The Numbers That Tell the Story

  • Published: 14 April 2019
  • At Augusta National, the iconic leader boards communicate more than just the players' scores.
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Comments • 9

  • Gabe Tuason
    Gabe Tuason  5 months back

    TIGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alexander
      Alexander  5 months back

      Tiger won!

      • John Mabus
        John Mabus  5 months back

        Jon Lanier what are you talking about? You a loser... gotta be. that’s why you keep making excuses

      • James Ratnavale
        James Ratnavale  5 months back

        @Jon Lanier You should be ashamed of yourself making excuses for why other players didn't beat Tiger Woods. Stop being pathetic and stop your Tiger hate. You are just another one of those fuckwits who can't accept what reality is and can never appreciate what Tiger Woods has done for the game, so stop your nonsense.
        Augusta will never be biased towards one single player.

      • justsomeguy
        justsomeguy  5 months back

        @Jon Lanier Your tears are delicious.

      • Alexander
        Alexander  5 months back

        He won deal with it

      • Jon Lanier
        Jon Lanier  5 months back

        Hey guys, Tiger is playing well. So, Saturday, instead of drying out the greens like we always do... We will keep them soft... we got to give him a chance. Screw the field and screw tradition that is like no other. Hey guys.... we've got to do something we've never done before... it might storm really bad... that can hurt Tiger's chances with his arthritic bad back.... we've gotta make sure he has a better chance to win. They should be ashamed, but they won't be.