Emery and Evan Try to Teach Marvin About Feminism - Fresh Off the Boat


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  • raitei1213
    raitei1213  1 weeks back

    OMG! Evan starts changing his voice!

    • Whitney D.
      Whitney D.  1 weeks back

      What's wrong with a man wanting to act like a man? It's one thing to say you should have the right to choose to either act in a traditional masculine way or a traditional feminine way, but it's another thing to demand that men must act in a feminine way.

      • Akane Nozaki
        Akane Nozaki  6 days back

        lmao its not about masculinity. its about marvin not teaching his daughter to be a baby prostitute.

    • Jessica
      Jessica  1 weeks back


      • Joshua Muir
        Joshua Muir  9 hours back

        ​@issac thomas i'm not that smart a guy, i was just investigating a claim. i'm sure that the causes of homelessness do target men. and we should address them. you can't, however, pin gender differences in homelessness all, or even mostly on funding differences as jessica was. you might, and probably do know a lot more about this issue, and i would love to hear what you know about it.

        i'll have a go at addressing the qs, for the first i'd say welfare trap, cycle of poverty, and the causes of poverty not being addressed by the current social safety net. which means it's not a good safety net ?
        for the second, the US post-Reagan has shifted more conservative, and fiscal conservatism has come into favour. with that comes less funding for preventing poverty and the sort. could be very wrong, if you have an answer again i'd like to hear it.
        for the third, i don't know what you're referring to, so i can't really answer.

      • issac thomas
        issac thomas  11 hours back

        @Joshua Muir you surely can read the brochure.

        Can you tell me why even as a percentage the no. of homeless living under poverty for over 10 years is so high ?

        Why is homelessness on the rise year after year if there is a good safety net ?

        Why is there a lack of upheaval and crime faced among homeless people at such high rates ?

        Common you got me the numbers now let's see if you have the education and expertise to explain what's happening rather than being Google educated !?

      • Joshua Muir
        Joshua Muir  1 weeks back

        tl;dr: most of the reason more men are homeless than women is because women are more likely to be in homeless families with minors in them, which are obviously going to receive more funding.

        whoa, that's a whole lot, not particularly related to homelessness, bordering on gish gallop. let's just address homelessness rn.

        so you say that there are more homeless men because there are less resources for them. let's make a quick correction: 60% of homeless in the US are men, not 80% [1]. Still significant, just not to that degree.

        breaking that down:
        335, 038 were male
        215, 709 were female
        65% of the homeless were sheltered
        74.4% of homeless women were sheltered
        59.4% of homeless men were sheltered
        184, 661 were people in families with children [2]
        167, 723 people in families with children were sheltered (91% sheltered)
        113, 394 people in families with children were women
        102, 589 people in families with children who were sheltered were women
        73, 027 people in families with children were men
        64, 971 people in families with children who were sheltered were men

        people in shelters are less likely to be chronically homeless and are more likely to escape poverty as they are receiving more support than the unsheltered homeless. shelters are more likely to be supplied to families with children under 18 (91% are sheltered). women are significantly more likely than men to be in this demographic.

        controlling for being part of a family with children, 56.7% of women are sheltered, while 51.1% of men are sheltered. This act of controlling shows that, even if the remaining 5.6% difference in men and women being controlled was exclusively down to women receiving more resources, 2/3 of the difference in homeless men and women being sheltered is due to women being much more likely to be in families with children, which are going to receive more funding, regardless of whether men or women are the parents.

        [1] - https://files.hudexchange.info/resources/documents/2017-AHAR-Part-1.pdf
        [2] - people in families are defined in the report as "people who are homeless as part of a household that has at least one adult (age 18 and older) and one child (under age 18)."

      • Jessica
        Jessica  1 weeks back

        @Joshua Muir There are Less resources for homeless men than homeless women. America for example has 2000 domestic violence shelters for women but only 1 for men. 94% of all work place deaths are men, 99.7% of all wartime combat deaths are men, 81% of all suicide victims are men. In custody disputes men lose custody of their children 87% of the time. No women are not oppressed victims in the Western World. Women are victims in Iran and Saudi Arabia though. Why are feminists so silent about Iran?

      • Joshua Muir
        Joshua Muir  1 weeks back

        why is that the case ?

    • dev0n james
      dev0n james  1 weeks back

      white males can't learn

      • Tyrone biggums
        Tyrone biggums  1 weeks back

        What is going on with Emery? So tall .. I miss old tiny Emery and Evan.

        • Hyperopiate
          Hyperopiate  1 weeks back

          Fun Fact: _Children grow up... even in non-fiction sitcoms._

      • Zephyrus_anim8
        Zephyrus_anim8  1 weeks back

        0:43 what if the boy had two dads? 🤔

        • Asha
          Asha  1 weeks back

          True though!

      • Jedi Mojo Jojo
        Jedi Mojo Jojo  1 weeks back

        Rays life after Jeepers Creepers

        • Chingiz Zhylkybayev
          Chingiz Zhylkybayev  2 weeks back

          Oh man are they going back to conflating Emery and Evan again? Lame.

          • Dreams & Teddy Bears
            Dreams & Teddy Bears  2 weeks back

            If I have boys in future you can bet this will be me

            • Symonne Stewart
              Symonne Stewart  2 weeks back

              I think it’s really sweet he’s willing to learn because he wants to be able to teach his daughter

              • Razear
                Razear  2 weeks back

                It's only a matter of time until Evan and Emery start coloring their hair blue, wear horn-rimmed glasses, and tell all the macho men to quit mansplaining.

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