My Classmates Forced Me To Do Their Homework

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • Hey, I’m Lima and I wanna tell you about my classmates and how they forced me to do their homework. They thought I wouldn’t fight back, but well, they were dead wrong about that…

    It all started when one of my classmates wrote me a message on Facebook that said, “Hey, wanna go with me and Sarah to a party tonight?” I responded with, “Of course!” because I had never been to a party before and I desperately wanted to be part of the cool kids.

    But then they wrote, “Ok, you can come pick us up with your car at 10 pm”. I realized they had only invited me because they needed a car. But I didn’t really mind. I was just happy to have the chance to go to my first party ever!

    I spent at least 3 hours doing my make-up and finding the right outfit. After I had picked my two classmates up, we swung by the gas station to fill up the gas.

    I kinda hoped they would split the bill with me, because that would have been the decent thing to do, but instead they brought 24 beers to the cashier and said, “Sorry, Lima, we’ve forgotten our money at home. Do you mind paying for these?”

    Well, I didn’t wanna ruin the mood, so I just paid for the gas and the beer and kept quiet.
    But then it got worse. When we pulled up in front of the house party, they said, “Thanks for driving us here, see you on Monday.”

    I said “Wait, what?! You don’t want me to go with you to the party?” And then they said, “Oh, we didn’t think you were that kinda girl…the type who likes to party and have fun!” Then they just got out of my car without thanking me or even saying goodbye.

    I felt like a complete and utter loser! But I was so angry that I decided to go to the party on my own. Well, that turned out to be the worst mistake of my life!

    Because there I drank alcohol for the first time. And then I found a bikini in some wardrobe, put it on and told everyone at the party that I had a big crush on my classmate Ben. I even told them what I would do with him if he was my boyfriend. I said a lot of embarrassing stuff, but I was so out of it that I didn’t notice my classmate filming me on her smartphone.

    The following Monday, my two classmates came up to me and said, “Hey Lima, can you do our homework for us?” I was still angry at them and told them, “No chance on earth am I doing that!” But then they said that if I didn’t do their homework, they would show everyone the video they’d taken of me at the party, including my crush Ben!

    I couldn’t believe it!! I was so shocked that they’d had the audacity to film me, and now they were outright blackmailing me! In the end I did their homework, even though it took me three hours. But then the next week, one of them came up to me again, and this time she said “Ok, you have to help me tomorrow in our physics exam. If I don’t pass, I will have to repeat the whole year. So, I want you to write down the correct answers on a piece of paper and hide them under the bin inside the bathroom."

    I explained to her that I couldn’t risk doing that because if I got caught, I would get an F on the exam and then I couldn’t go to my dream university after high school!

    But instead of being considerate, she just gave me a wicked smile and said she could send the video to everyone in a matter of seconds! Wow! That was a big mistake on her part, because even though I’m a sweet girl, I can also bite back when the moment calls for it!

    That same day, I went to the principal and told her about my classmate and how she was threatening me with a video she’d taken of me where I had embarrassed myself. In fact, I had recorded the conversation with my classmate on my cellphone, where she’d been blackmailing me.

    When the principal heard the recording, she told me I had made the right decision by telling her. And then we made a plan…

    On the day of the exam, I wrote the completely wrong answers on the piece of paper. Then I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom and that’s when I left the answers under the bin.

    When my classmate went to the bathroom after me to pick up the piece of paper with the answers, my principal was hiding inside the toilet to catch her.

    Afterwards, she brought the girl into our classroom and said, “I just wanted to notify you all that I caught this girl cheating inside the bathroom. She won’t be finishing the exam, that’s for sure.”

    For the rest of the exam I was so nervous, I could barely focus! Had I done the right thing? Would my classmate show my embarrassing video to everyone? Well, that same day I went to the principal’s office again and she told me that my classmate had been suspended indefinitely from our school and that her parents would make sure she deleted the video and didn’t show it to anyone!

