The Hypocrisy of Nick Saban and Can Browns Win BIG With a QB Like Baker Mayfield?


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  • Patrick Lemire
    Patrick Lemire  3 months back

    What are these guys talking about? QB has usually been a big mouth alpha dog for_ever.

    • Warren Ash
      Warren Ash  3 months back

      Hey Guys! Repeat all you said about Baker Mayfield to Colin Cowherd. He didn't get the memo!

        FUNKMASTRGENRAL  3 months back

        Yes. The Browns will kick everyone's asses this year. The first caller is an idiot. Johnny Manziel can't even tie Bakers Shoe String. What a Dumbass.

        • Chris Robertson
          Chris Robertson  3 months back

          But you never mentioned baker running from the police why? Oh never mind that’s only with a black athlete you called out his checker pass lol

          • Eric S
            Eric S  3 months back

            War eagle

            • Blake Harris
              Blake Harris  3 months back

              I disagree that Saban is the best *coach* in college football history. He's the best *recruiter* and staff hirer. He has neved been proven to develop talent from the ground up or go to the top with nobodies. He runs 4/5 star recruits through the greatest strength and conditioning programs and plays basic smash mouth football.

              • Dj Speccs
                Dj Speccs  3 months back

                Saw him for three years in Norman, that guy is a beast, never under estimate Bake that kid is a baller he changed the whole culture in Cleveland. #Sooners

                • Lightningstriker1
                  Lightningstriker1  3 months back

                  Can the Browns win w/Mayfield - Short answer - NO. Having swag is not the same as cocky. Look at the current HOF-talented VET QBs in the league today. Now look at the characters of Rivers, Brees, Brady, Ryan, Wilson, (maybe Flacco but not 1st ballot) (not incl. Rodgers, Rapelisberger).

                  • Mark Rodriguez
                    Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                    Hater, #6 beat Payton Manning’s rookie TD record. The Browns were 5-2 in there last 7 games. You must be an idiot if you can’t recognize his talent as a rookie. #6 will even make greater improvement in his second season. He is the Leader of the Browns the veterans and all of his teammates look at him as a leader. The National media so called “experts “all want Baker and the Browns to fail. Because they don’t have to think of another story to write about. DAWG Check. Ya’ll going to see what Browns Nation is all about. If you don’t wear Brown and Orange you don’t matter!

                • I Am Cedric Powell
                  I Am Cedric Powell  3 months back

                  Brilliant Chris! The coach transfer rule you made up is Brillant. LOLL. Sit out for a year!!!

                  • leatherneck1061
                    leatherneck1061  3 months back

                    Welp….the first caller was a complete moron.  Unbelievable.

                    • Bryan G
                      Bryan G  3 months back

                      They are still one of the youngest teams in the NFL, ur an idiot.

                      • Bryan G
                        Bryan G  3 months back

                        BAKER EFFIN MAYFIELD!

                        • K Aguilera
                          K Aguilera  3 months back

                          Baker is going to smash... he thrives on this negativity... he's locked & loaded... & so is his squad!!

                          • Master
                            Master  3 months back

                            I don't really know what guy Russell Wilson is. There's the Russell Wilson pre-Ciara and post Ciara. My knock on Baker is he needs to have just a tad bit more respect. It's not bad to have respect.

                            • Blake Harris
                              Blake Harris  3 months back

                              @Master nope. Some random white lady who allegedly cheated on him with Golden Tate.

                            • Master
                              Master  3 months back

                              @Blake Harris Was he married to Ciara?

                            • Blake Harris
                              Blake Harris  3 months back

                              Wilson hasn't changed at all. He was married as a rookie so I don't think being married now changed anything. He's grown as a man and an athlete, again though I don't agree that Ciara is the line.

                          • zafotbeeb
                            zafotbeeb  3 months back

                            Baker is a throw back QB. Bobby Lane is who comes to mind for me.

                            • Mark Rodriguez
                              Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                              zafotbeeb Baker is more like Brett Favre...IMO

                          • MultiKushie
                            MultiKushie  3 months back

                            Finally people that understand Baker ...

                            • michael hammond
                              michael hammond  3 months back

                              Baker's Brownies....must C tv.

                              • Floyd Samuels
                                Floyd Samuels  3 months back

                                Chris Broussard Logic: Patriots going 11-5 without Brady is too long ago but to prove your argument with Baker Mayfield you bring up Jim McMahon and Joe Namath, ok

                                • momoni90
                                  momoni90  3 months back

                                  Yes the Cleveland Brown's will win with Baker Mayfield

                                • Banned By Wonkette
                                  Banned By Wonkette  3 months back

                                  lol 😂 Browns are the most talented team in their Division, and will HOST a playoff game this season.

