Tyrese Is Tired Of Hollywood Making Movies About Slavery


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  • Dre M
    Dre M  5 days back

    Tyrese hit the nail on the head

    • Gms Married To The Lamb

      Funny they complain about historical movies before they complain about mob movies or even reality shows.....

      • Tyrone Bates Libra!
        Tyrone Bates Libra!  6 days back

        These pedophiles not slick, they won't make an move about black wall street, don't trust the enemy.

        • Tyrone Bates Libra!
          Tyrone Bates Libra!  6 days back

          White Hollywood and all these other nations are behind it. Funny thing is they won't pay reparations, I been saying these devil's had an agenda. They not putting none of that money back in the community.

          • El Ev8te My Mind
            El Ev8te My Mind  1 weeks back

            He potrays a weak arse man in his current movie. So he himself, Was a Slave a movie.

            • Big Fish
              Big Fish  2 weeks back

              I’m so damn tired of seeing ignorant hip hop related material. That’s a form of slavery too.

              • Lone Wolf
                Lone Wolf  20 hours back

                What does that have to do with the movie?

            • Big Fish
              Big Fish  2 weeks back

              This is his way of asking for a part in one. You know damn well he would jump on a role. Next.

              • Skafut Nickfutnick
                Skafut Nickfutnick  2 weeks back

                It can't stop. Its to purposely further racial tension every few yrs. All done on purpose to keep the races arguing. Too many dumb comment section fucks take the bait. For example any triggered response i get from this which i will ignore anyway because it makes you dumb fucks madder with no reply lmaoo try me

                • Reginald Green
                  Reginald Green  2 weeks back

                  Maaaaan fck tyress! Dude went from crying on da breakfast club about broke to bragging dat he got a 6mil$ car

                  • Stennex
                    Stennex  2 weeks back

                    Tired slave films. Harriet on Halloween really 😩

                    • Daniel Hill
                      Daniel Hill  1 weeks back

                      Stennex that movie was disrespectful to the real Harriet

                  • MP INFAMOUS
                    MP INFAMOUS  2 weeks back

                    He just mad he ain’t get Django. Cry baby ass nigga. But I am sick of them slave movies tho. Shit became corny after Roots

                    • ProfessTheFan
                      ProfessTheFan  2 weeks back

                      I agree with Tyrese a 100%.

                      • Rolphel Draw
                        Rolphel Draw  2 weeks back

                        He is right. Stop the nigga films.

                        • Leslie Williams
                          Leslie Williams  3 weeks back

                          I'm sick of him complaining and crying about everything he gets on my last nerve sit down and put some chapstick on them lips

                        • wizztizzlm
                          wizztizzlm  3 weeks back

                          Does it also question, why human type like beings are being referred to as "black" or "white"? And who decided that, once upon a time? Stated by Theodorius Ghandeli.

                          • Tiffany Green
                            Tiffany Green  3 weeks back

                            For ppl who don’t understand, why Hollywood keep making these slavery movies. Eyes are shut.It’s not about ppl who need to know about the heroic ppl who risk their lives, for us or the next generations to come.It’s about the subliminal message that are hidden in the slavery movies Hollywood constantly makes ,and how they view us and betray us as not human , but as gangsters and animals and so forth that why whenever u walk into a mall or store your being watch as a theft. You don’t see Hollywood making movies about the holocaust every dame year.i am pretty sure y’all thought wakanda was really a country 😂😂

                            • Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahim Sori
                              Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahim Sori  2 weeks back

                              Name a big-budget slave movie for each year from 2014 to 2019? Your victim mentality is disgusting and people are so tired of it. It's like some new-formed CULT or something, it's completely pitiful, you people can't be satisfied whether going left, right, up or down.

                          • Big Sexy
                            Big Sexy  3 weeks back

                            I am so, so tired of the same damn thing!! I’ve been saying to same thing for years....

                            • N Brown
                              N Brown  3 weeks back

                              I'm sick of seeing hood movies too bitch!

                              • latoyah campbell
                                latoyah campbell  3 weeks back


                                • Vanessa Brown
                                  Vanessa Brown  3 weeks back

                                  If you are talking about the Harriet movie, then I think you are wrong. We need to know our history of what our superhero did to be free. This could be example to us on residents. Young ppl don't say no to learning.

                                  • Lone Wolf
                                    Lone Wolf  20 hours back

                                    Idiot. They need to show movies about black inventers. We not gonna learn shit if they gonna keep up with these slave movies.

                                  • Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahim Sori
                                    Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahim Sori  2 weeks back

                                    You don't learn history through watching movies you silly moron.

                                • Danny D
                                  Danny D  3 weeks back

                                  Yes I was thinking about that the other day if the movies not dealing with drugs, gangster, slavery, dysfunctional lift style white people not making it I’m so annoying that’s why not seeing Harriet movie

                                  • Jon Marin
                                    Jon Marin  3 weeks back

                                    Didn’t he audition for Django Unchained? Plus son is acting like there’s a slave movie dropping every month

                                    • Mr. Walk Down
                                      Mr. Walk Down  1 weeks back

                                      Jon Marin honestly I use to like watching slave movies because I thought it was showing part of our history. But after a while i can’t watch it no more I don’t want to see no more slave movies. Simple.

                                    • ProfessTheFan
                                      ProfessTheFan  2 weeks back

                                      Django more of a Spaghetti Western than a slavery movie, there' is slavery in it, but i get what Tyrese saying. in the 2010's that has been alot slavery movies, most of them have been Oscar bait.

                                  • LaChele
                                    LaChele  3 weeks back

                                    They're making sure that each generation understands that black folks were slaves. I get it, but it's sorta getting old. Once they find a run-of-the-mill actress like Lupita Nyong'o, they'll give her the role and then *program* the media to push the notion that she's this stellar, drop-dead gorgeous actress. _Play a slave and we'll reward you by giving you _*_"The Most Beautiful Woman in the World"_*_ title._ Meanwhile, her white counterparts can literally sit in a chair, look at a wall and get all of the Awards. All while making hand over fist. _Oh, it's not a slave role. It's art._ That's what they tell black actors and actresses. What one won't do, another will. I don't judge it, but I hope folks understand exactly what they're doing. What about what happens after the movie?

                                    • Daniel Hill
                                      Daniel Hill  1 weeks back

                                      Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahim Sori shut your Black woman hating as the fuck up bruh 😒

                                    • Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahim Sori
                                      Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahim Sori  2 weeks back

                                      Your victim mentality is disgusting which is why B. American women are less desirable because that poor behavior is the new CULT of the 21st century. Please go fix yourself.

                                  • IG:Ri.mescudi
                                    IG:Ri.mescudi  3 weeks back

                                    i feel the same

                                    • P Balix
                                      P Balix  3 weeks back

                                      Agreed!! Finally some one spoke up!!