Space: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry


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  • AI Totem
    AI Totem  21 hours back

    Governments transcend generations is something we often overlook in how it should act versus a companies bottom line.

    Lovely video

    • Piotr Masłowski
      Piotr Masłowski  1 days back

      Governments do not have longer time horizons. In contrary – they last about 4-5 years and frequently change their direction by 180 degrees.

      • GB Sailing
        GB Sailing  3 days back

        The moon is a LOT smaller than the Earth. The whole solar system we live in is in a very finely turned balance of mass vs speed related physical relationships. I would WARN PEOPLE VERY LOUDLY about going to the other bodies floating in our solar system and INADVERTENTLY FUCKING ABOUT with their mass by either mining or building too much on their surfaces, or underneath, because once orbits start to change you will also change the orbits of those around them - INCLUDING OURS!!! Even fucking around with the moon was could cause simple problems with our tides and that may have HUGE EFFECTS ON THE SEA LIFE (their habits and reproductive cycles, etc.) within our oceans, and without sealife in our oceans, we are FUCKED !!! - Not mention our orbit with the Sun. SURE GO INTERSTELLAR and find some other system to fuck up, but let's NOT fuck up our own!!! I know that that warning may sounds like and over reaction, BUT WE CAN'T AFFORD TO GET THIS WRONG !!!

        • Jess
          Jess  6 days back

          Not gonna lie, comparing people wanting poverty, disease, abuse, and the other issues on earth to be addressed before space travel to people wanting to keep a caveman from exploring that cool mountain over there cus they need to deal with cave problems is incredibly insensitive and very much indicative of a person who needs to go back and do some more PR training to learn how to appear to be less of an uncaring jerk.

          • timesathousand
            timesathousand  1 weeks back

            "Here's the thing about Canada: The weather is terrible, and it's always dark."

            • manofsan
              manofsan  1 days back

              and those are just the populated areas

          • Eragor the Kindhearted
            Eragor the Kindhearted  1 weeks back

            DigitalGlobe is from Colorado!

            • MISC BITS
              MISC BITS  2 weeks back

              of course if they link UPWARDS first rather than to ground stations, they have a much wider command/download field of view to the satellites before LOS

              (Or in future, Elon's skynet.....)

              • Torkil
                Torkil  2 weeks back

                Neil DeGrasse Tyson is really smart, but holy shit is he a fucking asshole.

                • tbyte
                  tbyte  2 weeks back

                  Stop using those archaic neanderthal British imperial measurements.

                  • Engine1213
                    Engine1213  2 weeks back

                    Privatization of space is disgusting.

                    • Johnny Walker
                      Johnny Walker  2 weeks back

                      If you wanna colonize Mars, you gotta make a moon base as a launch platform.

                      • Gakell
                        Gakell  3 weeks back

                        Privatization of our operations in space is anything but democratic.

                        • ?
                          ?  3 weeks back

                          That guy looks like an older yung gravy

                          • Clayton Heinecke
                            Clayton Heinecke  3 weeks back

                            I wrote a 19 page paper in college about a very similar topic! How govt. and private companies can and are working together to make space profitable. It felt like revisiting a lot of old research I had done, and it was cool to hear you come to the same conclusions. It’ll be interesting to see how the final frontier develops over the course of our lifetimes

                            • Electro Fan
                              Electro Fan  3 weeks back

                              What about the about the untaped resources.....

                              • The Amazing Jug
                                The Amazing Jug  3 weeks back

                                Commericalised space travel will potentially see a huge boom if/when firms can find means to mine lunar materials, or even minerals from asteroids. When that happens, space travel will become truly *huge*.

                                • Jacob L
                                  Jacob L  4 weeks back

                                  Who are you?

                                  • victor bruun
                                    victor bruun  4 weeks back

                                    humans to mars.. habitats or social interaction isnt even nearly there in the west. Those habitats had lots of leaks and people were ready to kill one another in a few weeks being locked up like that. Soviets figured at least out the social part, you cannot have hierarchies in tiny 6 person survival tribes. No one can be the boss or go around boasting higher status. Absolute equality is a must.
                                    Which seems pretty impossible for americans to even contemplate.

