Tiger Woods Winning The Masters Shows Us Why Nostalgia is Powerful


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  • beanie0112
    beanie0112  6 months back

    Doug makes an extremely potent point about why Tiger’s 2019 Masters win touched so many people: nostalgia (and winning) overshadowed all of Tiger’s ills in many people’s minds.

    • David
      David  7 months back

      If you’ve ever been to Augusta on a Sunday with Tiger in Red, you know Tigers roars from the crowd are so distinguishable from everyone else.

      • Militarize
        Militarize  7 months back

        I binge watch Gotham and the Flash on Netflix

        • Mr. Boombastic
          Mr. Boombastic  7 months back

          Don’t all dudes have “sex addiction?” At least the real onez do🙃🤷🏿‍♂️💯

            MELANATED GENIUS  7 months back

            The HATE is so real. And, it comes out. Enjoy being miserable.

            • Jon Hammer
              Jon Hammer  7 months back

              I knew if healthy he'd win a major again as in most cases the mind takes care of its demons itself as we age .add young kids done deal

              • Ben Kosto
                Ben Kosto  7 months back

                I agree on the nostalgia point, but most Tiger fans stood by him through it all! It only makes him human/relatable, the mistakes.. We never stopped believing simply because he's just too great to doubt.. and he just proved that yet again! 🐯

              • Tim
                Tim  7 months back

                Legend golfer but very average guy!

                • Levi Simpson
                  Levi Simpson  7 months back

                  You are looking rough Gottlieb, are you doing okay man?

                  • Connie B
                    Connie B  7 months back

                    He did decline after the death of his father, correct? We cheer because he was able to change and save himself.

                    • Stan Mann
                      Stan Mann  7 months back

                      Who cares if he loved anyone back. Some of us just like to see greatness for what it is.

                      • Dave Watkins
                        Dave Watkins  7 months back

                        Credit cards before all the new security measures is nostalgia... gottlieb

                        • Leroy Rodgers
                          Leroy Rodgers  7 months back

                          Tiger isnt arguably the greatest iron player in history...he is undisputedly the greatest in history. Only tiger could play the British open and win without the driver.

                          • Leroy Rodgers
                            Leroy Rodgers  7 months back

                            I never stopped believing nor being a fan. I thought society was hypocritical of his cheating because he was the face of golf, a very clean distinguished sport. In basketball a ton of players cheat.

                          • Mike Ciaccio - Artist
                            Mike Ciaccio - Artist  7 months back

                            Every tournament Tiger plays in from here in is a major!

                            • mhc 121
                              mhc 121  7 months back

                              Nostalgia?? Tiger was in contention the past 2 majors. He was player of the year not too long ago in 2013. He's a top 10 world ranked golfer. He's not some old has-been that came from nowhere to win the Masters. He's been out because of injuries, not because he's too old and can't contend anymore. Tiger is 43, not 93. He's not grandpa that just came out of retirement to win again. He's in better shape physically than you, than me, than probably 99% of the population. Please... just stop. You sound really stupid and ignorant...

                              • David Badger
                                David Badger  7 months back

                                mhc 121 true but 43 is still pretty old and all of the “experts” declared he was finished.

                            • AB Ba
                              AB Ba  7 months back

                              America Loves Nostalgia, Come backs, Resurrections and Redemptions...

                              • AB Ba
                                AB Ba  7 months back

                                Tiger 🐯 is Back. Congratulations.

                                • chris swinerton
                                  chris swinerton  7 months back

                                  i cheer for the great golfer not the person because last i hear jordan is a conplete and utter dick

                                  • Anton Swyer
                                    Anton Swyer  7 months back

                                    🤣🤣 hypocrites!!! most ppl that sayTiger infidelity is why they didn't like him lying. Most of u voted for Trump & knew he was a cheater.

                                    • phreac phreac
                                      phreac phreac  7 months back

                                      Tiger "under the influence" - of MEDS that he didn't know would make him react like that. Plus he was "found on the side of the road" in his car (stationary) near his home - not actually driving on the road.

                                      • Brad Choi
                                        Brad Choi  7 months back

                                        How powerful is nostalgia? Well, as you can tell by my icon, I play music. Most of the bands I play with do "oldies" music, meaning music from the 60's 70's 80's. People of that age group flock to these engagements. Why? Because it reminds them of when they were in their prime, and life was carefree.... before the day to day rigors of life and family set in. (I am also of that age group) Nostalgia is VERY powerful. Wonderful video. Thank you!

