Oscar Voters Give Their Honest Opinions About Joker

  • Published: 10 October 2019
  • Joker​ is dividing the heck out of audiences far and wide, including one very significant crowd: Oscar voters. ​The Hollywood Reporter​ recently spoke with a number of members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and like critics and audiences, they were largely split on the film.

    First, let's hear from the crowd that loved it. One male member of the Members at Large Branch who saw the film at the official Academy screening noted that the flick was well-received by the 500 audience members, and said,

    "I think it's brilliant. Joaquin Phoenix has never been better. [...] I thought that the [director of photography], production designer and others created the look and feel of the period really well, and the fact that it has very contemporary themes of economic/class inequities felt just right. Overall, a home run."

    A female member of the same branch agreed, although she admitted that her, quote, "stomach was still churning" the day after viewing the film. She added,

    "It made me uncomfortable from the very first frame to the last, but I thought the movie was extraordinary. It's the most outstanding performance I've seen in many years [...] It's still early, but I can certainly see myself nominating it for best picture. And [Phoenix] has to get nominated, or the actors branch doesn't know what it's doing."

    A male member of the writers' branch compared the film favorably to the last picture to score an Oscar win for an actor portraying the Joker, saying,

    "I thought the filmmaking was exceptional certainly the most innovative superhero movie since The Dark Knight. [...] I haven't seen any of this season's 'Academy' movies yet, but, artistically, I think this film is stronger than many of last year's Oscar-nominated films."

    Then there was one male member of the producers' branch who boldly predicted that Joker will deliver come February, saying,

    "I loved it and it will win Best Picture. I am really bored with all the superhero movies, but here I really liked it because it's a great movie before it's a genre movie."

    To say that many of the Oscar voters who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter were not quite so impressed would be a massive understatement. Those who disliked the film disliked it intensely, and they didn't hold back when discussing what they perceived to be Joker's faults. Keep watching the video to see Oscar voters give their honest opinions about Joker!

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    The love | 0:16
    The hate | 1:50
    The middle ground | 3:21
    An Oscar for Joker? | 4:11
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  • Looper
    Looper   2 weeks back

    Will Joker get a Best Picture nod?

    • Boel B
      Boel B  49 minutes back


    • Chris Mequet
      Chris Mequet  2 hours back

      It will win some sort of an award. It was the best movie of 2019 no doubt

    • Harsha Kalangi
      Harsha Kalangi  4 hours back

      No questions ...
      I repeat no question
      Yes yes yes yes

    • Maestro Estro
      Maestro Estro  15 hours back

      Looper yesssss

    • ash evildead
      ash evildead  23 hours back

      It should

  • Primordial Remnant
    Primordial Remnant  56 less than a minute back

    It's better than Citizen Kane.

    I'm not even kidding.

    • Cute Kuwaii
      Cute Kuwaii  1 minutes back

      I think it’s a great piece of art and portrayal of trauma but the story arc a bit lacking. They had to throw in the whole Joker and death of Bruce Wayne’s parents thing...Joe Chill killed Thomas Wayne Batman and Joker never met until much later on and had absolutely no connection.

      • Robbe _
        Robbe _  3 minutes back

        wtf is wrong with these critics, people are so stupid now days the movies and video games are not the reason to the violence in the world. The movie is s masterpiece and the best i have seen in a longtime. Joker is supposed to be dark

        • SloppyDong
          SloppyDong  10 minutes back

          is anybody gonna tell him how him that he said "inequalities" rather than the actual word of "inequities?"

          • Brendan Goss
            Brendan Goss  21 minutes back

            Hollywood critics not used to watching a tragedy and don't know how to react to one.

            • ilove2929
              ilove2929  26 minutes back

              If u find urself on the opposite side of the clown movement, oh it must be very uncomfortable

              • v T J Mac
                v T J Mac  30 minutes back

                I dont think the movie has a purpose, just like Arthur's killing, he has motivation but no actual purpose. He does it because he can

                • ilove2929
                  ilove2929  30 minutes back

                  Lol when ppl complain about their discomfort after watching this, it's because their brains refuse to accept that there are ppl who might have to live like Art or end up joining the clown crowd... It shakes up ur dead conscious a little bit, it should be uncomfortable

                  • ilove2929
                    ilove2929  40 minutes back

                    Phoneix already wins us, screw the academy

                    • STFU FFS
                      STFU FFS  60 minutes back

                      Wow. Looper, y'all are trash in your propaganda. Unfollow.

                      • Moisse Irizarry
                        Moisse Irizarry  1 hours back

                        These Oscar voters are soft af. Welcome to the real world.

                        • Chris Mequet
                          Chris Mequet  2 hours back

                          The critics my be divided but the fans/Audience aren't divided at all. Anyone I've talked to has loved this movie.