                                    • victor bruun
                                      victor bruun  4 weeks back

                                      radar huh? Or is it mayhaps lidar... a bit more useful in finding hidden stuff.

                                      • Micah and me
                                        Micah and me  1 months back

                                        Finally you connected the dots!!! Sooo many "Aha" moments here. Thanks for such interesting videos. I have frequently wondered about satellites and how they orbit for a long time, while laying awake at night.

                                        • J H
                                          J H  1 months back

                                          @7m40s: "...gigabyte..." @7m52s: "...gigabit..."

                                          • MnktoDave
                                            MnktoDave  1 months back

                                            I think some of the people who feel that space exploration will solve many of our problems on this planet sometimes forget that the greed, corruption, violence and destruction, quest for power, and the exploitation of others, etc...all these (and more) will continue, even if we could explore and settle the stars and deep space. Unfortunately, those common human traits and behaviors will always follow us no matter where we go, unless we can find a way to permanently change them. I'm all for space exploration and the advancement of knowledge, science, and technology in a good way (and I don't mean to sound dark) but don't expect space exploration to automatically create a better world and change natural human behavior and tendencies. The people in control of this world are currently destroying our own (increasingly dystopian) world with almost no consideration to the future, because of the aforementioned traits what reason is there to think that any of this would ever change for the better, even if we did find a fully habitable and beautiful utopia on another world? Knowing our overall human nature and past history, as long as those same type people were in control, we'd probably just try to find a way to eliminate the existing population on a new world or exploit them too, and sooner or later, their world would end up just like ours. Greed and power are the two largest contributing factors to all our negative human traits, and until we can find a way to eliminate them, it's hard to imagine any real, positive change, on this or any other world. But it is a wonderful pipe dream, to imagine that all people everywhere, could somehow come together in peace, for a greater and common good.

                                            • Ohnonomomono
                                              Ohnonomomono  1 months back

                                              I'm sorry , but that resolution isn't that impressive. Google Maps has a greater resolution.

                                              • nightlightabcd
                                                nightlightabcd  1 months back

                                                No one is saying that we have to fix the problems on earth before we go to space! What they are4r saying is that we should not be spending trillion of dollars for the benefit of the few while government revenue reductions and increased spending for the MIC has got the US to over $22 trillion in debt. This is not a coincidence , this is engineered as indicated by the last two budgets of the current administration, and it's going to get much worse!
                                                SpaceX has revealed just how overpriced the MIC is, and the MIC gets away with it because NASA is legally obligated to contract with the MIC! Are you connecting the dots yet? It's all about the money, where it comes from, and who gets it and who investing in what and how much politics weight they have! Left to the MIC, the US would be sending up two, three or maybe for austronsauts for the next hundred years, because there is so much money to be made that way! SpaceX will free NASA from the MIC, like the ULA !

                                                • irmux skeptic
                                                  irmux skeptic  1 months back

                                                  never pay back :D say that to gold diggers :D
                                                  from other side these rouches actually know when you go in to space most like will show ..!.. to them
                                                  and hardly will be reason to go back
                                                  imagine like space huge barge with melting facilities and living quarters -wat point to even go back to earth why not live there
                                                  -all these who pretend to be goverment want milk others people money

                                                  • Michael Michael Motorcycle

                                                    I don’t think humans could survive in space itself, but earth like planets yes.

                                                    • Brytsk Nguyen
                                                      Brytsk Nguyen  1 months back

                                                      23:04 this is why "HE's running it like a business" is just plain stupid

                                                      • Dirk Knight
                                                        Dirk Knight  1 months back

                                                        I would bet Apple makes more money with the iPhone than the entire commercial space industry transacts. It will take a long time before this reaches the trillion dollar mark.

