I Was Made Fun Of For Being A Late Bloomer

  • Published: 20 March 2018
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    Jessica is really skinny. She started going through puberty and developing in certain ways but she’s flat chested. There’s just not much happening with that for her. Also, she hasn’t gotten her period yet, and so those two things – her being a late bloomer – have the girls at her school, and in her grade, making fun of her.

    It really all started all the way back in 4th grade. This was when all the other girls started developing, and she didn’t. Her friends started getting curves, real curves, while Jessica stayed undeveloped or underdeveloped, and flat. And that’s when people made fun of her and when all of a sudden she looked just a little bit different than the other girls around her. Because she was a late bloomer, they really insulted her.

    The insults kelpt coming, so she did what she had always been told to do when kids make fun of you or bully you, she went to a trusted adult to tell them, a Teacher looking for advice. But the Teacher just told her to try to ignore it. And, even though she tried, it turned out to be almost impossible – she saw these kids every day, where they made fun of her flat chest and skinny body – called her “flat,” and “ironing board” and "little boy". And the hard part of it was, some of these kids who teased and made fun of her were her friends, or at least they used to be.

    They would always have these private girl talk moments where they would discuss their periods and how much and how quickly they were developing, and whenever Jessica would try to join the conversation they would stop talking, or just tell her “you wouldn’t know what we’re talking about.”

    In 6th grade, everything got much harder because for some reason, all at once, all the girls in her grade started getting bigger, and curvier, and just started looking more like young women than little girls. And the boys started noticing – a lot. And when the boys started paying attention to that stuff, they also joined in on the teasing and taunting. More names – “toothpick,” “popsicle stick,” and “board,” and she didn’t know what to do.

    At one point she had the bright idea that if she just ate more she would put on some pounds and they would turn into curves, but all that did was make her full and sick, and finally, her grandparents put a stop to it. They told her to eat as she always had, and to try to be okay with her body, and that worked for awhile, in fact, things were okay up until she got to 8th grade.

    In 8th grade, absolutely everyone had started really developing, like well on their way, and even though Jessica had started down her own path through puberty she still hadn’t gotten her period and even though her chest wasn’t 100% flat anymore, there still wasn’t enough up there to notice. Her chest just hadn't developed yet.

    It wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if people didn’t feel the need to go around flaunting their new bodies and all their curves, but Jessica felt like at her school that’s what everybody did whenever they had the chance. But then Jessica discovered padded bras, that made it look like there was more there than there really was, which was fine by her. But, trying it out, and trying really hard to look curvy, everyone noticed what she was up to and they still teased her. One day at lunch a boy in her class told her she looked like a second grader, and even though she laughed it off, inside she felt like she couldn’t take it anymore. She went home that day and cried for hours, and the next day she pretended to be sick so she wouldn’t have to go to school, all because she was flat chested and a late bloomer.

    Home from school she was bored, so she decided to just wander around YouTube and ended up finding tons of inspirational stories about body image and puberty and development and really just about loving and respecting your self and your body no matter what the mirror shows you. "I am who I am" she thought. And I love myself for that.

    From that moment on, she stopped caring what other people thought, and ignoring what they said. All she cares about is that she loves herself no matter what!

    - - -

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  • PJ Lover 2389
    PJ Lover 2389  2 hours back


    • XxgamergirlBlazeXx XxblazegirlXx

      She does look like a second grader

      • Leslie Vazquez
        Leslie Vazquez  9 hours back

        I WISH I didn’t have my period i and my mom has a nice body so genticly I have a REALLY curvy body and it sticks people always stare at my chest and I hate it wish I could be flat

        • Lucy Smith Vlogs
          Lucy Smith Vlogs  12 hours back

          Nobody in my school started developing until like 5th/6th grade? What kind of curvy 4th graders are at your school

          • BeforeAnyone
            BeforeAnyone  14 hours back

            0:11 well she should be happy cause look at those circle people.

            • Laura Lopez
              Laura Lopez  15 hours back

              I am skinny

              • •Bear gacha•
                •Bear gacha•  20 hours back

                Man you can just tell your mom your sick and you stay home mom 2019!

                • IMMLG_LIAM99 Minecraft

                  This Is The Worst Video Ever

                  • Branana9 - SuperBran
                    Branana9 - SuperBran  1 days back

                    When the fag who is captioning loves to censor tier 0.5 swear words

                    • Angela
                      Angela  2 days back

                      im a really, *really* early bloomer and its not fun ok

                      • delilah garcia
                        delilah garcia  2 days back

                        I like it

                        • Nylavin Heng
                          Nylavin Heng  2 days back


                          • Peachy Emi
                            Peachy Emi  2 days back

                            If that were me, I would have said: Are you a perv or something that you keep looking THERE my face is here, at least I’m comfortable sleeping on my stomach, and don’t have to deal with cramps!!

                            • Bribri Clover
                              Bribri Clover  2 days back

                              HER: gets made fun off for being a late bloomer
                              ME:gets made fun off for being an early bloomer

                              Can anyone relate?

                              • Emily Model
                                Emily Model  2 days back

                                I used to be soooooo curvy and had a reallllly nice body in 4th -5th grade then I told my mom I was fat.and I kept losing weight and I became flat and I got taller.do I start eating a lot again?? Lolz

                                • I’mSleepy
                                  I’mSleepy  2 days back

                                  Who tf gets curves and periods in 4th grade

                                • Shio Chan
                                  Shio Chan  3 days back

                                  I am flat, but the best thing about being flat is you can run normally. Be confident about yourself.

