WWE Champion Kofi Kingston On His Return To Ghana + Answers Fan Questions


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  • Zharane shara
    Zharane shara  2 months back

    For all coming to Ghana with concerns of where to stay or intent on owning a home in the motherland pls call Sha on +23324 429 8882. Accomodation Solutions For You Our Fam.

    • Micheal Bowen
      Micheal Bowen  4 months back

      I'm going to Ghana I'm AA

      • Mr. Carlos Slim
        Mr. Carlos Slim  4 months back

        Rosenberg is such a kiss ass

        • Cordell Watts
          Cordell Watts  5 months back


          • Abby94
            Abby94  5 months back

            I used to watch wrestling back in the day (before I stopped watching it) and I used to love watching this guy on there and I just love the positive energy

            • htk ilikecomedy.net
              htk ilikecomedy.net  5 months back

              Kofi is awesome

              • PopcultureFate 29
                PopcultureFate 29  5 months back

                11. Big ups to my brother Kofi.

                • iMargielas
                  iMargielas  5 months back

                  I can’t be there with Ebro for more den 10 minutes

                  • BRAWLIC215
                    BRAWLIC215  5 months back

                    Wwe heavyweight and 6 time tag team champion*

                    • iRepGhana
                      iRepGhana  5 months back

                      Kofi Reppin' Ghana..
                      Much love brother!

                      • Rational Black Man
                        Rational Black Man  5 months back

                        Mannnnnnn I ain’t watched wrestling in a minute lolol I remember when he first came on now he the WWE champ. That’s cooool!✊🏾🙌🏾

                        • hb B
                          hb B  4 months back


                      • BiggMatt Productions
                        BiggMatt Productions  5 months back

                        😂😂😂 A 7 minute Rosenberg and Laura interview says it all

                        • Couped Up
                          Couped Up  5 months back

                          6 1 9!!!!

                          • manifergi
                            manifergi  5 months back

                            Why does he act Jamaican on WWE and not Ghanaian ? that what ive wanted to know for 10yrs (it feels like hes been there for that long)

                            • Clement Ayimbila
                              Clement Ayimbila  3 months back

                              @manifergi everybody is mix including Ghanaians, if you care to know, Ghana was a British colony and some Ghanaians have European ancestry but we are not proud of it... Moreover Ghana is more cosmopolitan than Jamaica, there're Lebanese Ghanaians, Indian Ghanaians, Syrian Ghanaians and Ghanaians from European descent all in mother Ghana but that won't change the fact that majority of the Ghanaian people are pure black and we dont consider our country as multiracial country although the Indian community in Ghana is almost the size of the Jamaica population... manifergi, I have been to Jamaica before, and actually most Jamaicans are not mix, majority of Jamaicans are from west Africa, in fact 92.1% are Blacks, 6.1% are mixed, 0.8% are Indians, and 0.4% Others...the percentage clearly shows how black Jamaican is. Black Americans are mostly mix people in the Americas but even they have higher percentage of black genes in their DNA.

                            • myafricanaffairs
                              myafricanaffairs  4 months back

                              @manifergi So you think I don't understand the point you were trying to make? You are still slow.

                            • manifergi
                              manifergi  4 months back

                              @myafricanaffairs you seem to be slow. The point i was making was that majority of the people in Jamaica have a mixed heritage. You cant only refer to Jamaicans as "Ghanaian" when majority of the blacks here have a mixed heritage (African roots included) and even so our African roots are not only from Ghana mate.

                            • myafricanaffairs
                              myafricanaffairs  4 months back

                              @manifergi Obviously he was not referring to Asians and South Americans who migrated to Jamaica. He was referring to the Africans. You are too slow.

                            • Ghemony Rygar
                              Ghemony Rygar  5 months back

                              @manifergi thank you! 💪🏿

                          • Player 1
                            Player 1  5 months back

                            Video games and wrestling =, $$$$$$$...
                            . Best VG players...... VG developers....... Followers=$$$$$$$$

                            • Prince G-MO
                              Prince G-MO  5 months back

                              When are we getting a Sasha interview?

                              • GET IT BOY
                                GET IT BOY  5 months back

                                Get.it.boy on IG

                              • Video Archives
                                Video Archives  5 months back

                                F*** Randy Orton

                                • Lil Tree
                                  Lil Tree  4 months back

                                  Randy the G.O.A.T🐐