                                                        • Boogeyman
                                                          Boogeyman  1 months back

                                                          how about working 4 or 3 days a week instead of not knowing what to do with all the labor available and shooting it into space where no man can live and no life grow?

                                                          do you people live for what the boss tells you to do?

                                                          anyone in this world still interested in spending time with what one likes beside work?

                                                          were not going to space and were not colonizing mars.

                                                          • Dirk Knight
                                                            Dirk Knight  1 months back

                                                            @Boogeyman I don't know if I am being listened to or not. In many cases I don't think so... but the client is king, so that's that. From my perspective the most interesting part is that people want to hear bad news (and it's often enough bad news) and are willing to pay for it. If you had asked me ten years ago if one could make money this way, I would have shaken my head in disbelief.

                                                          • Boogeyman
                                                            Boogeyman  1 months back

                                                            @Dirk Knight nice! youre doing great dude =) youre the one who managed to be listened to and getting paid by them.

                                                          • Dirk Knight
                                                            Dirk Knight  1 months back

                                                            @Boogeyman Corporate shrink. :-) I am basically giving an outside observer's perspective on business strategy. It's nothing special. You can get this kind of advice from a gazillion people. The break one needs to get the "gig" are the initial clients, the rest is word of mouth and repeat business. I am not even advertising because it wouldn't help, every client knows me personally from past business transactions. I think that's a fairly generic rule for most businesses... it's much easier to break in and to survive with an established customer base.

                                                          • Boogeyman
                                                            Boogeyman  1 months back

                                                            @Dirk Knight im doing exactly the same kind of thing but im wondering what specific kind of thing youre doing now :)

                                                          • Dirk Knight
                                                            Dirk Knight  1 months back

                                                            @Boogeyman I was paying attention in school, I worked hard in university and for fifteen years thereafter. Then I got a lucky break. That's how most successful people do it. There are no secrets here.

                                                        • Mr V
                                                          Mr V  1 months back

                                                          Sick voice over

                                                          • Dash Perú
                                                            Dash Perú  2 months back

                                                            1:55 how the hell do you start a space company in your garage? Did he launch rockets from there? What the fuck did he do in his garage?

                                                            • Dirk Knight
                                                              Dirk Knight  1 months back

                                                              You know what kind of technology is commercially valuable in the industry and you provide it. That, of course, requires that you know the industry and the technology. :-)

                                                          • Daredevil
                                                            Daredevil  2 months back

                                                            What companies did you mention in this video?

                                                            • Jordan Pope
                                                              Jordan Pope  2 months back

                                                              hypothetically if a space mining company got their hands on something that had more monetary value than all of the money on earth how would this get paid for? would more money just be printed?

                                                              • Abdullah Tshabal
                                                                Abdullah Tshabal  2 months back

                                                                *FALGSC* is the only acceptable outcome

                                                                • Danny Vega
                                                                  Danny Vega  2 months back

                                                                  WS =
                                                                  We Sexy
                                                                  We Souls
                                                                  We Sentient
                                                                  We Spacefarers
                                                                  Wholesome Society

                                                                  How can we allow all those who want to explore and establish cities on Mars do so ASAP?

                                                                  If we Network: OurName4Freedom we win, economically, capitalistically, free enterprise wins.
                                                                  Google OurName4Freedom. Create YourName4Freedom.
                                                                  Yours, @DanielHall4Freedom

                                                                  WS =
                                                                  We Spacefarers
                                                                  We Spiritual
                                                                  We Sovereign
                                                                  We Sinners
                                                                  We Saints
                                                                  We Saved

                                                                  • G. Elliott Nielsen
                                                                    G. Elliott Nielsen  2 months back

                                                                    So you need "A License" to take high resolution photos from space. . . . . I definitely got off on the wrong planet.