                                  Also: it’s their D that will be the difference. They will be a pass rushing and turnover machine...

                                  • Mark Rodriguez
                                    Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                                    IMO.. time will tell #6 is a Franchise QB.

                                  • Mark Rodriguez
                                    Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                                    Banned By Wonkette ... I know that’s Right!

                                • Mr Smarty Pants
                                  Mr Smarty Pants  3 months back

                                  I'm a Browns fan, but I'm worried about Baker. His ego is way too big.
                                  What's going to happen when he gets brought back to reality.
                                  Every boxer is cocky when he's 21-0,
                                  But after he takes that first loss, he's not the same. It'll make or break you.
                                  Will Baker fold or will he rise 🤔

                                  • Mark Rodriguez
                                    Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                                    Mr Smarty Pants there is. Difference between Cocky and Confident. Baker is very confident, however he has always been the underdog and works harder than the next guy. He has always played with a chip on his shoulder which gives him his edge and competitiveness. But most importantly he has the respect of his teammates. Which in the only thing that matters.

                                  • MIZUMAN
                                    MIZUMAN  3 months back

                                    An EGO driven player has confidence with No skill or accomplishments...A Confident player has an EGO married with skill and accomplishment...Baker will be FINE ! GO DAWGS !!!

                                • Miserable Goat
                                  Miserable Goat  3 months back

                                  The Day every Human Agree on any Issue or Point, the world shall end...But time Exposes all Frauds..

                                  • Yemi Fatoki
                                    Yemi Fatoki  3 months back

                                    Am sorry but this is ridiculous, if a college player is an amateur as we have been told why should they be restricted in movement? What if the player decides that another school has a better Engineering programme since they are supposedly students, why should he have to sit out a year.

                                    NCAA is the definition of hypocrisy

                                    • Notoriouskage1804
                                      Notoriouskage1804  3 months back

                                      He beg a girl to give him a date on ig lol bro u a simp know your worth u should never beg a woman. That bitch wld of never got a dude like you. U now made her famous bro

                                      • bigkev9539
                                        bigkev9539  3 months back

                                        The Baker/Browns haters are too proud to admit two things:

                                        *1) They didn't expect Baker to be this good, despite his non-cookie-cutter personality and lack of height for a QB. They'd prefer to have someone timid and a system QB like Jared Goff or Sam Darnold instead playing for the Browns.*

                                        *2) They either didn't expect or didn't want the Browns to make such a quick turnaround. To literally go from the absolute worst to the absolute best in less than three years is a big shock to many.*

                                        • Timothy Martin
                                          Timothy Martin  3 months back

                                          @Arav Bhatt oh bakery wins 10 rings just so you have to eat your 0-ring dumbass

                                        • Arav Bhatt
                                          Arav Bhatt  3 months back

                                          I hope baker ends up ringless

                                        • Timothy Martin
                                          Timothy Martin  3 months back

                                          @Jason Street exactly welcome to the basement dwellers

                                        • Mark Rodriguez
                                          Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                                          Jason Street 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                        • Mark Rodriguez
                                          Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                                          Derrick Lacy correct the Browns are a storied Franchise... which has just been reborn as a model Franchise with a young talented roster

                                      • Chris Burnett
                                        Chris Burnett  3 months back

                                        Does he not know that NCAA football the video game hasn't existed for the past five years.....

                                        • Blake Harris
                                          Blake Harris  3 months back

                                          @Chris Burnett a simple answer to that is endorsements. If Nike or Gatorade wants to endorse you, they can. If not, they won't. If Diver X garners enough notoriety to get Speedo to notice, great for Diver X...

                                        • Chris Burnett
                                          Chris Burnett  3 months back

                                          @Aka Showtime I feel that problem is though....once you pay the football players then every single collegiate athlete will want compensation. Even the most irrelevant teams on campus they are all putting equal amounts of time and dedication into their sport. That's where all the analysts are missing the boat it's a lot more complex of an issue then they are making it seem.

                                        • Aka Showtime
                                          Aka Showtime  3 months back

                                          Chris Burnett I think he does know he’s just using that as an example of the NCAA and it’s bs

                                      • PhillyG
                                        PhillyG  3 months back

                                        Drew Lock played in the SEC, Missouri is in the SEC. That caller is uninformed.