                                        • Jake Ramzy
                                          Jake Ramzy  7 months back

                                          I love Tiger Woods. If it wasn't for Tiger the different races of the world wouldn't feel golf was a cool sport to play. Because before any of his success the sport was predominantly white and for good reason too all previous Champions were white. But because of Tiger I feel he made it possible for everyone around the world to play golf and not feel prejudiced against for being of a different background. No one on Earth besides Jordan has had a major global impact on a sport than Tiger Woods. And that's why everyone loves Tiger

                                        • Debbie Mclaughlin
                                          Debbie Mclaughlin  7 months back

                                          I cried. It was just very overwhelming.

                                          • DWes487
                                            DWes487  7 months back

                                            I think the majority of casual and purist golf fans did too.

                                          • brmillgr
                                            brmillgr  7 months back

                                            me too

                                        • Danielle Martinos
                                          Danielle Martinos  7 months back

                                          This was so emotional because everybody knows that horrible feeling when people tell you that they’ve given up on you and we know how amazing it could feel to prove them wrong.

                                        • mike conley
                                          mike conley  7 months back

                                          No maybe it's jus the fact he came back from hitting rock BOTTOM and climbed back to the top... Regardless of what happened nobody is perfect but the dude. Got. It altogether and. And made it happen... And I don't even like golf or. Tiger...

                                          • whitemamba1656
                                            whitemamba1656  7 months back

                                            coming from the donkey who thinks basketball was better 30 years ago than today

                                            • whitemamba1656
                                              whitemamba1656  7 months back

                                              @MegaPat223 they were nowhere near as good as they are today. Just like any of the top 10 sprinters in 1980 wouldnt beat any of the top 10 sprinters today.

                                            • MegaPat223
                                              MegaPat223  7 months back

                                              whitemamba1656 don’t be a prisoner of the moment. Ball players back then had the fundamentals and footwork like no other, the game has evolved as it should have, but players back then were just as good.

                                          • Goat Herder
                                            Goat Herder  7 months back

                                            Doug was doing well, but apparently he's fallen off the wagon again :/

                                            • Zero Tolerance
                                              Zero Tolerance  7 months back

                                              I really wonder why Tiger wore purple on Saturday 🤔 and why on Monday so many sports commenters wore PURPLE also 🤔🤔. Can I add that the biggest Masonic figure of them all Shaquille O'neal was wearing purple yesterday... coincidence ?? I really think the Masters was rigged for Tiger to win.

                                              • Kent Mains
                                                Kent Mains  7 months back

                                                Chariots of the Gods man!

                                              • A 2121
                                                A 2121  7 months back

                                                And I really think you need to be on meds.

                                              • Shaun P
                                                Shaun P  7 months back

                                                REACHING. Pathetic

                                              • kharis87
                                                kharis87  7 months back

                                                U digging too deep. Masons wear purple now because purple is linked to them celebrating Lent and Easter.

                                            • Koub
                                              Koub  7 months back

                                              Great take.

                                              • prazertv
                                                prazertv  7 months back

                                                Some of us never stopped being fans of Tiger.

                                              • JOMI
                                                JOMI  7 months back

                                                Tiger was stand right in front of the molinari putting sight...he was breaking all golfer etiquette...but damn it was awesome that he won

                                                • Morris Whitaker
                                                  Morris Whitaker  7 months back

                                                  @William Littles It doesn't matter, and I'm happy he won, but a real golfer knows what Tiger did was wrong.

                                                • William Littles
                                                  William Littles  7 months back

                                                  @Morris Whitaker The 12th hole did Moli in.

                                                • Morris Whitaker
                                                  Morris Whitaker  7 months back

                                                  I was thinking the same thing and I'm a huge Tiger fan. He started walking around like Trump did in the Hilary debate. Lol

                                                • Ray Campbell
                                                  Ray Campbell  7 months back

                                                  You must have been looking at a different broadcast. That never happened. Molinari lost it on the 12th and 15th holes.

                                                • William Littles
                                                  William Littles  7 months back

                                                  The 12th hole did Molinari in. That is the Masters.

                                              • k Bact
                                                k Bact  7 months back

                                                Those freaky white girls tiger was trying to bang real hard is what screwed his back.

                                                • JWG 2
                                                  JWG 2  7 months back


                                                  • G T
                                                    G T  7 months back

                                                    JWG 2 congratulations!