Nolan Vouches For Harper to Her Ex - The Rookie


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  • SKYRULE-49
    SKYRULE-49  1 days back

    I'm sorry, I'm really trying to like Harper but she needs to go!

    • theblackgeno 18
      theblackgeno 18  1 days back

      I'd let her burn Harper gets on my nerves

      • Darryl Ruiz
        Darryl Ruiz  2 days back

        Tho I miss Bishop Harper is a great character Mekia is a better actress

        • Martin Acosta
          Martin Acosta  7 days back

          i genuinely wait anxiously every week for this show, it quickly became the best show airing right now for me
          P.S.: and Yay, i guessed right, it was Enver Gjokaj

        • Six O'Clock
          Six O'Clock  1 weeks back

          Is Nathan Fillion skinnier?

          • Jakob Gaarsdal
            Jakob Gaarsdal  1 weeks back

            Hello i see it In 2019

            • John
              John  1 weeks back

              Stupid ass show

              • Karen Abusaleh
                Karen Abusaleh  1 weeks back

                Mekia Cox was awesome in this scene!! So believable!! So emotional and touching!!

                • Darryl Ruiz
                  Darryl Ruiz  2 days back

                  I like Harper better than Bishop but feel sorry that Afton was harrassed and nothing was done

              • Dream Music
                Dream Music  1 weeks back

                Nolan came in to back up Harper the same way he stood up for Bishop. A true hero.

              • 2Fine2Be Humble
                2Fine2Be Humble  1 weeks back

                I hope this black actress works out better than the wimp woman from the first season.
                She got her feelings hurt and quit. Strong female role and she quit.

                • pumpkin head azz boy
                  pumpkin head azz boy  1 weeks back

                  @Carmello Sanders LOL dats her problem

                • Carmello Sanders
                  Carmello Sanders  1 weeks back

                  She’s was being sexual assaulted

                • Daniel Enyel
                  Daniel Enyel  1 weeks back

                  @Deshawn Dodd he is the family member that got fired

                • Deshawn Dodd
                  Deshawn Dodd  1 weeks back

                  @2Fine2Be Humble Shut Your Dumbass Up

                • I’m tired of these niggas
                  I’m tired of these niggas  1 weeks back

                  2Fine2Be Humble of course your idiot ass would support a colorist black man. If she felt harassed and disrespected she had every right to leave. I’m sure she’ll find better opportunities. This ain’t that great of a show anyway.

              • Sam195
                Sam195  2 weeks back

                Lol Sergeant Grey was about to cry that is why he walked away so fast. Can’t tell if that was the intended reaction or the actor genuinely tearing up and the director choosing to keep the moment in the show.

                • reynoldstheoplis94
                  reynoldstheoplis94  2 weeks back

                  Bet Bishop is proud of Nolan

                • Lonetress
                  Lonetress  2 weeks back

                  Beautiful scene