Introducing iPhone Fold - Apple


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  • Wariex Bg
    Wariex Bg  3 weeks back

    iPhone copy Samsung

    • Flipman Bigbrain
      Flipman Bigbrain  3 weeks back

      It’s like the next type of boomers

      • Shen_fuente
        Shen_fuente  4 weeks back

        I hate apple

        • Hardcore Gaming With Nate

          So a video about the iPhone 6 and 6 plus

          • harry smyth
            harry smyth  1 months back

            Would Apple being better of building miniature computer rather all that copycat ideas.

            • Issac Bernal
              Issac Bernal  2 months back

              iPhone copies samsung

              • Sean Jang
                Sean Jang  2 months back


                • Hi_-iLLuSioN-_BR
                  Hi_-iLLuSioN-_BR  4 months back

                  Price $4500

                  • TheAnthonyLJ
                    TheAnthonyLJ  4 months back

                    1:38 what just flew out of your mouth?

                    • dani fernandez
                      dani fernandez  5 months back

                      Apple, 2005.: *Creates widgets for Mac computers*

                      Apple, almost 20 years later:
                      *Introducing, the iPhone of the future. The most important features are: Widgets, a battery of 4000 mAh, hole punch, microSD slot, and USB C*

                      • Rudy Sijnke
                        Rudy Sijnke  5 months back

                        I will say it: €3k??

                        • Rudy Sijnke
                          Rudy Sijnke  5 months back

                          Take my €€€€€€€€€€€€, Apple!!! 😎

                          • Stein
                            Stein  5 months back

                            That wil cost you 3500

                            • sosoview
                              sosoview  5 months back

                              it gonna cost your arm and leg, both.....

                              • Membershipofbus
                                Membershipofbus  6 months back

                                When is it going to come out

                                • The Gaming Box
                                  The Gaming Box  7 months back

                                  Galaxy fold...

                                  • Robert
                                    Robert  7 months back

                                    What about a foldable screen that you put a pass code from your phone to the screen, to use your phone on the screen. Then you could make it thinner, Because most of the tec would be in the phone. And still works with out having your phone on you. I’m sure they can do it with 5g

                                    • Wally Sop
                                      Wally Sop  8 months back

                                      put a GD 3.5 mm jack on the phone !!!!

                                      • Alvin d
                                        Alvin d  8 months back

                                        glass = can crack or break.

                                        • noscrub bubblez
                                          noscrub bubblez  8 months back

                                          i have seen the patent for an apple trifold phone. i wouldn't copy the Samsung fold because taking a long 6 inch phone then opening it wider is the opposite of what a folding phone was intended. a folding 6 inch phone should become a 3 inch phone. and if it has no bezel why don't they make IMACS with no bezel? bezels are high priced real estate.

                                          • Youssef Molly Swagg
                                            Youssef Molly Swagg  8 months back

                                            Can i get an iphone x as a giveaway free even if i worked i would not be able to buy it

                                            • Chanuka Jayasundara
                                              Chanuka Jayasundara  8 months back

                                              If u like apple fold - like

                                              • Andy Rattan
                                                Andy Rattan  8 months back

                                                When is this launching?

                                                • Kidist Getachew
                                                  Kidist Getachew  8 months back

                                                  I just see Samsung having beef Apple

                                                  • 365Tech
                                                    365Tech   8 months back

                                                    They always do lol

                                                • Shadowelite4ever
                                                  Shadowelite4ever  8 months back

                                                  The lack of facts....

                                                  • Shadowelite4ever
                                                    Shadowelite4ever  8 months back

                                                    365Tech i mean it’s really not a big deal, but enough for me to speak on it. The concept isn’t the only subject you guys spoke about.

                                                  • 365Tech
                                                    365Tech   8 months back

                                                    Facts? What facts? There aren't facts, this is just a concept/

                                                • Noum Création
                                                  Noum Création  8 months back

                                                  Hi guys, Samsung is not the first brand to offer a fingerprint scanner below the screen. They took the Idea from Vivo (Nex S) 😉

                                                  • 365Tech
                                                    365Tech   8 months back

                                                    Samsung is the first to come out with ultra sonic finger print sensing but you're right, the Vivo Nex is a cool design!

                                                • Canyu Lucas Li
                                                  Canyu Lucas Li  8 months back

                                                  Samsung provides the foldable display for Apple. But Samsung's own foldable phone failed, how could Apple succeed.

                                                  • 365Tech
                                                    365Tech   8 months back

                                                    If Apple does ever release this I'm sure the screen issue will have been solved.

                                                • Johnson City Aerial Photography LLC

                                                  I love watching people complain about Apple copying Samsung.. Apple won’t release a foldable phone that has a screen break in 1-2 days like the Samsung has been doing. Samsung has since recalled all tester units and no knows now if it’ll even come to market with the issues they’re having. Once it becomes a demand then Apple will release a version that actually works out of the box, along with 5G once it’s actually a reality and supported everywhere

                                                  • Johnson City Aerial Photography LLC
                                                    Johnson City Aerial Photography LLC  8 months back

                                                    zekinan1 actually have you used Apple Maps lately.. yeah they went back to the drawing board and fixed that too. I shoot real estate up in the mountains a lot and my Apple Maps beats the Google Maps in many instances now.. so yes.. kick ass just like Apple Maps. Good call.

