The New Jaguar XKSS - Jay Leno's Garage


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  • Doug Auzene
    Doug Auzene  2 days back

    Jay Was Correct...The Crosley Had Disc Brakes ln America by 48 - 49, but ceased production by 1952...General Tire Bought The interest from Powell Crosley, who made his fortune first selling radios & refrigerators, shelves in the door (Crosley Shelvador) no one could do it till his patents ran out in the 50's...first Crosley 1939...4 cylinder copper brazed engine (COBRA)...later cast-iron brazed (CIBA)... Hot Shot sports car 1950...Had Crosley convertible, coupe, sedan delivery, truck...many bodies used in 60s on NHRA Altered dragsters...My late father-in-law had a 51 Crosley sedan delivery

    • Neil Perry
      Neil Perry  4 days back

      The road was Jabbeke, and it was a modified XK120 with a bubble top, which made it a hard job to drive. If it had flipped or had a bad accident, he would of been be-headed.

      • Deborah Valentine
        Deborah Valentine  1 weeks back

        Fabulous! Interesting that Jaguar, an historical English/British automobile manufacturer, would be represented by a German. Would have thought Jaguar would have sent a quintessential Britisher as their marketing/sales information person...

        • ian ball
          ian ball  2 weeks back

          The lapd should have 6 of these. Then they can gain a under standing of a real car. and may catch more crooks. The crook would stop just to look at the car.

          • Billy Graham
            Billy Graham  3 weeks back

            Do they make these in a left side driver's seat?

            • Kristi Dunn
              Kristi Dunn  4 weeks back

              power bulge 👅

              • Kristi Dunn
                Kristi Dunn  4 weeks back

                nice green

                • noahvale939
                  noahvale939  4 weeks back

                  At the beginning Jay says it isn't a replica. It was built by Jaguar, which makes it authentic, but it's still a replica because it replicates the original.

                  • Honda Team
                    Honda Team  4 weeks back

                    How come you don’t own MG MGA?

                    • Mark Spence
                      Mark Spence  2 months back

                      Kit cars should be outlawed! I don't need Led Zep cover bands. I need Led Zep!

                      • Gary Peatling
                        Gary Peatling  2 months back

                        Exhaust lacking a bit of ground clearance

                        • Carlos Rincon
                          Carlos Rincon  2 months back

                          Kinetic art. Just beautiful!

                          • jesuswouldkillhimself
                            jesuswouldkillhimself  2 months back

                            8k red lin...uh y y y yea cause it has to tttttto go that uhhhhh fffast..... LMFAO!!

                            • David Gagnon
                              David Gagnon  2 months back

                              British understatement lol. The way they talk sometimes you'd think they invented the stuff

                              • James T Cat Cato
                                James T Cat Cato  3 months back

                                Belgium is SPA GP circuit.

                                • Finn McCool
                                  Finn McCool  3 months back

                                  "We've actually been back over bedwards"

                                  Nape net norviss et-al...
                                  Er... um....I mean...
                                  "Nope, not nervous at all". 😊

                                  • jazz 2121
                                    jazz 2121  3 months back


                                    • Desmond Bagley
                                      Desmond Bagley  4 months back

                                      ......I don't understand how they can be built exactly the same as in 1950s. Surely with current automotive design standards they wouldn't be street legal....... perhaps they are construed as a restoration of the cars from that fire......
                                      ...The guys accent ain't exactly British, I can only think it has South African tones.

                                      • Nige GSX14
                                        Nige GSX14  4 months back

                                        He’s Dutch so you were close with South African

                                    • Sand Panda
                                      Sand Panda  4 months back

                                      A guy I knew has a D-type in an old shed in his back yard. I'd never seen one before.

                                      • Henry Pancake
                                        Henry Pancake  4 months back

                                        What is this guy, 8 feet tall??

                                        • MrRickenrocker
                                          MrRickenrocker  4 months back

                                          back over bed ward`s ?

                                          • lindas1st
                                            lindas1st  4 months back

                                            This is the road car and all XKSS's have a dry sump. It's based on the D-Type race car.
                                            Unless Ja was talking about other Jag road cars of the day like the XK140 or the Marks?

