I Rode And Reviewed The Napa Valley Wine Train


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  • Jon Pineda
    Jon Pineda  2 weeks back

    I stopped watching when she said $250

    • J
      J  2 weeks back

      You walk like a man who needs to shit

      • Arjun Bhattacharya
        Arjun Bhattacharya  3 months back

        3:17 knife n fork messed up! I do it all the time n it feels so relieving to see someone else messing it up :P

        • Rob Moir
          Rob Moir  3 months back

          I like no wine I do not like alcohol the ride and the food would be fine with me

          • dance4life1208
            dance4life1208  3 months back

            This was terrible

            • Elke Wheeler
              Elke Wheeler  3 months back

              I’ve been on the wine train. While you featured the food, there was no critiquing of the food (mmm...yum is not even a passing grade) and you didn’t capture the beautiful setting and fun the train offers. I give this episode 2 out of 5.

              • Jmichael Isbell
                Jmichael Isbell  2 months back

                Then again, she gave it free of charge, not like you can ask for your money back. Maybe YOU should do better, think?

            • Rob Moir
              Rob Moir  4 months back

              Italian is my favorite too spaghetti oh yes but no alcohol

              • Tegan Gardner
                Tegan Gardner  4 months back

                I just wish someone who knew what the wines were did the review for this :/

                • karenamanda1958
                  karenamanda1958  4 months back

                  That was quite expensive with just one glass of wine.

                  • Castle Cat
                    Castle Cat  4 months back

                    Can someone tell me what the appeal of wine is? Alcohol tastes gross to me, so do people only drink it to be drunk for the sake of being drunk?

                    • msr111
                      msr111  3 months back

                      Castle Cat.....Funny how life throws you weird curves. I always thought I liked various beverages like wine, margaritas and such. I quit smoking, then my taste receptors fully reawakened and alcohol tasted awful. Now, I use a little in cooking but not to drink anymore and it's fine. There are a couple of billion people in this world who don't touch the stuff and are missing nothing.

                    • Castle Cat
                      Castle Cat  4 months back

                      @Kyla Casazza oh alright, that's interesting. Thank you 😊

                    • Kyla Casazza
                      Kyla Casazza  4 months back

                      Castle Cat A lot of people like the taste of wine, like I grew up in an Italian family so it’s within my culture and all I know. I do know people who drink to be drunk, but many also just enjoy the taste☺️

                  • Ayjay Gee
                    Ayjay Gee  4 months back

                    Sam is my favorite delish host - bring her back for more!!

                    • Tosh T
                      Tosh T  4 months back

                      Six glasses of wine in 3 hours? Lightweight. 😀 Cool host. Great start to the series. 👍

                      • 11 22 11 22 11
                        11 22 11 22 11  4 months back

                        oh yeah have someone do a review of a wine train who doesnt even know how to hold a wine glass smh

                        • Emily Williamson
                          Emily Williamson  4 months back

                          That food looks so good...I miss wine, but I remember the misery that tends to follow #soberlife -I’d love to ride that train, but with sparkling water and coffee. No nap, no headache. a fancy drunk is still a drunk.

                          • Katie Yenkin
                            Katie Yenkin  4 months back

                            My husband and I road the wine train on our honey moon, it was amazing.

                            • Chookadee
                              Chookadee  4 months back

                              Can u hire me

                              • Random Meme
                                Random Meme  4 months back

                                why do Americans have no table manners, it always baffles me.
                                A fork isn't meant to be used as a shovel? . . .

                                • Let Go
                                  Let Go  4 months back

                                  Nothing about the wine at all?

                                  • Justaname
                                    Justaname  4 months back

                                    Yea it’s a wine train I’m confused where was the wine 🍷

                                • Gemini Gypsy
                                  Gemini Gypsy  4 months back

                                  250 and only one glass of wine?! F the food, I’d only be there for the wine!

                                  • Candace Cherry
                                    Candace Cherry  4 months back

                                    Hi bish

                                    • Isabella's Quick Recipes
                                      Isabella's Quick Recipes  4 months back

                                      Napa is so beautiful!! I love to eat at Gott's when I'm there!!

                                      • Christina Matzen
                                        Christina Matzen  4 months back

                                        I live here and have never taken the train before $250 and you only get one glass?? Come on. They need to do a pairing where you get a glass of whatever goes with your meal. I may live here but I don’t know anything about wine, I just know what I like. If they did a pairing that would be a great way to educate people about wine.

                                        • Let Go
                                          Let Go  4 months back

                                          Christina Matzen yes agreed , each dish needs to be paired with a good wine. $250 is a rip off

                                      • Eric Bennett
                                        Eric Bennett  4 months back