Sebastian Vettel & Max Verstappen - Post-Race | British GP Formula 1 2019


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  • Chandra Pratap Singh
    Chandra Pratap Singh  3 months back

    Love to see Seb and Max in the same team. Christian Horner loves both the guys dearly.

    • aeyleh twink
      aeyleh twink  4 months back

      You can see Max is maturing well since last season and before. Vettel is one of the gentlemens on the pitch and Max knows that, so that is why he doesn't make too big a fuss about it. a plain error and a swift apology after the race from Vettel to Max. Same couldn't be sayd for Ocon to Max, saying he was faster than Max and laughing in his face after he took out the race leader. Moments like that really show your class or lack of it, which is why Verstappen lost his temper.

      • Willem Popeye
        Willem Popeye  5 months back

        That's how you behave after you take someone out of the race. Did you see that, Ocon?
        Kudo's Vettel.

        • Singula
          Singula  5 months back

          Ferrari are pussies. Don't care bout their history anymore, just kick em out. Two whining pussies and a team that's more chaotic then entropy itself. Blegh

          • Ariey
            Ariey  5 months back

            That’s was road rage

            • Trevor Gittens
              Trevor Gittens  5 months back

              Of course they both speak professionally, but did u recognize the pain n Max voice, and the satisfaction n Sebastian's, also remembered the Canadian GP, Sebastian also tried to wreak Lewis, but Lewis was aware of his nastiness !!
              The staff at Ferrari kan c, and that's y he's out n 2020, or at the end of his contract.

            • joris suffuhrt
              joris suffuhrt  5 months back

              This was not deliberate. This was a mistake in judgement. Something max has been accused from many times. Too bad, as max would have taken 2nd and maybe even threatened 1st

              • Firemarioflower
                Firemarioflower  5 months back

                @joris suffuhrt They ran away man. Right from the first 8 laps the gaps were very big. Doesn't that say enough?

              • Simon Jeffries
                Simon Jeffries  5 months back

                Samuel Esayas Mercedes isn’t invincible. All it takes it a bad day. Look at today for instance, neither driver scored even a point

              • joris suffuhrt
                joris suffuhrt  5 months back

                @Firemarioflower just compare laptimes dude

              • Firemarioflower
                Firemarioflower  5 months back

                WTF dude the Mercedes were clearly faster again, and he would probably be chased down by LeClerc as well

              • Samuel Esayas
                Samuel Esayas  5 months back

                You must have been on drugs 😂😂 hamilton was 20 + seconds clear of the rest of the field and even set fastest lap on 32 lap old hard tires.

            • What's Up Channel
              What's Up Channel  5 months back

              Literally Vettel just can't accept the fact that he got passed by a Honda. His reaction was to take Max out of the race but it didn't work out.

              • Kerim Mejdoub
                Kerim Mejdoub  5 months back

                He was passed by a honda a few times this season already😉

                Australia and Austria for example

            • Marko Thomson
              Marko Thomson  5 months back

              vettel out now .........

              • Galantir Galadross
                Galantir Galadross  5 months back

                Couldn't avoid the crash????? Vettel you are a moron, a mof of the highest degree. 10 seconds was not enough you should have been banned for life.

                • Grimhasty
                  Grimhasty  5 months back

                  Its really refreshing to see them both be so mature about it. I really like Max, but in the past he's been a bit hard to watch when he gets frustrated (given his past mistakes), but its really nice to see them both handle this so well.

                  • Oki Doki
                    Oki Doki  5 months back

                    Oh yeah you never have been frustated in your live? He is Dutch and Dutch do not about political bullshit. If you happy you show it if you mad you show that too. The world become a better place if they all do

                  • Grimhasty
                    Grimhasty  5 months back

                    @Darius Müller Sadly I agree with you there. I think Leclerc is very likeable, but can be hard to watch sometimes.

                  • Darius Müller
                    Darius Müller  5 months back

                    Leclerc still like that old Max

                  • gman6862
                    gman6862  5 months back

                    Grimhasty their relationship has matured a lot. They respect each other and not throwing any shade to each other. Max knows their on the limit.

                • Daniel Lord
                  Daniel Lord  5 months back

                  Max is being way too kind there.

                  • Nee het is steen
                    Nee het is steen  5 months back

                    Why so? Typically Max is someone to move on from something negative rather quickly. It seems like he moved on right after the race. What do you think he should have done?

                • Rival
                  Rival  5 months back

                  Ham, Max & charles are the best drivers in that order...

                • JG Owner
                  JG Owner  5 months back

                  Much better than 2 years ago, where they would fight over the radio

                  • Emgee
                    Emgee  5 months back

                    Q. Seb what happened?
                    Seb. I thought I was overtaking an idiot who would simply let me pass on the inside to the corner. Turns out that in F1 I am the idiot and I caused yet another crash.