                                        • Blake Harris
                                          Blake Harris  3 months back

                                          The caller is from Missouri, he spoke knowledgably about Mizzou's history.

                                      • John Berry
                                        John Berry  3 months back

                                        I agree with the premise of transferring but the bigger issue will be these coaches will begin openly recruiting the players to transfer to their program

                                        • Deathsite99
                                          Deathsite99  3 months back

                                          KELIVIN WASHINGTON READ THE NEWS PLEASE!!! @25:54 You just Coach Saban salary is a secret. For 2019 its $8.3 million. He is a public servant of the GREAT STATE of ALABAMA. Meaning his pay is not some secret its public knowledge that can be easily found with a google search. WTF buddy

                                          • Will Richardson
                                            Will Richardson  3 months back

                                            Where’s Rob? Shit is boring w/ out him🤷🏾‍♂️

                                            • Deathsite99
                                              Deathsite99  3 months back

                                              OMG i cant even. @25:45 Now he says Coke sponsors Coach Saban. Coke has Sponsored The University of Alabama for YEARS where the fuck is this guy getting his info from? ROLL TIDE!

                                              • Deathsite99
                                                Deathsite99  3 months back

                                                Kelvin Washington just called @25:10 Jalen Hurts, Jake Coker, Blake Sims GREAT QB never heard that before ROLL TIDE!!

                                                • halo289
                                                  halo289  3 months back

                                                  Baker protecc
                                                  He attacc
                                                  But most importantly, thumbnail makin him look like a SNACC.

                                                • S. Shephard
                                                  S. Shephard  3 months back

                                                  sabans a hypocritical tool that lost the biggest game of the year and goes on a tirade abt players leaving his team, he doesnt give a single fuk about players well being or their ability to earn a living later in their lives after winning him trophies

                                                  • jon mar
                                                    jon mar  3 months back

                                                    Only in sports do they say u gotta be like someone else to be accepted. Smh. Just think about how fuckin insane that shit is and sounds. Like when I hear people say "JORDAN DIDNT OR WOULDN'T DO THAT" WHO THE FUCK MADE MJ THE STANDARD HOW U PLAY ACT AND THINK? RIDICULOUS

                                                    • Steven D
                                                      Steven D  3 months back

                                                      A coach can get fired a player can't tho....

                                                      • Blake Harris
                                                        Blake Harris  3 months back

                                                        A player can get benched or cut though.

                                                      • Steven D
                                                        Steven D  3 months back

                                                        @Stormstriker yea I was talking about college cuz they was talking about the college coaches n players

                                                      • Stormstriker
                                                        Stormstriker  3 months back

                                                        Steven D oh I was talking about pros

                                                      • Steven D
                                                        Steven D  3 months back

                                                        @Stormstriker they don't get released it's college

                                                      • Stormstriker
                                                        Stormstriker  3 months back

                                                        Yea they can it’s called being released

                                                    • Unspoken Voices Inside Media

                                                      Being disrespectful is not having a personality and will the media use this same narrative when speaking about other NFL players in this mannerism on/off field.

                                                      • Mark Rodriguez
                                                        Mark Rodriguez  3 months back

                                                        What player did Baker disrespect!

                                                      • Chris Burnett
                                                        Chris Burnett  3 months back

                                                        I agree also what Baker said about the Texas qb was so far out of line and not one of these analysts corrected him for it. Punching down at that level is the most classless thing you can do.

                                                    • BK Truth!
                                                      BK Truth!  3 months back

                                                      Chris:”Why should the coach who does NOTHING in the shoes-get the shoe deal!?” Well, pretty OBVIOUS answer-since this MAINLY affects the 2 MAJOR majority BLACK sports, here in AMERIKKKA! Probably don’t even need to say it do I?

                                                    • OG James
                                                      OG James  3 months back

                                                      this is a pointless question tbh you're questioning character when past history shows that it essentially doesn't matter not saying it doesn't have an effect but the media act like this is abnormal for someone to have personality the thing that matters most is the player can play and baker can play very well

                                                      • Jimmy Dolan
                                                        Jimmy Dolan  3 months back

                                                        OG James I hate how people are acting like his personality hurts his play. Like dudes like cowherd who think darnold is better just cuz he’s not loud

                                                    • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                                                      DANIEL ALEXANDER  3 months back

                                                      *[email protected]#$ ST. NICK😡👊*