How Ray's Candy Store Became The Most Legendary Shop In NYC For Late-Night Munchies | Legendary Eats

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • Ray's Candy Store, an East Village institution, has served late-night munchies since 1974. Owner Ray Alvarez, 86, is well known for his deep-fried Oreos, egg creams, milkshakes, and chili cheese dogs. The store has kept street wanderers and New York University students well fed into the night as they hang around Tompkins Square Park.

    Cult-like customers have been raving about the shop for decades, saying it’s an “unchanged gem in a transforming neighborhood,” “an institution that has brought joy for generations,” and that “it was as good as I remember at 6 years old.” The family-run business continues to serve the same food since it opened and has had recent visits from Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, La La Anthony, and Food God, who documented his time there, saying, "Everybody's talking about this place! EVERYBODY!"

    We visited the shop to get a behind-the-scenes tour, see how their late-night grub is made, and speak to Ray to learn how he turned his small business into a beloved institution.

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    How Ray's Candy Store Became The Most Legendary Shop In NYC For Late-Night Munchies | Legendary Eats

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    0:55 soft serve is ice cream

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      Dude had me until he said his favorite thing in the world was a Hershey bar. Ugh. Chocolate-flavored palm oil.

      • Gacha bee Bee
        Gacha bee Bee  2 hours back

        “At first they only sold eye-creams”

        • Eduardo Pérez Olivares

          fried oreos? americans eating as if they health service was free

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            I don't think i've ever seen an attractive girl from new york. Wth

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              We must protect ray at all costs, and keep him alive with Hershey bars.

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                hersheys are his favourite , he obviously hasnt had cadburys

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                  “Yummy!” Hes So cute

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                    This guy is fuckin neat

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                      2:31 lmao ya old ass betta make that bigger

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                        He’s too pure

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                          He’s so pureee aww

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                                I wish it was more sanitized.

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                                  Cash business under reports earnings and he didn't retire he's a multimillionaire

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                                    If a someone tries to rob that store ...

                                    Ya better run

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                                      I go to manhattan like twice every week and I never see these quote on quote legendary stores

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                                        he’s so cute lol nohomo

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                                              At Least Clean😂

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                                                Health inspector: *rips page out of checklist

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                                                  More like rays diabetes store

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                                                    I have a sweet tooth feels I wanna go there and try it out.

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                                                      He lives the American Dream!

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                                                        Dang, this made me miss my grandfather so much. He's a hardworking man and provided for his family, and them took care of me after he retired. But he had a stroke and his body got super weak, now he can barely walk. I'm gonna visit him as soon as possible

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                                                          2:25 look at the cute drawings , I am crying ;w;

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                                                            Work Your Ass Off For The Lazy Rich LandLords

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                                                              And everyone just forgets hes a deserter

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                                                                soggycerealisepic  17 hours back

                                                                I feel so bad for him, he’s like 86 and working 7 days a week? When does he get free time?

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                                                                  B B  18 hours back

                                                                  Awww he’s so cute ☹️

                                                                  • musiquefrique
                                                                    musiquefrique  19 hours back

                                                                    God bless Ray and support his amazing work!

                                                                    • Linoose Drawing
                                                                      Linoose Drawing  19 hours back

                                                                      Why is a deep fried Oreo a thing that exists?

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                                                                                  I THOUGHT NYC HAD A SUGAR TAX.

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                                                                                    Love the dude but the reporter was kinda unpleasantly cringe

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                                                                                      Aka Simply Vanilla

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