Fat Joe - Angels Say


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  • Ciphbudd Llc
    Ciphbudd Llc  4 months back

    Still Bumpin DaaaaarkSiiiide.

    • Khali Walls
      Khali Walls  8 months back

      Hov flow and style

      • Douglas Dorman
        Douglas Dorman  11 months back

        Thank you family I love you too, peace and love, Doug:)<3.

        • easyervo 91
          easyervo 91  1 years back

          Yes pretty girl u jus been hires

          • easyervo 91
            easyervo 91  1 years back

            Most underrated

            • easyervo 91
              easyervo 91  1 years back

              Anita Baker plays in the back now I'm in the kitchen crack heads in the back round

              • tv vaudoupaname
                tv vaudoupaname  2 years back

                Original is Cortex (Alain Mion) / Mary Et Jeff (1975, Fr)

                • Salerno76000
                  Salerno76000  2 years back

                  Also same debut prod as : The Game, Young Jeezy, Rozay - Beautiful

                  • Jake Freedman
                    Jake Freedman  4 years back

                    Anyone know where the original beat from? Curren$y used it too

                    • Dino Might
                      Dino Might  12 months back

                      Cortex: Chanson D'un Jour D'Hiver

                  • Marco Vargas
                    Marco Vargas  4 years back

                    Lupe copied this music

                    • BMC BMC
                      BMC BMC  4 years back

                      +E E.D.M. yes

                    • E E.D.M.
                      E E.D.M.  4 years back

                      not copy but sampled

                  • Alpha Claython
                    Alpha Claython  4 years back

                    wtf happends after 1:50 ??!!

                    • Ярл Ульфрик Буревестник

                      VHS Effects is perfect *____*

                      • warning
                        warning  5 years back


                        • HYPE Music Shop
                          HYPE Music Shop  5 years back

                          Produced by @youngHYPElife

                          • william evans
                            william evans  5 years back


                            • brad baumbach
                              brad baumbach  6 years back

                              i'll dis 2 chainzv all DAY.  2 chainz?!  pbbbth!  sounds too much like maatch D.I.Z.E. or some daisychain gang shit.  go break ox yourself ,m '2 chanz';  go brake rox in central park.    or will he go try to cop marib dam again.   spit sail hush'd litenin'

                              • MARVIN CASTILLO
                                MARVIN CASTILLO  6 years back

                                never boo him i can rap but i need help stright bx tre set queenz da kid

                                • Luis Rivera
                                  Luis Rivera  6 years back


                                  • Anton Litvok
                                    Anton Litvok  6 years back

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                                      Vova Kisuta  6 years back

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                                        • JOEDY JOE
                                          JOEDY JOE  6 years back

                                          1St verse was klean...2nd sounded like he was tryna flo like lil wayne

                                          • JOEDY JOE
                                            JOEDY JOE  6 years back

                                            1st verse was koo..2nd sounded like he tryda flo like lil wayne

                                            • wookie415
                                              wookie415  6 years back

                                              THIS SHIT SICK. . THE BEAT IS HARD...

                                              • NMG640
                                                NMG640  6 years back

                                                I agreez witcha Bro! Fuck these Haters Im all about Don Cartagena

                                                • S Harlem
                                                  S Harlem  6 years back

                                                  THIS SONG IS HARD!!!!!! FUCK THE HATERS. LETS GO CARTAGENA

                                                  • jaxbeachpartybus
                                                    jaxbeachpartybus  6 years back

                                                    wow that was really bad.. Sorry Joe but you can't expect people to feel that shiz.

                                                    • Stacuh
                                                      Stacuh  6 years back


                                                      • Adan Garnica
                                                        Adan Garnica  6 years back

                                                        Lol I thought he was dead!

                                                        • Keanu Cruz
                                                          Keanu Cruz  6 years back

                                                          He fell off ode i miss da old joe :( ever since dat song Another Round i stopped listening to joe, were is Elephant in da room? Crackhouse? KAR? Damn im tight i thought it was a phase but dis song proves he fell off

                                                          • Steven blake
                                                            Steven blake  6 years back

                                                            Ooow joeie aynt fat

                                                            • stephanie mcmillan
                                                              stephanie mcmillan  6 years back

                                                              Love fat Joe but angels ain't female ......read ya gospels

                                                              • gemango bolington
                                                                gemango bolington  6 years back

                                                                Yo joe is going hard his stuff is heavy this year im feeling

                                                                • Qualez41
                                                                  Qualez41  6 years back

                                                                  Not bad

                                                                  • Paper Plates Clothing Co.

                                                                    he killed it.. and im not even a fan. lyrics and flow was definitely dope. joey crack or not

                                                                    • Jonathan
                                                                      Jonathan  6 years back

                                                                      i knew he would change... might aswell put the weight back on and rap good but his life...

                                                                      • Anderson
                                                                        Anderson  6 years back

                                                                        I know. Losing weight was good for him. But he was a straight up beast as a heavy set dude. Something about his presence. I applaud for trying to keep up with the times though

                                                                        • Christina Wade
                                                                          Christina Wade  6 years back

                                                                          Lol am I the only one who caught how he bashed khourtney khardashians boyfriend?

                                                                          • Steve Henry
                                                                            Steve Henry  6 years back

                                                                            ThePunisher516 you are so right, that first verse was AWESOME, but then it went down hill from there, it was the beat, the rythme, the piano notes, and with his words that made it powerful, but then when he switched it up, and I was waiting for it to go back to the beginning which never happened. I couldn't get into it.

                                                                            • Anthony Medina
                                                                              Anthony Medina  6 years back

                                                                              Joey crack the don

                                                                              • ///No Power
                                                                                ///No Power  6 years back

                                                                                FAT JOE JE SMRDLJIV!!!!

                                                                                • Marc Gonzales
                                                                                  Marc Gonzales  7 years back


                                                                                  • Jean Thomas
                                                                                    Jean Thomas  7 years back

                                                                                    I guess he trying to keep up or reinvent.. but I feel you felt the same way

                                                                                    • mozincognito
                                                                                      mozincognito  7 years back

                                                                                      You can't be a joe fan and not like this song...ur buggin. -__-

                                                                                      • Juraj WantaS Duble-W Lacina

                                                                                        His charisma has gone with his weight.

                                                                                        • eli porter
                                                                                          eli porter  7 years back

                                                                                          fuck this is shit

                                                                                          • JaeSavageThaDon
                                                                                            JaeSavageThaDon  7 years back

                                                                                            Darkside 1 and 2 was "Classics" I need part 3 ASAP!!

                                                                                            • Stubbla
                                                                                              Stubbla  7 years back

                                                                                              very different.. i like it Joe