                                                  • zekinan1
                                                    zekinan1  8 months back

                                                    Yeah like apple map i guess...

                                                  • 365Tech
                                                    365Tech   8 months back

                                                    You bet! Apple sees a feature/product and waits to perfect it before releasing it to the public!

                                                • Daniel Marx
                                                  Daniel Marx  9 months back

                                                  U gave me many reasons not to get the fold. Like 💸. Or the bugs you mentioned.

                                                • Walter De Vos
                                                  Walter De Vos  9 months back

                                                  I can imaging the engineers face-palming over the idea. But hey. If business says they want fold-able phones, they want fold-able phones. :-)

                                                  • 365Tech
                                                    365Tech   8 months back

                                                    haha marketing always wins! unfortunately

                                                • 손흥민팬계정
                                                  손흥민팬계정  9 months back

                                                  Samsung is fast than apple

                                                  • Bardhok
                                                    Bardhok  9 months back

                                                    You guys are having a lot of orgasm over e Fad! Apple does file a lot of patent and experiments with a lot of stuff that never goes to the had of a customer.. But if course, you guys got to work for your clicks, which admittedly I contributed to it.

                                                    • 365Tech
                                                      365Tech   8 months back

                                                      lol, this is a cool concept. Who knows if Apple will actually release something like this in the future.

                                                  • Suicidal Space Ghost
                                                    Suicidal Space Ghost  9 months back

                                                    Its not a phone anymore danm it its a new future DS

                                                    • Suicidal Space Ghost
                                                      Suicidal Space Ghost  9 months back

                                                      Would rather just get an x than that thats too much

                                                    • Michael's Life
                                                      Michael's Life  9 months back

                                                      The price of this device is all that matters

                                                      • Tyreek Phillips
                                                        Tyreek Phillips  8 months back

                                                        Michael's Life 3000 usd we all know Apple has to charge more than other that apple tax is ridiculous

                                                    • J_ H_
                                                      J_ H_  9 months back

                                                      I really like the new logo ! 😁

                                                    • sherri moquin
                                                      sherri moquin  9 months back

                                                      Why does Apple have to copy the Galaxy fold for

                                                      • 365Tech
                                                        365Tech   8 months back

                                                        This is just a concept video

                                                    • ClevelandConers
                                                      ClevelandConers  9 months back

                                                      Hauwei mate folding phone looks better than Samsung fold

                                                      • Tyreek Phillips
                                                        Tyreek Phillips  8 months back

                                                        I thought so to

                                                      • Canyu Lucas Li
                                                        Canyu Lucas Li  8 months back

                                                        @365Tech Mate X's folding radius is 5.5 mm, which is 57% larger than Galaxy Fold's folding radius 3.5 mm. It means Mate X could use much stronger plastic material in theory.

                                                      • 365Tech
                                                        365Tech   8 months back

                                                        It does doesn't it! Hopefully it doesn't have the same issues though.

                                                    • harry smyth
                                                      harry smyth  9 months back

                                                      Is it durable and bullet proof ?

                                                      • 365Tech
                                                        365Tech   8 months back

                                                        haha I'm sure it will pass the 100ft drop test too

                                                    • Th3DESTROYER 777
                                                      Th3DESTROYER 777  9 months back

                                                      iPhone always copy Samsung/android annoying they don’t have any ideas so they copy

                                                      • Silver Fox
                                                        Silver Fox  9 months back

                                                        Oh dear.

                                                        • Carly Berta
                                                          Carly Berta  9 months back

                                                          *phone case has left the chat*

                                                          • 365Tech
                                                            365Tech   8 months back

                                                            haha, what kind of phone case do you think would be made?

                                                        • BIG daddy b
                                                          BIG daddy b  9 months back

                                                          You can’t make a foldable screen out of glass it would break

                                                        • Abel Urbina
                                                          Abel Urbina  9 months back

                                                          Why are they discussing a product that still doesn’t exist??

                                                          • 365Tech
                                                            365Tech   8 months back

                                                            It's a pretty cool concept and we thought you might like it too!

                                                        • darkvade_13
                                                          darkvade_13  9 months back

                                                          great vid

                                                          • 365Tech
                                                            365Tech   8 months back

                                                            thank you so much !

                                                        • Georgios Lazakis
                                                          Georgios Lazakis  9 months back

                                                          How retarded can you be to believe that Apple would ever make such a monstrosity.

                                                          • Georgios Lazakis
                                                            Georgios Lazakis  8 months back

                                                            @365Tech I didn't want to sound offensive, I'm just a bit toxic in general (not a good excuse by the way). I know it's a concept, and the whole video is well made; I just found the idea was a bit idealistic and out of touch with Apple.

                                                          • 365Tech
                                                            365Tech   8 months back

                                                            lol, it's a concept video.

                                                        • Films worlds
                                                          Films worlds  9 months back

                                                          No way brother Apple doesn't copy anyone it makes originals nice video

                                                        • PG145
                                                          PG145  9 months back

                                                          A phone that is a tablet and a laptop.

                                                          • PG145
                                                            PG145  8 months back

                                                            I wonder how much it will be

                                                          • 365Tech
                                                            365Tech   8 months back

                                                            Cool huh?