Quad Webb Talks About Her Rocky Relationship With Cast Of ‘Married To Medicine’


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  • snugglebear09
    snugglebear09  2 weeks back

    she tried it...lol

    • queen samara
      queen samara  2 weeks back

      Girl yes you did! So cut it out w/your bull crap

      • GeorgeJansen
        GeorgeJansen  2 weeks back

        Sister circle whoot. Whoot ⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕😶

        • Pilane Koma
          Pilane Koma  3 weeks back

          Liar u brought Miriah's business up about the drugs while u knw it aint true... fake ass b:"$::

          • Iviana Williams
            Iviana Williams  3 weeks back

            Quad is angry, way too angry to reflect on her own behavior. She will be defined for her ability to hold grudges, and hating on Mariah Huq, and Mariah will realize she doesn't need Quad's forgiveness,; Mariah, Go on and live your best life.

            • Marjorie Ferguson
              Marjorie Ferguson  3 days back

              Quad if god was like man he will strike you down with all your hate what you are doing to Mariah with all the lies you are going to pay for it mark my words sister circle by girl.

          • Leslie Williams
            Leslie Williams  3 weeks back

            Quad is so fake she thinks she's the shit i can't stand her she need to go she's not married she just lied she do bring people business out girl bye

            • Monish Kumar
              Monish Kumar  3 weeks back

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              • Ace Hardy
                Ace Hardy  3 weeks back


                • Cheryl Harlin
                  Cheryl Harlin  3 weeks back


                  • Cindy Fitzgerald
                    Cindy Fitzgerald  3 weeks back

                    I’m sorry but why is she still on the show? Married to Medicine she’s not!!

                    • Cindy Fitzgerald
                      Cindy Fitzgerald  3 weeks back

                      Ebony Scott yes she is freakin Annoying!!!

                    • Ebony Scott
                      Ebony Scott  3 weeks back

                      Cindy Fitzgerald yessss honey and always playing the victim