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    GOLFMATES   8 months back

    this is for you #golfmates been a hard week but i said i do this for you .............dont think i be aloud back in the there but you can see what i seen

    • Darren Sturman
      Darren Sturman  8 months back

      GOLF VLOGS UK awesome liam what a place mate truely outstanding 😃👍

  • Marque Markofthebeast
    Marque Markofthebeast  3 weeks back

    Ebay NBL. never been laid?

  • NonLocalYokel
    NonLocalYokel  1 months back

    really enjoyed this Liam - thanks.

  • LightningDogg
    LightningDogg  1 months back

    That was a proper cheesy pose at the end lol. You'll never look more American than that haha. Cheers👍😎

    • LightningDogg
      LightningDogg  1 months back

      Oh I would give anything to be able to bitch about the Masters in person lol. I apologize for all of America for that sandwich. That crap would make haggis look good! Thanks for the UK view of things👍. Did u get pulled over by the cops for driving on the wrong side haha?

      • Scott Drager
        Scott Drager  2 months back

        I would love to golf with you sometime! If you are ever in Illinois USA let me know, I'm there. And we have some great reasonably priced courses here in the Rockford area..

        • GOLFMATES
          GOLFMATES   2 months back

          we are all in usa in march

      • David Rees
        David Rees  3 months back

        Great insight etc , but to be honest I don’t think you should have filmed there . Call me old fashioned, but there ya go . I do think you are doing great things tho Liam and best of luck with it all

        • Gav I
          Gav I  4 months back

          Where Sergio won, now look at him, arsehole🤣🤣🤣🤣

          • Edward Griffin
            Edward Griffin  5 months back

            How many times did you have to stop for a peeeeeeeee on the way home? I was doubled over when i got out of the car (pissing myself with stomach pains), that bastard driver has been sacked, he wouldn't stop. Golf BALLS too him. I am going in a camper van with a built in toilet next time :-)

            • John de Jesus
              John de Jesus  5 months back

              Wonderful share and very relatable.
              Leave me alone to admire brilliance.

            • Bustin Ya
              Bustin Ya  5 months back

              I'm jealous......always wanted to go there. Much hillier than it appears on tv. That and a few brews i think had ya givin some lower rating than you maybe should have. Hope ya had some good memories.

              • GOLFMATES
                GOLFMATES   5 months back

                Absolutely loads of them

            • Chad Cook
              Chad Cook  6 months back

              Can you mail a USA golfmate one of those masters cups?

            • CJ
              CJ  6 months back

              WasDon Perez whacked? Sad day.

              • James Fondren
                James Fondren  8 months back

                The people's Patron!

                • KING SIZE HOMER
                  KING SIZE HOMER  8 months back

                  How much did it cost mate all in? Always wanted to go

                  • Paul SJ
                    Paul SJ  8 months back

                    Your right about the crowds Liam. I’ve not seen crowds like that since Greggs were giving away free pies in Wigan town centre!

                    • Blue Collar Golf
                      Blue Collar Golf  8 months back

                      Man yaw are awesome. Had way to much fun. You and James need to do a pint golf challenge

                    • Kim Hannemann
                      Kim Hannemann  8 months back

                      Of course Tiger's a #golfmate. He plays golf. It's the only qualification. Well, that and being a good mate, which he would be.

                    • James Taylor
                      James Taylor  8 months back

                      You are doing a great job, golfmate. Best golf channel on YouTube! It’s a bit difficult for us in the US to understand your accent but in any language you are entertaining, enlightening and feel like you are my friends. By the way, at the Masters you looked a little toasted and homesick. God bless to all especially your Dad and OMP.

                      • Joe Whitt
                        Joe Whitt  8 months back

                        How is your sunburn?

                        • swhitby5
                          swhitby5  8 months back

                          Keep your hat on Liam theres a lot of woodpeckers

                          • Bradders
                            Bradders  8 months back

                            Spoken like a proper woodpecker ! Lol

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Absolutely lol

                        • Bradders
                          Bradders  8 months back

                          Not the best vid in my opinion the dog shit comment...ouch !

                        • James Brown
                          James Brown  8 months back

                          Lucky guys. Good vid👍

                        • Gary Owen
                          Gary Owen  8 months back

                          The TV can never do The National justice, it has to be seen to be believed, very hilly and the conditioning is incredible. Ot a weed or rough patch of grass to be seen

                          • Gary Owen
                            Gary Owen  8 months back

                            Get your Ass over to Grange Park when you get back, bring OMP and the Dick

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Absolutely Gary

                        • Don McMillan
                          Don McMillan  8 months back

                          Great video Liam I’m enjoying golf again

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Brilliant Don, that’s what it’s all about.

                        • je1279
                          je1279  8 months back

                          Definitely a bucket list trip for any avid golfer. Agree with the others that television doesn't do the significant undulations of the course justice. I also laughed hysterically at the Kevin Na bit.

