I Did The Wrong Thing After Being Bullied

  • Published: 01 October 2019
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    When Sarah was in middle school, she had a really tough time. She was constantly bullied by her classmates, and the kids around her always found a reason to pick on her. For about three years, people would call Sarah mean names, throw things at her during class and write horrible things about her on the bathroom walls. It got to the point where Sarah was even physically bullied - people would stop her in the halls and hurt her for no apparent reason. It was an incredibly difficult time for her.

    Sarah's parents tried to do everything they could to help, but it just didn't seem like any of her teachers cared enough to make a real difference. It was a traumatic experience for Sarah, and she felt scared about going to school.

    But when Sarah reached high school years, she decided to have a completely different approach - instead of sitting around and waiting to get bullied, Sarah decided to turn into the bully. If she felt the slightest amount of disrespect from someone, she went crazy. She fought people in the halls, screamed at people at school, and even threatened other kids. She was constantly in trouble - she got in-school suspension and was sent home. Her parents were always being called.

    Sarah's anger got so out of hand that her teachers even recommended sending her to an alternative school, and they feared that she would end up in jail. But Sarah's mom decided that wouldn't work for her, so she started going to counselling. Unfortunately, because Sarah's anger was so intense, not even therapy helped her. Her rage lasted for years.

    However, as time went by, Sarah started to realize the truth - she lashed out on people because she was so afraid that, if she didn't do anything, they would end up lashing out on her. Because she had spent so many years being bullied, she thought the only solution was to become an even bigger bullying than the people who once picked on her. Everything she was doing was out of fear. Once Sarah realized this, she started to change. Her therapy sessions started to work, and she began to mature.

    Since then, she has now found healthy ways to deal with her anger and emotions, and when she looks back, she says to herself, "I did the wrong thing after being bullied."

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Comments • 5 656

  • Ham Mai
    Ham Mai  2 hours back

    Teacher :Your daughter gonna end up in jail.

    Also teacher:I don't give a %^&* if your daughter gets hurt.

    • b l a c k l i l a c
      b l a c k l i l a c  3 hours back

      *guess what? I wear size 13 men’s Nike’s*

      • Verchel Palquiran
        Verchel Palquiran  4 hours back

        Im always like that when i was in school i heard this pathetic mean girl in my side whispering to her friend. Mean girl: *whisper* hey that girl is so pathetic shes really pathetic And after i heard that, i turned into a monster i screamed YOUR UGLY LOOK AT YOU YOUR WEARING LIPSTICK IT LOOK RIDICULOUSE ON YOU BECAUSE YOU LIPS LOOKS LIKE HOTDOG AND I KNOW YOUR UGLY BECAUSE YOUR WEARING BLUSH WEARING LIPSTICK EVEN THO YOUR BLACK!! And she cried even tho shes already 5 grade -_-

        • Maria Quijada
          Maria Quijada  4 hours back

          Can we take a sec yo love the 1% of the commnts that don't Say


          Girl who is getting bullied

          • Hannah
            Hannah  7 hours back

            This poor girl is traumatized. The bullying affected her so much that she changed completely because of it. What the actual fuck is wrong with people. Thank god you’re in a better place now.. remember that you’re loved and you’re an amazing person!

            • Reiko Rakin
              Reiko Rakin  8 hours back

              Why do I have the same problem?

              • mia duran
                mia duran  11 hours back

                storybooth : has normal stories

                other channels : my mom gave birth to my father who is my cousins dog

                • Jason Kameda
                  Jason Kameda  13 hours back

                  Bruh, just go to Xaviers school for gifted youngsters

                  • Emma Tajitsu
                    Emma Tajitsu  13 hours back

                    Why didn’t the girl like tell the principal and show them

                    • That 70s show
                      That 70s show  13 hours back

                      Person: gets bullied
                      School; y’all hear summ? 🥱

                      Girl: shows a bit of Belly or shoulders, or any ripped pants
                      School: I hear summ 😳

                      • Idk Google it
                        Idk Google it  17 hours back

                        I don’t blame you girl, I was also like that

                        • KillerdogMLG42 1225
                          KillerdogMLG42 1225  18 hours back

