It took me 24 years to realize not everyone does this...


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  • Mr. Fruit
    Mr. Fruit   2 weeks back

    I just want to remind everyone that I’m not saying I really have a problem or that if you do this you do too - it’s why I said everyone has a “quirk”. I want to emphasize that it becomes a problem/major disorder when it’s DESTRUCTIVE in your life in a way that it unpairs daily activity. It’s awesome to see so many people relate or share their own stories and I just wanted to shed some light that some things we take for granted or don’t think twice on aren’t always the same for everyone. Thanks for watching and the support :)

    • Verum Odio
      Verum Odio  5 days back

      Mr. Fruit is just Jhin from League of Legends without the mask....

    • Agent of the nine
      Agent of the nine  1 weeks back

      It's very interesting because now that you say that, i have been counting things aswell. For instance whenever i pass two houses i count it as one. I've always done so and even what you said that you do. Now i know im not alone in this scary world.

    • Terrance Donaldson
      Terrance Donaldson  1 weeks back

      @I'minthe liteecomitee I grew out of it too.

    • Terrance Donaldson
      Terrance Donaldson  1 weeks back

      I used to do that, but I grew out of it. I used to count the divides of the sidewalk. had to do double steps to keep even etc. yeah, don't know how I grew out of it. And the breathing thing and something with my teeth, but not as complex, yep.

    • justin connell
      justin connell  1 weeks back

      i never have the volume on an odd number unless its a multiple of 5

  • MassFolds
    MassFolds  5 hours back

    Quality vids=Mr Fruit explaining how to end on 4 on stairways

    • Mix Master
      Mix Master  13 hours back

      I appluad the frank and openness of this video mr fruit. Just goes to show that everyone is different and we should respect each other no matter the differences. Peace out.

      • Bhappy
        Bhappy  21 hours back

        i always try to step with my right foot over the crack in a tile and my left in the tile when walking on a tiled floor

        • Endless Flowing
          Endless Flowing  2 days back

          Yeah I've done this my entire life, I've always counted steps, had light switches the same way up/down, had anything I could be the same way as it was before - in an orderly line, being aware of different things that really I don't need to be (like the number of breaths I've taken). Apparently
          I don't have OCD tho?

          • Justice Brown
            Justice Brown  2 days back

            I kinda have a muscle tip. I gotta push my fingertips away from the nail, and sometimes but not often it gets to the point where under the nail in a little sore. Also, I don't like self skin/skin contact. I don't like it when things like thighs, fingers, arms/chest touch. Its kinda weird

            • Zero Dawn
              Zero Dawn  2 days back

              @10:10 Claire is a lucky woman

              • Lachlan George
                Lachlan George  3 days back

                I have ocd to a point that I used to have a catalogue run and had the number of steps between each letterbox and street and whatever memorised and it just felt wrong if I did it differently. I’m not THAT bad ever since I realised how bad I was...

                • Richie perez
                  Richie perez  3 days back

                  don't be sad papa fruit

                  • Andrew DeWayne
                    Andrew DeWayne  3 days back

                    I do intervals of 3 so 3 , 6, 9 and it makes me super annoyed when things don’t match that lol

                    • DCritical
                      DCritical  3 days back

                      I actually have Tourette’s and you described a tic pretty well. Awesome video man, can’t wait to buy the flavor!!!

                      • egodrunk
                        egodrunk  3 days back

                        do you live in a tavern?

                        • Junior turtle
                          Junior turtle  4 days back

                          I like groups of five: Volume has to be a group of five and someother stuff i cant remember rn (its driving me nuts that i cant remember) Oh and whenever i read a book i have to have a full stop at the end of the right(not the left) to be able to stop lol

                          • Michael
                            Michael  4 days back

                            I do stuff like this, never thought of it as OCD. Thought everyone did this as well.

                            • Meda
                              Meda  4 days back

                              Okay well now I have to know. Does anyone else memorize the amount of steps on stairs so that they can land their right (or left) foot on the last step every time?

