UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (10.04.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname  2 days back

    Can we get Joy back every Friday? Would preferably have her permanently, but.........if Jenny can't do the show on Fridays..........then Joy would be a big improvement over the current Friday moderator.

    • Paris Thomas
      Paris Thomas  6 days back

      This show talks about the cowboys too much

      • romaneeconti02
        romaneeconti02  6 days back

        Lmfao dak almost lead the greatest comeback in NFL history when Green Bay rested their starters

        • Elicia Lewis
          Elicia Lewis  6 days back

          Its pretty sad that I look forward to Undisputed and the entire 2+ hours is about the Cowboys ... You couldn't give my Saints 2 mins... thats unfortunate

          • Colts fan4 Life
            Colts fan4 Life  7 days back


            • Malik Peterson
              Malik Peterson  1 weeks back

              Unfortunately this show has lost its luster. I used to prefer it, but they always regurgitate the same tired arguments about LeBron or the cowboys or other similar topics. They also don't let anyone else talk. Jenny is constantly talked over... Can't get in 2 words. The guests... Mangini wasn't even allowed to finish his points. The other shows are all much more mellow and smooth.

            • fergdaddy _
              fergdaddy _  1 weeks back

              skip saying seattle should have lost. if thats what were doing then what about seattles own missed kick? what about every random error in every single game? a billion things SHOULD have happened. so dumb

              • Rick S
                Rick S  1 weeks back

                God I hate skip

                • Michael Lin
                  Michael Lin  1 weeks back

                  I think you need to have Stephen a smith, Colin cowherd, and Deion Sanders in this show for a debate as a guest, in the same room. I don’t know what could happen. It would be epic.

                  • Flurifitness
                    Flurifitness  1 weeks back

                    I didn’t realize it til just now, but I missed joy Taylor lol

                    • C Torres
                      C Torres  1 weeks back

                      I'd rather have Jenny Taft

                      • C Torres
                        C Torres  1 weeks back

                        @T Wells I had to google her but damn you might be right 😅

                      • T Wells
                        T Wells  1 weeks back

                        C Torres I’d rather have jen Hale than jenny Taft lol

                    • Jerry Kwerve
                      Jerry Kwerve  1 weeks back

                      Talk about the Chicago Bears

                      • cholli4141
                        cholli4141  1 weeks back

                        Russ entered the playoffs with their running attack leading the way. Skip is correct. Russ is a better version of Dac.

                        • cholli4141
                          cholli4141  1 weeks back

                          Coach E is a hypocrite. Ben didn’t make players around him no better no more than Dac. The Steelers put and developed players around Ben....Ben had the best of the best and didn’t get rings. So if u don’t knock Ben, u can’t knock Dac.

                          • cholli4141
                            cholli4141  1 weeks back

                            Lashawn Nolen oh, I’m not go disagree... coach E acts like Ben made people better, he didn’t

                          • Lashawn Nolen
                            Lashawn Nolen  1 weeks back

                            How can dak make anyone better when they are better than him!

                        • Titus Robin
                          Titus Robin  1 weeks back

                          Skip has to be the biggest fool in the world. His takes on Russell Wilson this man carry this offense by himself

                          • cholli4141
                            cholli4141  1 weeks back

                            Funny, Russ hasn’t took them to the super bowl 🏟. Yet people talk as if Seattle is in a better position to win a 🚢 now. Insane, running game and defense NEEDED!

                            • cholli4141
                              cholli4141  1 weeks back

                              His defense and running game got him there. Same as Ben.. no defense, no run game , no super bowl.

                            • cholli4141
                              cholli4141  1 weeks back

                              Saphan Welcome ROBERT HORRY 😂

                            • Saphan Welcome
                              Saphan Welcome  1 weeks back

                              Hasn’t Russ played in the Super Bowl twice 🤷🏾‍♂️

                          • xDatAsian
                            xDatAsian  1 weeks back

                            Skip “Drip All Over You” Bayless

                            • hoison68
                              hoison68  1 weeks back

                              Loved the fire today, Shannon. Put that a hole in his place.

                              • Hill LeFrere Jr.
                                Hill LeFrere Jr.  1 weeks back

                                Skip is so delusional. Only he would take Dak over DangeRuss

                                Side note: the live chat that was replayed contained nothing but silliness

                                • Giffond Hall
                                  Giffond Hall  1 weeks back

                                  Shannon always be hating on joy smh

                                  • christopher valentino
                                    christopher valentino  1 weeks back

                                    It feels good to hear the stunning Joy Taylor’s voice on this show again. It feel good to hear the original crew together again.

                                    • Deciding Factor
                                      Deciding Factor  1 weeks back

                                      Idc what anyone says, skip is hilarious, one of the best duos in media

                                      • Nexile
                                        Nexile  1 weeks back

                                        Skip drip skip drip skip drip skip drip!

                                        • Jay R Cato
                                          Jay R Cato  1 weeks back

                                          All this damn cowboy talk🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all ain’t got nothing else to talk about?

                                        • P. Menjivar
                                          P. Menjivar  1 weeks back

                                          Keep joy on skiiiuppp

                                          • David Hervey
                                            David Hervey  1 weeks back

                                            @Romeo Williams I would hope not considering shes married lol.

                                          • Romeo Williams
                                            Romeo Williams  1 weeks back

                                            @David Hervey did u notice how she kept repeating, " but you drive slow" ... Everytime Shannon would mention food she would say " but you don't even eat that"....I think the new lady Jenny Taft has a thing or maybe is dating Shannon now. For his his birthday she posted a video on her Instagram of her giving Shannon a Lou vutton towel...so their dating or she's expecting an expensive gift for her birthday

                                          • David Hervey
                                            David Hervey  1 weeks back

                                            @Romeo Williams I always wondered that. I know they use to always bring up on the show how they would be at games together before she started to date Earl Watson.

                                          • Romeo Williams
                                            Romeo Williams  1 weeks back

                                            @Tony Moss FACTS...she used to date Shannon

                                          • Tony Moss
                                            Tony Moss  1 weeks back

                                            Exactly joy always annoyed me with her bias Jenny is just as much a voice as skip and Shannon

                                        • Jonathan Bazley
                                          Jonathan Bazley  1 weeks back