    But of course, she did it anyway. And she was so mad at me that she published it on Facebook. It was so humiliating and my whole school saw me talking about my classmate Ben and how I wanted to make love with him!!

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  • Yombo Odugbemi
    Yombo Odugbemi  7 hours back

    Someone saw the girl with the holes give a like 👇🏻

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      Me she was in one of the story’s to

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        Katelyn g.  8 hours back

        I remember the one with a the holes in her face

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          Jumana Almohammed  9 hours back

          How bout the other ppl?

          • Jennifer Adedayo
            Jennifer Adedayo  10 hours back

            No one :

            Absolutley no one :

            Ppl in the comments : iS tHaT tHe GiRl WiTh ThE hOlEs In HeR fAcE


            • Dr Parxlysed
              Dr Parxlysed  11 hours back

              Dude it's inpropiant

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                AC1Ddylanator Geo  14 hours back

                Holes in the face girl from another video

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                  • sofo kervalishvili
                    sofo kervalishvili  15 hours back

                    I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHNG ATENTION she lied wenn they got to the party she sayd thank's she lied she sayd the did not
                    say thx oor goodbye but they sayd thx

                    • Dante Ward
                      Dante Ward  17 hours back

                      I love it I'm actually surprised ;-; i can't even do that if I was in that spot

                      • Shadow _
                        Shadow _  17 hours back

                        0:23 Is that person with holes in face the same person like in the another video on Share My Story Channel...? P. S. You have a lot of cool videos

                        • Aizaz Hashmi
                          Aizaz Hashmi  21 hours back

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                          • somi Gacha
                            somi Gacha  23 hours back

                            1:18 i think she did say "thanks"

                            • Reese Savannah Viroomal
                              Reese Savannah Viroomal  24 hours back

                              so you had the holes in the face!?

                              • panfilo Castillo
                                panfilo Castillo  1 days back

                                That soo freaking what

                                • Neo_Nathaniel Kanthamit

                                  You should've just did their homework then say that you forgot it and do that every time they ask you

                                  • Zechariah Aaron Oliva
                                    Zechariah Aaron Oliva  1 days back

                                    0:10 bruh she going PLUS ULTRA!!!!!!😳

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                                      ItsEvanplayz 557  1 days back

                                      Frick them

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                                        MARY JANE  1 days back

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                                                • Bella plaz roblox! Lover

                                                  I am so sorry of what they did to you
                                                  Like if you wish you could smack there cheeks!

                                                  • LORD OF PUGS
                                                    LORD OF PUGS  1 days back

                                                    Classmates: thanks for the beer and the ride!!!

                                                    Girl: she didn’t say thank you😡

                                                    • Emathedarkside_fightergirl _darkness

                                                      YOU COPY THE GURL WITH HOLE IN FACE FROM NOTHER VID?

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                                                          nirmal chandra dhar  1 days back

                                                          Did u know that there is a HUGEEEEE arguement about banning homework

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                                                            • KING MATIC
                                                              KING MATIC  1 days back

                                                              I just stole her phone and delete the video . Don’t ask me how I know that. k I stole phones a lot times when was on them something embarrassing for me

                                                              • Jenny Flores
                                                                Jenny Flores  2 days back

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                                                                • Tsunamipoint1 videos
                                                                  Tsunamipoint1 videos  2 days back

                                                                  Tbh this is what I would have done.

                                                                  If they told me to do their homework, I would have done their answers wrong and then rip the paper. Finally I would give it to them.

                                                                  • Sav the dogling :D
                                                                    Sav the dogling :D  2 days back

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                                                                    • Sav the dogling :D
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                                                                      Brandi McGlothin It is And it’s pissing me off cuz I’m blonde and people like me I don’t ever do anything to anyone

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                                                                    Emerson Mendoza  2 days back

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                                                                      Your friends are bs

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                                                                            i was the 554000 th view

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                                                                                  • WheresMyAccount
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                                                                                            *What you did evil will come back to you*
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