hours back

                                                    so does this also stick with tablets too?

                                                    • Nathaniel Masau
                                                      Nathaniel Masau  4 hours back

                                                      No,the point is, if you charge your phone at night, turn it off, because after it reaches 100%,it will gradually, wear out and leak as well, for the extended hours,until you're awakened the next day,if it remains ON.

                                                      • Georgette ya
                                                        Georgette ya  4 hours back

                                                        Not android

                                                        • Isabel;-;
                                                          Isabel;-;  4 hours back

                                                          I do that all the time

                                                          • Duncan Sheik
                                                            Duncan Sheik  4 hours back

                                                            Phone charging in constant contact with raw electricity ? Where did you learn electronics from ?
                                                            Chargers are separated and rectified from “raw” electricity mate. They even have sensors and shiet.

                                                            • Эди Александр

                                                              Nuke battery

                                                              • Abdul 5099
                                                                Abdul 5099  4 hours back

                                                                I have charged my iphone 6s every night for nearly 5 years and it hasnt gone bad

                                                                • R&K Tech
                                                                  R&K Tech  4 hours back

                                                                  That's not true while plugged in the phone doesn't use the saved battery power, it's uses the power from the plug

                                                                  • mark davies
                                                                    mark davies  5 hours back

                                                                    Who meant to charge it in the day and realised they couldn’t

                                                                    • Moonfalx234:3 :3 UwU
                                                                      Moonfalx234:3 :3 UwU  5 hours back

                                                                      I Allways Charge my Ph* why I can't. charge my ph* At Night,



                                                                      • Tanveer Talukder
                                                                        Tanveer Talukder  5 hours back

                                                                        I’ve been charging my iPad this way for 6 years, still going strong

                                                                        • Burner Acc
                                                                          Burner Acc  5 hours back

                                                                          Don't *MINE* at night!!

                                                                          • Ali Comando
                                                                            Ali Comando  5 hours back

                                                                            This guy at 6:50
                                                                            Is used in a word up app

                                                                            • Tswoshman 001
                                                                              Tswoshman 001  5 hours back

                                                                              This is not quite right ! A good phone has a charge regulator that stops charging at 100% and then it´s not using the battery as long as it´s connected to the charger ! I´m an electrical engineer and I´m repairing phones ! You can charge your phone at night, shouldn´t be an issue !!!

                                                                              • ThunderFart
                                                                                ThunderFart  5 hours back

                                                                                Subscibe too me for no reason

                                                                                • Finn Campeau
                                                                                  Finn Campeau  5 hours back

                                                                                  well when do you want me to change it instead?

                                                                                  • karl williams
                                                                                    karl williams  5 hours back

                                                                                    MY PARTNER HAS A MICRO CHARGER TINY TRICLE CHARGE

                                                                                    • PipeManPeep
                                                                                      PipeManPeep  5 hours back

                                                                                      There are so many false claims made in this video. The phone won't charge from 99% to 100% then switch to discharging back to 99%. Once the battery is full, the charger will support the phone's power requirements and the battery will be idle (No current in or out).

                                                                                      • Rohima Khatun
                                                                                        Rohima Khatun  5 hours back


                                                                                        • rangeman
                                                                                          rangeman  5 hours back

                                                                                          I use a phone that is charged EVERY NIGHT, ALL NIGHT, for 3 years now and i dont have any kind of issues or problems whit it

                                                                                          • Dandalf
                                                                                            Dandalf  5 hours back

                                                                                            This video doesn't make any sense. It doesn't work this way!😁

                                                                                            • Ya Mum
                                                                                              Ya Mum  6 hours back

                                                                                              3:02 when you think you’re funny