Dumb LIFE HACKS that actually work !


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  • Doughnut Queen
    Doughnut Queen  1 hours back

    dipping tea actually is faster for me atleast

    • Kailie-Ann Ettinger
      Kailie-Ann Ettinger  2 hours back

      The splinter suction hack works I tried it

      • Henrietta Ball
        Henrietta Ball  3 hours back

        the cap hack really works, i swim and i can't do it but my friends can

        • nehpptune
          nehpptune  3 hours back

          the one with the cap actually works.

          me and my friends at swim practice always do that to put our caps on

          • nehpptune
            nehpptune  3 hours back

            the one with the cap actually works.

            me and my friends at swim practice always do that to put our caps on

            • lps ellie
              lps ellie  3 hours back

              The life jacket 1 works

              • Timothy Gill
                Timothy Gill  3 hours back

                She is at her house 🏠

                • I LOVE BILLIE EILIISH
                  I LOVE BILLIE EILIISH  3 hours back


                  • Desiree Jean-Pierre
                    Desiree Jean-Pierre  4 hours back

                    The one with the jeans actually saved a person so i guess it works .
                    Btw im not english so sorry if i made a spelling mistake.

                    • Shaikha Althani
                      Shaikha Althani  4 hours back

                      It is true

                      • jessica Tenorio
                        jessica Tenorio  4 hours back


                        • jessica Tenorio
                          jessica Tenorio  4 hours back

                          she lyd

                          • Ellie Dullaghan
                            Ellie Dullaghan  7 hours back

                            I tried the bin bag on my pool and it didn’t work

                            • Star light723
                              Star light723  8 hours back

                              the swim cap one works!! 😄😁

                              • Sahrakeyf Ali
                                Sahrakeyf Ali  8 hours back

                                I tried that last summer HACK and IT WORKED

                                • Grace Duty
                                  Grace Duty  8 hours back

                                  i could try

                                  • Michael Steenson
                                    Michael Steenson  9 hours back

                                    No it won’t make the pool worm

                                    • Dona Al Sufiany
                                      Dona Al Sufiany  10 hours back

                                      Yeetus https://houseparty.com/add/dona_2019

                                      • Christy Jones
                                        Christy Jones  11 hours back

                                        it is true im not kidding i did it

                                        • M o c h i
                                          M o c h i  11 hours back

                                          the life jacket thing does work but they did it wrong ur meant to slam it down not beat it

                                          • Andre panschow
                                            Andre panschow  12 hours back

                                            Azim as you you are one of the best YouTubers that I've ever seen I'm just letting you know that I'm here for you every time you say that you work isn't good even though I love it and I can't do those things I know this isn't relating to your video but I mean at least I'm telling you the truth love you as I hope I hope you finally forgive yourself one day love you

                                            • Andre panschow
                                              Andre panschow  12 hours back

                                              There is actual hacks for the cap one where you drop the water inside the cat and it actually works I've seen a YouTuber do it so yeah and by the way as he I love you by the way you're like my best used but I always watch you like everything you and your friends you guys are the best hope you realise keep up the work

                                              • Tony Cotterill
                                                Tony Cotterill  13 hours back

                                                The swim cap hack does work I'm a swimmer and I always use that hac

                                                • Wolfie- -uwu
                                                  Wolfie- -uwu  16 hours back

                                                  5:05 my mom did that hack and it dint work ;^;

                                                  • Martina skelly
                                                    Martina skelly  17 hours back

                                                    dont normal clothes go kinda c thru when they get wet...

                                                    • OpalKatz
                                                      OpalKatz  18 hours back

                                                      Who on earth would spit out coke...?

                                                      *I SAID WHO*

                                                      • Terrific Trinity
                                                        Terrific Trinity  18 hours back

                                                        I watched this in school and started laughing so hard

                                                        • Kimberly Melendez
                                                          Kimberly Melendez  19 hours back

                                                          U GUYS SAW HOW SHE JUMPED INTO THE POOL AFTER FIXING HER RING (7:20)

                                                          • LaWanda Perry
                                                            LaWanda Perry  19 hours back

                                                            Azzy.....I still have all my hearts left 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿 I feel bad for you
                                                            Wrong vid

                                                            • Teonnie Crawford
                                                              Teonnie Crawford  20 hours back

                                                              My phone feel in water And I using it now

                                                              • Girlsie Girls
                                                                Girlsie Girls  21 hours back

                                                                Why on the pool hack she could have put the shirt on and the bottom on but idk comment if you agree

                                                                • Brendan and Kevin
                                                                  Brendan and Kevin  21 hours back

                                                                  Hi azzy I'm a swimmer and the cap hat actually works

                                                                  • Princess Dragon
                                                                    Princess Dragon  21 hours back

                                                                    It should have been lazy hakes for lazy peaple like YOU azzy you cant even get of your lazy but

                                                                    • Getsemani Miranda
                                                                      Getsemani Miranda  22 hours back

                                                                      When I go to the pool when I first enter the pool I swim around and it gets warm

                                                                      • Kamryn Russell
                                                                        Kamryn Russell  22 hours back

                                                                        The pool hack will work

                                                                        • I'm fRoM PlUtO
                                                                          I'm fRoM PlUtO  24 hours back

                                                                          The dress one happens ttonme 24/7

                                                                          • Skllau 26
                                                                            Skllau 26  1 days back

                                                                            :| BEST HACKS EVER._.

                                                                            • Allyson Rojo
                                                                              Allyson Rojo  1 days back

                                                                              5 minute crafts are so dunb

                                                                              • Rayna Smith
                                                                                Rayna Smith  1 days back

                                                                                azzy ha a point

                                                                                • Rayna Smith
                                                                                  Rayna Smith  1 days back

                                                                                  theses hacks r pretty bad

                                                                                  • Rayna Smith
                                                                                    Rayna Smith  1 days back

                                                                                    for the first hack how r u going to breath

                                                                                    • Isabella Sullivan
                                                                                      Isabella Sullivan  1 days back


                                                                                      Noooo save the turtles 🐢

                                                                                      • Foxezzz Girl
                                                                                        Foxezzz Girl  1 days back

                                                                                        Get your baby shark kiddie pool you just have lying around and put ice on it

                                                                                        • Foxezzz Girl
                                                                                          Foxezzz Girl  1 days back

                                                                                          4:45 can’t you just wear the shoes in your house it’s not like your shoes are
                                                                                          Covered in mud of something

                                                                                          • Justin Lock
                                                                                            Justin Lock  1 days back

                                                                                            it dos werk I tryd it

                                                                                            • Madison Tavares
                                                                                              Madison Tavares  1 days back

                                                                                              A lot of these got me mad tho like why

                                                                                              • squiggles
                                                                                                squiggles  1 days back

                                                                                                The hack for the swim cap it works because in my swim class someone tried to get their swim hat on but couldn't so my swim teacher did it! I saw it with my own eyes 👀(like this so azzy can see it)

                                                                                                • Addyson Callahan
                                                                                                  Addyson Callahan  1 days back