                                            • Mike383HK
                                              Mike383HK  4 months back

                                              What a nice car.

                                              • Richard Storer
                                                Richard Storer  4 months back

                                                Playing catcup on Jay Lenos Garage....
                                                On the subject of disc brakes for cars.....
                                                They were invented in Birmingham in England the 1890s by Fred Lanchester (of Lanchester Cars) and patented in 1902. Used successfully on Lanchester cars after that.
                                                Just a bit before aircraft and tanks....

                                                • Wilfred May
                                                  Wilfred May  5 months back

                                                  The title Jaguar Landrover Classic is misleading. Note: Jaguar Land Rover is a subsidery of Tata Motor, (50%), and Chery, (50%). Jaguar Land Rover Classic restores and sells s pre owned Jaguar and Land Rover`s. Jaguar and Land Rover are built in England, see Wikipedia.

                                                  • Al Banta
                                                    Al Banta  5 months back

                                                    Most beautiful car ever made.

                                                    • Andrew Piatek
                                                      Andrew Piatek  5 months back

                                                      I like Mr. Leno's Sportura better than the car.

                                                      • Stephen Hill
                                                        Stephen Hill  5 months back

                                                        Racing drivers in the vintage era preferred to be thrown from the car. The alternative was that the petrol tank would fracture and they would be covered in fuel and burnt alive. Jackie Stewart recounts a crash where he was trapped, upside down, soaked in petrol, just waiting for the spark that would kill him. That's one of the reasons he campaigned for safety in F1.

                                                        • Chuck Ster
                                                          Chuck Ster  5 months back

                                                          Hey Jaguar, make a retro XKE and you'll sell a ton of them.

                                                          • Desmond Bagley
                                                            Desmond Bagley  4 months back

                                                            Chuck Ster ......they would require all the regulation junk that weighs them down.

                                                        • darkiee69
                                                          darkiee69  5 months back

                                                          I think Jay could have driven that car down the road, even if it would be illegal. If the cops were to stop him it would be to admire the beautiful car and have a chat with Jay, not to give him a ticket.

                                                          • john young
                                                            john young  5 months back

                                                            Sounds as good as it looks, lovely looking car nice to see British skills used to make a British car.

                                                            • Michael Hartzell
                                                              Michael Hartzell  5 months back

                                                              Oh this is the one I want, and it will even fit in my little garage. I might have to open the other end to close the overhead but well worth the work....

                                                              • Silverhand290
                                                                Silverhand290  5 months back

                                                                I love Jags. I had quite a few when I was wealthier than i am now. They are undoubtedly, pound for pound (or dollars) the best cars in the world. I loved the XJ6 series 3, I had 5 of them. T he best cars I ever owned by far. I regularly did a 212 mile drive and if it took over 2 hours it was due to traffic and I would be annoyed. I once did the run in an hour and 46 mins which was a lot of fun. You could never do that now with all the damn cameras. If you really want a treat and can afford the fuel, get yourself a Jag. They supposedly did 16 to 18 to a gallon but I never got double figures. 6 to 8 was what mine did but that may have been the way I used to drive.

                                                                • Silverhand290
                                                                  Silverhand290  4 months back

                                                                  @Desmond Bagley.That is certainly not a "fact" however long it has supposedly been established. It is merely an opinion. Also it is simply my opinion that a Jaguar is a real experience worth having if you are in any way a "rev head". If you want eonomical motoring then you are not going to choose a Jaguar but if mpg matters to you then you are very unlikely to "love" your car in the way that I loved my Jags and my motor cycles. Undoubtedly a Honda or toyota may be a wiser choice economicaly but you will never get out of one with a huge grin and the feeling of utter joy which only a serious motor car can bring. Even a Honda NSX which does have impressive performance is very clinical and is just not an "experience" Jags had a reputation for being unreliable but that was simply people not understanding what they were driving. A Jaguar is an enthusiasts car and needs an hour or two on the weekend. They are supposed to burn oil. That is not a fault. If you drive several hundrd miles then you need to put a pint of oil in to get home or it will overheat. You need to remember that the six cylinder engine used in most old Jags was designed just after the war but was smooth enough to balance a coin on it while running and was still in use in 1986. To compare a Jaguar and a Honda really is apples and pears. They are not the same in any way other than they both have round wheels.