                              • CPEEZI
                                CPEEZI  4 days back

                                My mom always told me that I had a form of mild Tourette’s when I was younger because I had a few little tics like that. They changed over the years but I always had them in some form or another, but I have always suspected that I had some sort of OCD as well. I always count things in even numerals, or I’ll compromise and count them in intervals of 5 if the situation arises. It’s never really been destructive for me, but has definitely been a bit weird over the years.

                                I have noticed they seem to happen when I am deeply focused on things, or sometimes when I am deeply anxious. The worst manifestations I’ve had are that I pick off my nails (plus side, I never have to cut them!) and sometimes I’ll pick them in a way that ends up hurting on accident. I have picked skin off of my lips before when they were really chapped and that was something I’ve mostly grown out of.

                                A big thing for me too is symmetry. I have to have this sense of balance when it comes to my body. This struck me when you mentioned stretching your other arm when you got a nice stretch on one when working out and realizing I’ve done similar things all my life.

                                You’re definitely not alone, and anyone experiencing these things is not alone. Thank you for sharing.

                                • Gintoki Sakata
                                  Gintoki Sakata  5 days back

                                  Mistas worst nightmare, jojo fans know

                                  • Ian Heacock
                                    Ian Heacock  5 days back

                                    *YouTube watches this*

                                    YouTube: you know you’re right Mr. fruit 4 is a good number. Let’s do 4 ads before videos

                                    • Urban Vendetta
                                      Urban Vendetta  5 days back

                                      Did not expect that face

                                      • thatguy
                                        thatguy  5 days back

                                        Don’t worry fruit I have it to it really sucks and I get where you are coming from

                                        • Sleepy J Magilz
                                          Sleepy J Magilz  5 days back

                                          mr fruit energy issues can also be traced to iron deficiency so please make sure if its that or not. Love you mr fruit may you a nice day.

                                          • MrBabyStokes
                                            MrBabyStokes  5 days back

                                            You are not alone I count my steps, each gulp I take of water, each time I chew gum, and check out a thing called “knolling” on google... yeah my mom passed knolling onto me

                                            • Seth Cowell
                                              Seth Cowell  5 days back

                                              I have had Tourette syndrome and OCD my entire life. Your description of the "itch" you have to scratch is exactly what tourette's feels like. You should really talk to your doctor. There is some things that you can do to relieve some of that. If you have questions you can DM me on Twitter (shymonkeypoo).

                                              • Chandler Bechard
                                                Chandler Bechard  6 days back

                                                I think this video just made me realize I have OCD too holy crap

                                                • Fates Twilight
                                                  Fates Twilight  6 days back

                                                  So me and my brother watch the CONTENT alot from you and the rest of the everyone. So he recommend this video and said it was different, so I was like cool. Literally the first few seconds and it was crazy. I count in 4s too!! Fortunately from some of the other things I do I was pretty sure I was OCD but I've never seen other people have the same twitches I do. Of course counting steps in 4s, but then everything needs to be even like you were saying; if one part of my body touches or does something it has to be mirrored. If I step on a crack or weird I have to repeat it on the other foot. Plus certain random fits of cleaning and things being certain ways it totally makes sense. So not alone! I mean, I guess it's weird but life would be boring otherwise so long as it's not destructive like you were saying. So yeah, go Mr. Fruit!

                                                  • Xander French
                                                    Xander French  6 days back

                                                    I have really bad OCD myself, I have been an inpatient at a mental facility 2 times in the past year due to how bad my anxiety is because of it. I am not trying to like to seek attention here or anything, just if a mental condition affects your life so badly like mine go seek help.

                                                    • Car1 onduty
                                                      Car1 onduty  6 days back

                                                      It takes a tremendous amount of courage to make a video like this. Especially for someone with as many supporters as you do. I applaud you. I will speak for the entire fruit nation when I say- we love you Mr. Fruit. 😘

                                                      • Lucas Brantner
                                                        Lucas Brantner  6 days back

                                                        Sometimes I'll do something with my right hand and then do the same thing with my left just to balance it out.