                        • Steve Botson
                          Steve Botson  8 months back

                          Hi Liam, I cannot believe you have the time to reply to all your comments and replies to your vlogs. What a great thing to do.
                          How do you fancy a game at the most easterly point in the UK. Gorleston Golf Club between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. The course is on the cliffs facing the sea. Would suit OMP as if you hit it straight you will score well. Small greens though. Would be good to get this golf club on your channel. Would also be good for the area as would be advertised on your golf breaks too. Just let me know as would love to invite you all and even the Dick to Norfolk. Regards Steve Botson

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Hi Ste I got a full dalry already pal but hope to get a tour soon

                        • dean robinson
                          dean robinson  8 months back

                          big day out like this, drinking in the sun, im always knackered and proper mardy by the end.

                        • Ryan Bryson
                          Ryan Bryson  8 months back

                          Bring us a masters pint glass 🍻😂

                          • Ryan Bryson
                            Ryan Bryson  8 months back

                            @GOLFMATES next time I stay In the last drop for work I'll buy us two pints but bring them along 😂

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Absolutely got 4

                        • Mark Spriggs
                          Mark Spriggs  8 months back

                          Great video, well done Liam, hope #GolfMates all love it too

                        • Tom Bastian
                          Tom Bastian  8 months back

                          Brilliant just brilliant. Loved the white hat.

                        • John Kerr
                          John Kerr  8 months back

                          Great video, pity about the Augusta mafia requesting an APB for you,LOL.
                          Just looks amazing and those undulations would require a good imagination.

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Absolutely brilliant place

                        • Steve Botson
                          Steve Botson  8 months back

                          Hi Liam, great vlog at the masters. What a fantastic place. Definitely on my bucket list. Back to your best again golfmate.

                        • Stephen Barlow
                          Stephen Barlow  8 months back

                          Great video none golfer looks fantastic enjoy .

                        • Rob Adoo
                          Rob Adoo  8 months back

                          Great video Liam. Course looks fantastic. What did you get pulled over by the police for?

                        • Roger Trottier
                          Roger Trottier  8 months back

                          liem, u are one hilarious dude

                        • Chris Hamilton
                          Chris Hamilton  8 months back

                          Blooming brilliant Liam! Always has been one for the bucket list! Some day! 👌

                        • Paul Jones
                          Paul Jones  8 months back

                          Great vid Liam. Have a friend who is flying out on Friday and will show him this before he goes. He’s promised me a hat. I’ll show him yours to demonstrate the one that I don’t want 🤣🤣 joe ..... GO OMP👍🤣

                        • Bayside Angler
                          Bayside Angler  8 months back

                          Liam-great video from Augusta! You showed views and places I’ve never seen in the 40+ years of watching on TV! U’ve had a great time and tour in America and glad Mr Perez has made this a great time for you! Well done! I think U speak for many that the Freddie/Tiger/JT 3-some was special and I suspect UR pick and hope of Rory joining the 5 immortals comes true on Sunday evening! Great job!!

                        • Paul Aldred
                          Paul Aldred  8 months back

                          What did you get pulled for Liam ?

                          Can take the boy outta Bolton ,
                          But you can’t take Bolton out the boy

                          • Brat Meister
                            Brat Meister  8 months back

                            Must of used the wrong formula to convert miles per hour to kilometers. Could of happened to anyone.

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back


                        • oxon1964
                          oxon1964  8 months back

                          I think I'd have to use nothing apart from my putter for the 18th

                        • Luke Nukem
                          Luke Nukem  8 months back

                          that tee shot of thorbjorn olesen at the start, I was there behind him! how did I not notice you.

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Absolutely hit a screamer. Did not see you

                        • Henry Tracey
                          Henry Tracey  8 months back

                          It tight ! But OMP would destroy that place #fairwayfinder

                        • Peter Dovey
                          Peter Dovey  8 months back

                          Glad you showed us this place Liam and that you had a good time What did Joe Perez have on for shoes, it looked like a bin bag wrapped around his feet.

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Absolutely he got some new ones

                        • Just my thought
                          Just my thought  8 months back

                          You said it wasn’t your cup of tea. You mean to play? Yes it is very hilly. On some holes it is a 6 story drop from the tee to the hole. And the slopes of the greens are just insane. I remember reading where one pro practiced putting on his bathroom tiled floor trying to make the ball go just one inch. Just what it took to get the ball moving downhill on some greens. Ouch. OUCH!!!

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            Thank you Mate

                          • Just my thought
                            Just my thought  8 months back

                            @GOLFMATES I would like to do that someday myself. Good vids.

                          • GOLFMATES
                            GOLFMATES   8 months back

                            No actually watching it to be honest but I absolutely loved it.

                        • Hogan Disciple
                          Hogan Disciple  8 months back

                          I've been there once myself, and the elevation changes are just crazy. Glad you got away with that video. Great job!

                        • johnnywood
                          johnnywood  8 months back

                          Quality video as always.

                        • Richard Russell
                          Richard Russell  8 months back

                          Great video Liam 👍