                                                                • Desmond Bagley
                                                                  Desmond Bagley  4 months back

                                                                  Silverhand290 ........the long established fact is now that Honda and Toyota are the best cars for many reasons.

                                                              • Collateralcoffee
                                                                Collateralcoffee  5 months back

                                                                I think Jay Dumb has a favorite thing to say. "Ah! Like Pavarotti!"

                                                              • malcolm nicholls
                                                                malcolm nicholls  5 months back

                                                                Love the car. I think I read that they broke their neck to make it "original" then chose a different green. I prefer the dark green.

                                                                • Bill R
                                                                  Bill R  5 months back

                                                                  A fellow from Chicago brought one of these painted a deep purple to an SCCA event at Indianapolis Raceway Park in the early '60's. His car was incredibly good looking, but the guy didn't know anything about the car's mechanicals. The Jag had a cam cover leak that we couldn't fix despite all the Perm-A-Tex we could find. I was there hanging out in the pits while my Dad was a corner worker.

                                                                  • NorwegianNightmare
                                                                    NorwegianNightmare  5 months back

                                                                    Its so fun to watch Jay Leno when he's totally amazed and nerding out over a car. You can tell this particular Jag is special to him.

                                                                    • infinite monkeys
                                                                      infinite monkeys  6 months back

                                                                      It's a great time for the hobby. Jaguar, Porsche, Aston MArtin, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz amd others have inhouse restoration shops. That you can have your classic restored by the factory that built it is just fantastic.

                                                                      • Proud Infidel
                                                                        Proud Infidel  6 months back

                                                                        my dad use to work for Smiths at Cricklewood on the Edgeware road London, he use to make the speedos and rev meters for the Jags back in the 50s

                                                                        • Brian Withers
                                                                          Brian Withers  6 months back

                                                                          Ironic, Jay gets to drive the real Steve McQueen XKSS but can't drive the recreation. My compliments to the Peterson Automotive museum who let take the original for a ride. And my compliments to Tim, the many craftsmen on the project and the corporate leadership of Jaguar who thought enough of this piece of history to put the work into recreating this.

                                                                          • Goldfinch
                                                                            Goldfinch  6 months back

                                                                            Steve McQueen had good taste, Jags and Triumphs, i guess that's what i have in common with him, they don't make them like they used to, Men or vehicles.

                                                                            • fishfuxors
                                                                              fishfuxors  6 months back

                                                                              If this car is US spec, why's the steering wheel on the wrong damn side?

                                                                              • John MacNabb
                                                                                John MacNabb  6 months back

                                                                                babble babble boring...

                                                                                • Ray Jay
                                                                                  Ray Jay  6 months back

                                                                                  I thing Jay just wanted to see if the guy could actually fit in the car.

                                                                                  • BP Eisensteinowitz McPherson

                                                                                    The green on this model is not as classy as the green on the McQueen car.

                                                                                    • Andrew Piatek
                                                                                      Andrew Piatek  6 months back

                                                                                      My favorite feature on this car are the wheels. The body style is not my thing, at all. Jaguar got it seriously wrong with the D-Type and E-Type. And to add insults to injury, I think one of the Beatles' boy band was photographed sitting in one. No wonder sales were so low they had to discontinue the E-Type and replace with the proper Jaguar, the XJS.

                                                                                      • Redstoneprime
                                                                                        Redstoneprime  5 months back

                                                                                        Andrew Piatek The E-Type is a proper Jaguar, though?

                                                                                      • davidoffon
                                                                                        davidoffon  6 months back

                                                                                        XJS is a pig!!

                                                                                    • Ali Moosa
                                                                                      Ali Moosa  6 months back

                                                                                      In short
                                                                                      That is simply a dream car for any group of age!
                                                                                      I just can’t believe that it was originally designed very long time ago!

                                                                                      • Ian Rivlin
                                                                                        Ian Rivlin  6 months back

                                                                                        An XKSS and a McLaren F1...
                                                                                        That'd do me fine....