                    • Gaming Bantz 3D
                      Gaming Bantz 3D  2 weeks back

                      Emgee easy to give criticism but you couldn’t do the job yourself...

                  • d Sikma
                    d Sikma  5 months back

                    Vettel took the 10 second penalty with a smile

                    • ruststar
                      ruststar  5 months back

                      He was not into the points, wouldn’t have made any difference

                    • Kerim Mejdoub
                      Kerim Mejdoub  5 months back

                      It was a 100% fair penalty and he knows that he was at fault, so he knows he deserved it.

                    • Mišo ElEven
                      Mišo ElEven  5 months back

                      @Le Muscle Etudiant He had to pit for a new front wing and dropped to P16 and then even overtook Strol or Perez or whoever that was..with penalty P16 again

                    • Jesse S
                      Jesse S  5 months back

                      @Le Muscle Etudiant he let verstappen overtake him a few turns after the crash, then he had to pit to replace his front wing. He was last after that pitstop, then he overtook kubica and was given a 10 sec. Penalty which put him back in last place. My point is he was not going to score any points after he replaced his front wing because he was outside the top 10, so the penalty hard no impact on his race. He drives a Ferrari not a Williams, for Ferrari finishing 11th is just as bad as finishing in 20th position because they have to score points.

                    • Le Muscle Etudiant
                      Le Muscle Etudiant  5 months back


                  • Ry Bik
                    Ry Bik  5 months back

                    Almost think it was a setup by ferrari ... like vettel is waving max goodby after he hit him....

                    • Paulo Pinto
                      Paulo Pinto  5 months back

                      You cannot say that because vettel was also lucky to remain on the course. A crash is a crash, can affect both cars and drivers.

                  • mii car
                    mii car  5 months back

                    I think seb took one for the team there

                    • mii car
                      mii car  5 months back

                      @Fraser McInnes yea max wasn't supposed to keep going. Lol

                    • mii car
                      mii car  5 months back

                      @asimb0mb your rude personality aside; Facts speak for themselves. Red bull missed out on podium. Yes, they had 2 cars in the points, so the math sure the idea might have been that max DIDN'T fly through the air and drive away like a superhero?? This is just a conspiracy theory I had while watching it happen!

                    • asimb0mb
                      asimb0mb  5 months back

                      @mii car You're new to F1 I assume? If Verstappen and Vettel hadn't crashed, Ferrari only would have scored 1 less point to Red Bull. But because the crash happened, Red Bull outscored Ferrari by 7 points. Nothing fishy about this crash, just shite driving from someone with obvious personal issues.

                    • mii car
                      mii car  5 months back

                      @asimb0mb who would have made the podium if SEB hadn't taken him out...oh yea red bull. I didn't say he was smart. It just looks fishy

                    • asimb0mb
                      asimb0mb  5 months back

                      @mii car Which team got more points from Silverstone? Oh yeah, Red Bull.

                  • Greiguci Wootchie
                    Greiguci Wootchie  5 months back

                    Vettel is the worst driver ever. He's done nothing in 5.5 years. Utter dog shit driver.

                    • EIUS Projections
                      EIUS Projections  5 months back

                      Both speak like gentlemen, good racing, shit happens!

                      • Cooper
                        Cooper  4 months back

                        Why does the Ferrari woman record Vettel with two devices ? Who is she ?

                      • DonMorte2
                        DonMorte2  5 months back

                        @NotSerban I'd like to see me in F1 too buddy but been 6ft 3 and having no real driving ability I suspect that particular ship has sailed.
                        However, does that automatically mean I am not aware of the rules? That I am no aware of what is good and what is bad driving standards?
                        No, no it doesn't. It means that I can call him incompetent as that is the correct word to use. At that moment, in the video we all just watched, he (Vettel) was an incompetent driver.
                        Do I think him an incompetent driver overall in his career? No.
                        Do I think he won those championships because he was in the best car at that time by a good 2 seconds a lap? Maybe, who knows.
                        All I know at the moment is that he isn't in the fastest car anymore and can't seem to come anywhere near the front of the grid where as the hot, young buck on the block is in the same car and doing better...

                      • NotSerban
                        NotSerban  5 months back

                        @DonMorte2 incompetent?How did he get in F1?I wanna see you in f1 then

                      • Mišo ElEven
                        Mišo ElEven  5 months back

                        @Niklas_0404 I think next year and 2021 regulations will decide...Seb himself said that if theres no chance of winning hes not going to stay :/

                      • Nee het is steen
                        Nee het is steen  5 months back

                        Fully agree