1,000 HP 'Vicious' 1965 Ford Mustang - Jay Leno's Garage


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  • KRH007
    KRH007  6 hours back

    Gee that lower front end looks dreadful and not much better at the rear. Sadly the futuristic interior off the mark as well in taste but as usual everyone's taste is different. Nice engine bay

    • Mllr hr
      Mllr hr  4 days back

      Well I guess crumple zone are only for the poor.

      • Mystic Seven
        Mystic Seven  5 days back

        Ppg is the top 1 paint and clear coat i used it on my 1965 ford mustang

        • robert kennedy
          robert kennedy  5 days back

          I got a comment for you J get some rest you look tired as f*** you got plenty of cars to live forever take a break

          • Soul Surfer
            Soul Surfer  5 days back

            We built the car in 9 months start to finish....”We have 10,000 hours in the car”. You gotta love fabricator math.

            Mental note: 8760-8784 hours maximum per calendar year.

            You have to love what fabricator’s do/bring us but it sucks only in Countries like Mexico or Brazil do you have guys who are honest about the time and true value of what they did.

            I appreciate Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini who just pretty much say “We want to charge you a crazy amount, but trust it is fully track ready and no where near the weight of your Mom’s sedan”🤫

            I wonder if that car can do 30 minutes on track.

            • Raul Baltierrez
              Raul Baltierrez  5 days back

              I’m in love with that car

              • Pixel_Geist
                Pixel_Geist  6 days back

                love the 2x4 front bumper

                • Moon Tycoon
                  Moon Tycoon  1 weeks back

                  I respect the engineering and attention to detail but 🤮🤮🤮 what a hideous car. From the front diffuser/ lip/bumper thing to the comically overdone fender flares and "me too!" matte paint with double stripes...the thing looks like it was drawn by an 8th grader in after school detention or something.

                  And what's with the almost emotionless and monotone builder? I feel like someone must have taken a dump in his bowl of Wheaties that morning. The most passionate he got was when describing the cars ability to switch its tune depending on which fuel its using...hardly new or exciting tech in 2019. Also he looks like he listens to Volbeat and Five Finger Death Punch.

                  Sorry, I'm full of Haterade this morning. 🥤

                  • Ariel Swartz
                    Ariel Swartz  2 weeks back

                    21:40 did that just come out of his mouth!?!!?!

                    • Ibrahim Al-Esawy
                      Ibrahim Al-Esawy  2 weeks back

                      10,000 hours in 9 months? Do the math guys lol

                      • Chris Smith
                        Chris Smith  2 weeks back

                        Ever need a builder or mechanic then I certainly know who I’m calling. Holy hell. I bow down.

                        • Mike D
                          Mike D  2 weeks back

                          Still can't beat a Tesla.

                          • Chris Ducat
                            Chris Ducat  2 weeks back

                            Well...that was a long intro, just to discover we weren't going to get to see it on the road :((( if it's made out of steel, it should weather the rain very well, silly Californians!!

                            • Todd Vardaman
                              Todd Vardaman  2 weeks back

                              Most beautiful car I've ever seen. I love it. 20 gauge steel is less than most caskets, 18 gauge is most caskets,

                              • Hector Morales
                                Hector Morales  2 weeks back

                                Wow. This is a car you could be so damn proud of

                                • uiolax1967
                                  uiolax1967  2 weeks back

                                  No longer a classic car. Just another nice car. My opinion of course.

                                  • Soso Mama
                                    Soso Mama  2 weeks back

                                    Nah, not feeling it hey. These cars remind me of those 2000’s mod cars, that look tacky now. They will never be collectible.

                                    • Chris Smith
                                      Chris Smith  2 weeks back

                                      Soso Mama completely missing the point. It’s about top of the line quality and performance in every aspect, regardless of brand and collectibility.

                                  • Brayan Santos
                                    Brayan Santos  2 weeks back

                                    Saw this car at auto con 2 years ago it was spitting flames when they. Brought it on stage

                                    • Carlson Reese
                                      Carlson Reese  2 weeks back

                                      Truly a work of art!

                                      • sdushdiu
                                        sdushdiu  2 weeks back

                                        "Ludicrous" without an almost total undercarriage upgrade.

                                        • Josh Awad
                                          Josh Awad  3 weeks back

                                          jay went in on this man you could almost feel the roast from here

                                          • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

                                            Yeah I totally agree mixing GM and Ford together I never watch this show again till tomorrow either JAY is the best ....u know the weird thing about those people who say that they will never watch because of that I believe are like a ten year old that does not even have a car or a license yet...whatever people just love to whine....hah hah

                                            • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

                                              Camaro and corvette Jay listen up front corvette suspension,camaro rear corvette rear suspension...