                                  • Shio Chan
                                    Shio Chan  3 days back

                                    0:28 Earth chan meme

                                    • Nachy Quiñones
                                      Nachy Quiñones  3 days back


                                      • Nia JayX
                                        Nia JayX  3 days back

                                        if you're a late bloomer, you are lucky.
                                        I am 12 and my curves are pretty big.. IT'S ANNOYING BEING AN EARLY BLOOMER, PEOPLE (mostly boys) LOOK AT ME ALL THE TIME!!

                                        • niicaps
                                          niicaps  1 days back

                                          Nia JayX ooh okay makes more sense! same though, it is uncomfortable;;

                                        • Nia JayX
                                          Nia JayX  1 days back

                                          @niicaps Hah, I started developing at 8-9.

                                        • niicaps
                                          niicaps  2 days back

                                          you’re not an early-bloomer, that’s about the average age to start developing

                                      • Eaglefeather 21
                                        Eaglefeather 21  3 days back

                                        Oh, girl, I started forming when I was SEVEN. SEVEN!!! The kids in my class bullied me and called me ‘mami’.

                                        • UwU hi
                                          UwU hi  3 days back

                                          It's better to be flat than curvy, because in our generation *SOME* boys say weird things :/

                                          • Mirra Mafia
                                            Mirra Mafia  3 days back


                                            • Corgi Spider
                                              Corgi Spider  3 days back

                                              wanna trade

                                              • TheDiamondSmile
                                                TheDiamondSmile  3 days back

                                                Isn’t not having a period a good thing girls

                                                • serena f
                                                  serena f  3 days back

                                                  I get made fun of and embarrassed for developing fast ._. The world is something else

                                                  • Chelsy Costales
                                                    Chelsy Costales  4 days back

                                                    i am watching this because this afternoon i accidentally flashed my best friend in the change room 😂😂

                                                    • Emelia Kendal
                                                      Emelia Kendal  4 days back

                                                      *mhm- what school is this?*

                                                      • Jasmine Vu
                                                        Jasmine Vu  4 days back


                                                        • Callie Tkaczuk
                                                          Callie Tkaczuk  4 days back

                                                          Omg there’s a girl in my school and she’s skinny and she’s popular so maybe it will be ur futur

                                                          • Soft Katsu
                                                            Soft Katsu  4 days back

                                                            Why would this girl be sad about having no period, she is living the life

                                                            • AM D45
                                                              AM D45  4 days back

                                                              Don't worry girl I don't have my period yet I did develop but not fully

                                                              • Willy Pidal
                                                                Willy Pidal  4 days back

                                                                A FrIkIn CeReAl BoX

                                                                • sister spooky 2
                                                                  sister spooky 2  4 days back

                                                                  He said you falt you said you have no boobs shitafuck up boys dint have boobs you dumb flat poptart

                                                                • sister spooky 2
                                                                  sister spooky 2  4 days back

                                                                  Periods are disgusting and girls have STDs and its gross they bleed from there and they all sme bad

                                                                  • BlueMoon
                                                                    BlueMoon  4 days back

                                                                    Why you looking at other people's private

                                                                    • Rose Randoms
                                                                      Rose Randoms  5 days back

                                                                      Lmao the grade 6 part don’t know where you went we was still flat until 8th grade😂👌

                                                                      • Amilene Mascorro
                                                                        Amilene Mascorro  5 days back

                                                                        I want to trade im 9 and im curvy and it hurts

                                                                        • Ni Na
                                                                          Ni Na  5 days back

                                                                          I had the same problems girl🤯🙄

                                                                          • Kristine Hegarty
                                                                            Kristine Hegarty  5 days back

                                                                            Girl your lucky for not haveing a period

                                                                            • Nakashima Asuka
                                                                              Nakashima Asuka  5 days back

                                                                              Okay everyone is like
                                                                              "Flat chested lives matter!"
                                                                              Boi us D cups have chronic back pain and get constantly cat called Lets not waste the time saying all the other disadvantages.
                                                                              Wanna trade?

                                                                              • Unicorn Playz's Life
                                                                                Unicorn Playz's Life  5 days back

                                                                                Maybe you dont have..you know curvs well i do have and....i dont like it,youll se..its horrible cuz 😞😞😞😞 everybody is on to it....i dont like it

                                                                                • Hello Everyone!
                                                                                  Hello Everyone!  6 days back

                                                                                  Uh, can we switch bodies?

                                                                                  • Lilac The Android
                                                                                    Lilac The Android  6 days back

                                                                                    Girl: in 4th grade all of my friends started developing

                                                                                    Me in 7th grade without my period and my body literally looking like a brick: Hm yes

                                                                                    • Jony baidya
                                                                                      Jony baidya  6 days back

                                                                                      It dosent mater whats outside of you it matters what inside of you

                                                                                      • Jj Fab Banks
                                                                                        Jj Fab Banks  7 days back

                                                                                        Bro she's my twin I going through the same thing

                                                                                        • Brooke Fox
                                                                                          Brooke Fox  7 days back

                                                                                          Me in 5th grade: **Steals friends pads to make it look like I have my period**
                                                                                          Me in six grade taking a staar test: **Bleeds** “I think I just pissed my self”

                                                                                          • Rat Dog
                                                                                            Rat Dog  7 days back

                                                                                            So, I'm flat as hell, and this dude came up to me once and asked me if I was wearing a binder, because I'm so flat and most girls around my age have something visible happening there. So. That was big fun :D