                          • Mike L
                            Mike L  2 hours back

                            Critic at 2:11 is low IQ. If you can’t decipher the themes of this film, you aren’t paying attention to our culture or the news.

                            • Will Toffan
                              Will Toffan  2 hours back

                              Sounds like Academy voters are ideologically blinded and fearful of the contemporary culture they did so much to help create. Cynical and manipulative snowflakes and in the case of some - too emotionally shallow to get the message.

                              • A D S
                                A D S  3 hours back

                                *TAKE* *NOTE* guys what if joker 2019 is really connected to the dark night as you can see the joker ending young bruce wayne killed they're parents in front of him while arthur fleck is already older i think arthur is already dead when the dark night release and bruce wayne became a batman and joker health ledger appeared in the scene with same similarity's with arthur and i think arthur inspired joker heath ledger and he is one the arthur clown's follower before??

                                • AMV_Schwepperr
                                  AMV_Schwepperr  3 hours back

                                  I think the Joker Movie would win The Oscar Awards because all the other movies they're making these years are just complete shit. They dont relate with reality. The Joker Movie gives us this awakening, to focus on what's really going on out there. Not to fantasies our whole life on fiction even though it's ironic, it hits hard with reality.

                                  • Comrade Gallegos
                                    Comrade Gallegos  3 hours back

                                    Critics: This movie is too dark

                                    Everyone else: *thats the point*

                                    • Aniket Patil
                                      Aniket Patil  4 hours back

                                      Just imagine one of the best pieces of art to come out of the filmmaking industry not winning an oscar because some whiny ass critics can't handle the disturbing tone of the movie. Appreciate the movie for the masterpiece that it is and keep your soft fragile hearts to yourselves. The movie has already won all the awards in the world for me.

                                      • mishy2109
                                        mishy2109  4 hours back

                                        Critics are bunch of random people who get paid way too much for what they do. We, audience, we are the real critics.

                                        • giada
                                          giada  4 hours back

                                          So the main reason why 50% people didn't like the movie was mainly because they felt unconfortable, not because the quality of the movie itself.
                                          Then there are few of them who critic the extreme violence and the mental health issues. I honestly don't get it.
                                          The movie is actually not so violent. There are very few violent scenes. Yes, they are strong but they both reflect our society's behaviour and mental health issues, that have been put into the movie in the right way in my opinion. There have been way more violent movies like
                                          "No Country for Old Men" that got Oscar nominations and awards.
                                          So.. what's the problem with "Joker"? Are they trying to ignore specific social issues because they don't want to admit what happens in the world? They are free to not like the movie. I just don't get their explanation.

                                          • Diti Diti
                                            Diti Diti  4 hours back

                                            Before entering to cinema
                                            Me:well let's watch it
                                            After the movie:
                                            Me :haaaaaaahahahaha haaaaa
                                            After 1 week
                                            Me:just me
                                            Warning:don't watch ,causes sociopathy pathology,psycho

                                            • Lavaloo
                                              Lavaloo  5 hours back

                                              The movie is not meant to make you feel good. The whole point was to make the viewer uncomfortable because it was made to show real life as gritty and fucked up as it really is.

                                              • Juliar Ceyax
                                                Juliar Ceyax  5 hours back

                                                No one said that about the purge trilogy, i dont wanna hear it. He should win period

                                                • Lv.99 Mastermind
                                                  Lv.99 Mastermind  5 hours back

                                                  TLDR: typical rotten tomatoes situation

                                                  • madumlao
                                                    madumlao  5 hours back

                                                    "This is the first movie in history that's too dark for me"

                                                    Really now. There are movies about genocide, slavery, assassination, the horrors of war from every angle, serial killers, cannibalistic serial killers, sequels to cannibalistic serial killers who go on a one-upmanship contest of who's more gruesome in their killing, movies about sewing people's asses to other people's mouths and having them die of sepsis, movies literally depicting the holocaust, movies from literally Hitler's point of view, movies where people are ordered to saw off their hands in a sadistic set of traps, movies where people get crimes off their chest one day of every year and end up going on a mass rape / murder-spree...

                                                    And one movie about a downtrodden guy who goes off the rails after getting beat down is the first movie in history that's too dark for you. LOL you snowflake, turn in your oscar card you have lost the right to talk about movies forever.

                                                    • Jf Marzan
                                                      Jf Marzan  6 hours back

                                                      This movie is supposed to divide viewers, and it did.

                                                      • Odracir Zeravla
                                                        Odracir Zeravla  6 hours back

                                                        I was disappointed with the film.
                                                        I just felt that it could have been so much more and it just had so many missed opportunities.
                                                        Many things about it were bad and meaningless.
                                                        I think the final cut was a bit botch, because some things were out of place, random, and there are shots in the trailer that werent in the final cut.