                                                                    • 05Matz
                                                                      05Matz  2 months back

                                                                      Interesting. I never thought of governments as long-term thinkers. If anything, I've been bemoaning how governments seem unable to do anything with a pay-off further away than one administration (between four and ten years in most countries AFAIK). I guess I've just been using the worst-case scenario of highly-polarized, partisan, 2-party governments symptomatic of end-stage first-past-the-post electoral systems that automatically cancel "the other guys"'s projects whenever they take power and refuse to institute programs that might have delayed positive impacts during the competition's administration.
                                                                      I guess under better political circumstances, a program could survive through multiple administrations, potentially even longer than a shareholder's lifetime. Thanks for reducing the bleakness of my outlook somewhat!

                                                                      • Michelle Lewis
                                                                        Michelle Lewis  2 months back

                                                                        Oh Tyson, so smart yet so dumb. By focussing beyond the mountain the problems of poverty at home never get fixed for the many. Technology and economy is always focussed on beyond the mountain because the new is for the few and there is high profit in it. The many are always the poor and so there is only profit in low margin mass supply of x and once they have it the suppliers are undercut by new tech with thier new x. Focussing beyond the moutain means the many will always be kept poor to be the bottom of the market chain, the base the high tech innovators need to stay poor to support thier exploration. Benefits trickling down to all is as much a myth as classical liberal trickle down economics. As usual it is the investment of public money from the many for the supposed return in the future in taxes, except, how much tax does Amazon pay? Thats correct, they avoid it because its possible to avoid it, the return in taxes is illusory. The poor masses fund the adventurism of high tech and then its handed to privateers to profit from public investment for their next adventure, and the problems at home like poverty are never the focus.

                                                                        • Love & Honour Honour
                                                                          Love & Honour Honour  2 months back

                                                                          Space has nothing to offer. Except a place to send nuclear debris. What does our moon offer? Gold? No. Silver? No. Copper? No. Moon Dirt? Uranium? Reflecting Solar Energy back to Earth? Oxygen? No. Why build a human colony there? Human entertainment? It will wear off. Promoting a fantasy? Oh, let's go to some planet or moon, and bring back diamonds or gold, or something we want. Oh, let's build a hotel in space, and make reservations for couples, and families, and put them in Oxygen & radiation suits, and fly them into space for a week in our space hotel, so they can bring their cameras, and take pictures of our Earth & Sun, & experience floating around in no gravity. Uh oh, Jenny has a nut allergy, and she's swelling up. We better bring her back home. Sorry trip cut

                                                                          • Anatoly Ovchinnikov
                                                                            Anatoly Ovchinnikov  2 months back

                                                                            We have to make it happen!

                                                                            • Truism
                                                                              Truism  2 months back

                                                                              None of you will ever see it in your lifetime

                                                                              • Mark Sarmiento
                                                                                Mark Sarmiento  2 months back

                                                                                5:30 when china puts survillance camera all over in china
                                                                                Everyone: thats illegal
                                                                                America built a huge HD cam to take picture all over the wotld
                                                                                Everyone: for research.
                                                                                Well done western

                                                                                • Willy Kang
                                                                                  Willy Kang  2 months back

                                                                                  Cool! And I now know that your AWAY is much better than my Bluesmart luggage. That Bluesmart is bankrupt, and powerbank is unremovable.😂

                                                                                  • michael reynolds
                                                                                    michael reynolds  2 months back

                                                                                    Anybody else see the gremlin letting some weird bird witch out of a bag on mars at 23:18? Or just me

                                                                                    • Emil Sitka
                                                                                      Emil Sitka  2 months back

                                                                                      8:54 Pittsburgh. You can almost see the pitchers mound at PNC Park.

                                                                                      • gurusson
                                                                                        gurusson  2 months back

                                                                                        So is this a 30 minute ad for Maxar?

                                                                                        • Atheer Omar
                                                                                          Atheer Omar  2 months back

                                                                                          Everybody is making videos on SpaceX but it's very interesting and unique to explore the hidden gems out there. Thank you!

                                                                                          • Alpha Adhito
                                                                                            Alpha Adhito  2 months back

                                                                                            R.I.P WorldView-4 :(
                                                                                            ~2016 - 2019