                                                        • Penguins’ Paris
                                                          Penguins’ Paris  6 days back

                                                          Wait wait wait wait wait do I have ocd

                                                          • Riiper456
                                                            Riiper456  6 days back

                                                            i think i also have ocd..... i cant stand stepping on cracks.When im walking into my school i make sure that i dont step on them cuz for some reason it really just doesnt feel right

                                                            • Debbie Hargreaves
                                                              Debbie Hargreaves  6 days back

                                                              Fruit: likes 4
                                                              Mista: oh no

                                                              • Fedor Heijneman
                                                                Fedor Heijneman  6 days back

                                                                10:38, i have this when im driving, or gaming, and i have my phone in my pocket, I just have to take it out and put it somewhere cause it feels annoying, and it distracts me. I might do some weird thing sometimes but I don't really pay attention to them so idk whether I might have any form of ocd, but I liked to hear about your ocd fruit. Love the storytelling vids.

                                                                • Trash WiFi YT
                                                                  Trash WiFi YT  6 days back

                                                                  Wait that’s not normal? When I eat I have to keep the number of chews on each side even. And I count my stair in groups of threes.

                                                                  • Abe Johnson
                                                                    Abe Johnson  1 weeks back

                                                                    If it's a big platform on the stairs do you count all the steps on it? I do a weird shuffle kind of thing to make it correct lol

                                                                    • Abe Johnson
                                                                      Abe Johnson  1 weeks back

                                                                      I do a similar thing but it's in terms of left vs right in a lot of things

                                                                      • Silent Ninja
                                                                        Silent Ninja  1 weeks back

                                                                        You have the same thing as me ocd and ticks

                                                                        • Fett, Boba Fett
                                                                          Fett, Boba Fett  1 weeks back

                                                                          Guido Mista is probably very uncomfortable and doesn't know why

                                                                          • Banana Cat
                                                                            Banana Cat  1 weeks back

                                                                            Oh shit. I also do some of these things. Now I know not everyone does this... :|

                                                                            • ImWeiredDontAsk Gaming
                                                                              ImWeiredDontAsk Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                                              I do the same fucking thing, but I avoid cracks and if I step on one I start over, I have the muscle tics too, it might be narcolepsy

                                                                              • GamersForDays TheOneAndOnly

                                                                                Bruv... I didn’t know that wasn’t normal, I count in intervals of four as well, I guess I also may have ‘tiks’ with my lower lip. When I play video games I have to get my thumb perfectly on R3

                                                                                • Justin Mc Donald
                                                                                  Justin Mc Donald  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I do that weird controller graving thing too!! I don't know why but it just doesn't feel right if I dont do it🤷‍♂️

                                                                                  • Little Schach
                                                                                    Little Schach  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I have a thing where when I'm walking, I'll look down to make sure I'm staying inside the lines.

                                                                                    • Mason Luck
                                                                                      Mason Luck  1 weeks back

                                                                                      His house looks old🤔

                                                                                      • CJ Horrocks
                                                                                        CJ Horrocks  1 weeks back

                                                                                        I literally do this exact thing in intervals of 2. Wtf

                                                                                        • Jooshly123
                                                                                          Jooshly123  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Wow your timing on the cracks was great, you said "One Two Pau-" Then an ad played.

                                                                                          • Buck Factor
                                                                                            Buck Factor  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Thanks for sharing your special kinda crazy, just know we all have ours.

                                                                                            • Feathr
                                                                                              Feathr  1 weeks back

                                                                                              This vid gave me ocd

                                                                                              • xyloid 2 arc
                                                                                                xyloid 2 arc  1 weeks back

                                                                                                I do the same, but not the same. I do it with reading, which is why I read so slow. Like, I dont read the words. I read the letters, count them, then try to remake the sentence with even letters. Like, of course I dont always do it. Vut sometimes it hits, and I cant finish something without getting a even lettered sentence. Then every now and then i get a mixture that I cant make even and it pisses me off.