                                                        I thought Joaquin was great as a mental ill and abused person, but I didnt find him a good Joker. In fact I barely felt like this was a Joker movie at all.

                                                        I give it a 6.5/10 (And i LOVE dark psycho thriller, grounded, unsettling, provocative, character study type movies)
                                                        So much potential, yet it was very weak in many areas.
                                                        Its Not Oscar worthy at all. The trailers were deceptive, the Hype was ridiculous.

                                                        • Charissa Cloete
                                                          Charissa Cloete  6 hours back

                                                          One movie that actually shows what is happening in real life like things we do have consequences ... how real life and humans really are... this is not the first movie with violence in it ...

                                                          • Julio Garcia
                                                            Julio Garcia  6 hours back

                                                            Let me guess, the less favorable opinions come from the high earners or the most elitists people from the survey, they never see it coming until the guillotine cut their throats.

                                                            • Yosef Roth
                                                              Yosef Roth  6 hours back

                                                              This shit was so dark.. It was so dark I was afraid to laugh... I was like .. ah ha..... ah ... ha.... ummm no ones laughing....hmmmm lol

                                                              • David Ward
                                                                David Ward  6 hours back

                                                                "First movie in history that was too dark for me"

                                                                Where you been bro?

                                                                • ObsidianSpectre
                                                                  ObsidianSpectre  7 hours back

                                                                  People don't like mirrors. They like filters.

                                                                  • occam
                                                                    occam  7 hours back

                                                                    The critics hate this film because they share in the politics of the people who are continually poking at people like Fleck. They know or at least sense that society is heading towards some kind of violent war or mass instability and they can't help but to feel that they are at fault. It breaks their cognitive dissonance and they hate being subjected to that. To me, the rioters in the movie were certainly left wing but Fleck himself would probably be on the right (excluding all of the miscegenation and the politically correct subway shootings which weren't realistic at all). They would have no problem with his film If fleck was a black trans handicapped women who was all about killing the rich.

                                                                    • Jose Ramos
                                                                      Jose Ramos  7 hours back

                                                                      Joker is a slow movie but it's makes that up by how good it is.

                                                                      • VytenisR1
                                                                        VytenisR1  7 hours back

                                                                        aww they disliked that it didnt make them feel warm and fuzzy inside, some didnt even understood what they watched, just goes to show you how much meaning these awards have haha

                                                                        • Odysseas Laghios
                                                                          Odysseas Laghios  7 hours back

                                                                          It has to get on oscar!!!

                                                                          • Just passing throoo
                                                                            Just passing throoo  7 hours back

                                                                            The movie is excellent.
                                                                            Jaoquins performance was one of his best.
                                                                            End of.
                                                                            Move on.

                                                                            • Damagid
                                                                              Damagid  8 hours back

                                                                              Summarizing the haters' opinions, they think the film should be censored or that it is bad, because it made them unconfortable. Joker brings to light and prompts discussions about current and important themes. The haters' mentions in this video show that they don't understand the purpose of art.

                                                                              • Sunny A.
                                                                                Sunny A.  8 hours back

                                                                                Mate if someone is already a deranged mental case then if it wasnt a film it would be something else would provoke them or the fact they are already mental. What a stupid comment!!!! Some reviewers literally dont know what they are talking about

                                                                                • La Vonne Peduca
                                                                                  La Vonne Peduca  8 hours back

                                                                                  wtf are with the negative critics?? I dont see any ogmf their point

                                                                                  • thespACEchannel
                                                                                    thespACEchannel  9 hours back

                                                                                    Let the ticket sales do the voting!

                                                                                    • Anton.
                                                                                      Anton.  9 hours back

                                                                                      Cover right eye, again?

                                                                                      • Magnus S
                                                                                        Magnus S  9 hours back

                                                                                        “It sparks no conversation”

                                                                                        My brother and I are still talking about it and we watched it yesterday

                                                                                        • Kakahi Hatake
                                                                                          Kakahi Hatake  10 hours back

                                                                                          Whats the thematic point they ask? It shows how the society forces the poor to turn to violence and then they complain.
                                                                                          Of course these folks won't get it

                                                                                          • Yoongi's Mic Drop
                                                                                            Yoongi's Mic Drop  10 hours back

                                                                                            people find this movie disturbing because of how realistic this movie is.

                                                                                            • Bram Van Hooydonck
                                                                                              Bram Van Hooydonck  10 hours back

                                                                                              It'll be great if the Joker guys win the Oscar and then say "Who's laughing now?"

                                                                                              • Gabriel Santos
                                                                                                Gabriel Santos  10 hours back

                                                                                                Joker is a movie so original that it's even hard to say what genre is it. It's a whole different story, not anything like other Jokers. I think the movie was amazing and Joaquin Phoenix was stupidly good and definitely deserves an Oscar.