                                              • David Johnson
                                                David Johnson  3 weeks back

                                                Better have a couple oil coolers with the filter that close to the exhaust.

                                                • willl 88
                                                  willl 88  3 weeks back

                                                  I'm so confused I dont know if I love it or hate it but it's one of those

                                                  • Jon Wilbur Tan
                                                    Jon Wilbur Tan  3 weeks back

                                                    Personally, love this build. Very clean and put together. Considerations for airflow is great and the expansion for the wheels make its outline even cleaner. I also love the interior. Industrial minimalist. Love the classic car looks. The front is a beauty and masculine.

                                                    • Ritalie
                                                      Ritalie  3 weeks back

                                                      This is why they want to burn California to the ground. There is too much talent. It's unsafe.

                                                      • mason mortar
                                                        mason mortar  3 weeks back

                                                        ruined it.

                                                        • William Miriklis
                                                          William Miriklis  3 weeks back

                                                          Just wow amazing

                                                          • Cameron Martin
                                                            Cameron Martin  3 weeks back

                                                            John wick would drive this

                                                            • Long Ridge Farm
                                                              Long Ridge Farm  3 weeks back

                                                              The stock fiberglass hood on my Mustang weighs a ton.

                                                              • Sandy
                                                                Sandy  3 weeks back

                                                                I really wish it was an electric SUV.

                                                                • memories past
                                                                  memories past  3 weeks back

                                                                  21:05... i see missing nut for side skirt ;) ... on the right side

                                                                  • Clinton Ledford
                                                                    Clinton Ledford  3 weeks back

                                                                    Wow the attention to detail is through the roof. The same amount of threads showing on a bolt in the under carriage😳...impressive

                                                                    • Rachel East
                                                                      Rachel East  3 weeks back


                                                                      • Benji The Bobcat
                                                                        Benji The Bobcat  3 weeks back

                                                                        He said they wanted it to be a street car. So the looks obviously were an important factor in the design. Yes, it has a lot of HP, but it's steel, because they wanted a street car. So it's high performance but also supposed to be a looker. So whoever designed those fender flares is not an artist. Those are so unaesthetically pleasing to the eye that it's not even funny. they are just downright fugly. There's several other options they could have chosen from. Other than that the car is beautiful. It looks like they just didn't know what to do so someone just fabricated these big ugly angled flares that do not go with anything else on the car. It's an amazing build but that absolutely ruins the whole thing because it is so noticeable. It's not just something small and hidden that people won't really notice. it's so bad that it's the first thing people notice. It can still be changed and should be. then you'd have such an awesome car.

                                                                        • Dan
                                                                          Dan  4 weeks back

                                                                          this is a true love of labor. the corvette, i'm a little hesitant about, but i don't hate it. it should really just be a wake up to ford so that they can focus on being top dog. dont pat your self on the back for catching all the plates every time they fall out of the cupboard.... fix/replace the cupboard.

                                                                          • No image
                                                                            No image  4 weeks back

                                                                            Beautiful build then the interior 😩

                                                                            • Ross Hutchison
                                                                              Ross Hutchison  4 weeks back

                                                                              wow what a spot on build.

                                                                              • Carl Spackler
                                                                                Carl Spackler  4 weeks back

                                                                                That is an AWESOME Mustang Jay.

                                                                                • Earnest Finn
                                                                                  Earnest Finn  4 weeks back

                                                                                  that must be used for race only, not for daily usage

                                                                                  • brad fiser
                                                                                    brad fiser  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Ok nice but will it get me to Walmart in a snow storm?

                                                                                    • BUSTED
                                                                                      BUSTED  4 weeks back

                                                                                      I love this car just hate the interior.

                                                                                      • Tekassassin The Good Loser

                                                                                        If this build wasn't a million dollars, I would try to get one.

                                                                                        • Jeff Heidel5
                                                                                          Jeff Heidel5  4 weeks back

                                                                                          That’s an awesome car

                                                                                          • 251Trioxin
                                                                                            251Trioxin  4 weeks back

                                                                                            Shouldn’t it be faster?

                                                                                            • Ian Rivlin
                                                                                              Ian Rivlin  4 weeks back

                                                                                              Magnificent piece of automotive engineering and a testament to the dedication and skill of the tradesmen but calling it a 1965 Mustang is a bit of a stretch. I would call it a "Salute to the Mustang". (However, it's made 10 better than anything Ford ever sent off the line). 10,000 man hours - Good grief. Wouldn't that equate to a retail price of about $600,000?

                                                                                              • Christopher Marechal
                                                                                                Christopher Marechal  3 weeks back

                                                                                                Ian Rivlin 👍👍 Check out @viciousstang on Instagram for updates.

                                                                                            • Jordan Salvador
                                                                                              Jordan Salvador  4 weeks back

                                                                                              It just looks like a damn hot wheel 😍lol