                          Just beat them up

                          • nikkinoivern
                            nikkinoivern  18 hours back

                            they tell you to tell a teacher, but when you do they're not bothered, but when you fight back, you're always the bad person, happened to me, glad I'm out of the hell hole

                            • Gerry Adams TV
                              Gerry Adams TV  19 hours back

                              *pumped up kicks intensifies*

                              • jeremiah bailey
                                jeremiah bailey  20 hours back

                                Her hair cute

                                • Niara Loohoo
                                  Niara Loohoo  22 hours back

                                  kid: gets bullied

                                  school: k

                                  kid: breaks dress code

                                  school: expelled

                                  • BBQ sauce on my Titties

                                    How many likes means how many slaps she gets
                                    How many dislikes means you feel sorry for her

                                    • The baby alive channel

                                      Me: “Mom I Got bullied”

                                      Mom: “it’s cause that damn phone”

                                      • Kk n
                                        Kk n  1 days back

                                        All the dislikes are because HOES MAD 😡

                                        • Kaycee Jones
                                          Kaycee Jones  1 days back

                                          ☃️ hi am a snow man☃️

                                          • owo
                                            owo  1 days back

                                            Its called periodt

                                            • Kausar Shaikh
                                              Kausar Shaikh  1 days back

                                              I'm sara too😅

                                              • Kausar Shaikh
                                                Kausar Shaikh  1 days back

                                                I'm sara too😅

                                                • J's music videos
                                                  J's music videos  1 days back

                                                  I feel you

                                                  • Paul Shelley
                                                    Paul Shelley  1 days back

                                                    A-amazing again

                                                    • Haters !
                                                      Haters !  2 days back

                                                      School:bullying is not ok!
                                                      Girl: I’m getting bullied by ___________
                                                      School: So?
                                                      Girl:fights back
                                                      School:THAT KIDS GONNA GO TO JAIL O-O

                                                      • yakeline rodas
                                                        yakeline rodas  2 days back

                                                        Ok that girl Is hiting people which Will nota slove antes problema but i agree bulling Is bad .😔😬

                                                        • bhing malaga
                                                          bhing malaga  2 days back

                                                          I'm popular at school no one picks on me luck that I'm popular

                                                          • Yvung Queen
                                                            Yvung Queen  2 days back

                                                            I know what this feels like even my friends called me mean I just know how to do it w.o getting in trouble

                                                            • awsomejasonplay 1
                                                              awsomejasonplay 1  2 days back

                                                              Storybooth: real stories

                                                              other fake shitty channels: my parents are actually my own children

                                                              • Ice Phoenix
                                                                Ice Phoenix  2 days back

                                                                I hate people honestly why are people so surprised when someone bullied fights back and rages and gets tired of the bullshit ?!? Like wtf do you expect them to be bullied for ever !?? Like come on wtf bullied people aren’t the monsters or criminals!!!!!

                                                                • Gabrielle barbera
                                                                  Gabrielle barbera  2 days back


                                                                  • Diana Lee
                                                                    Diana Lee  2 days back

                                                                    I'm pretty sure on the bathroom stall where is had *CENSORED* it was probably the b-word.

                                                                    • Han Yeet
                                                                      Han Yeet  2 days back

                                                                      what did sarah do to get bullied i feel like she’s not telling the full story.

                                                                      • Sammie
                                                                        Sammie  2 days back

                                                                        Han Yeet Not everyone has to do something to get bullied💀

                                                                      • Sammie
                                                                        Sammie  2 days back

                                                                        sleepy woods77 Do you literally not understand that most of the people who get bullied are getting bullied for no reason...🤦🏾‍♀️

                                                                      • sleepy woods77
                                                                        sleepy woods77  2 days back

                                                                        same like whyd she get beaten up for no reason? makes no sense

                                                                    • Yung Shortie
                                                                      Yung Shortie  2 days back

                                                                      We got a North high school in Worcester

                                                                      • Redoken X
                                                                        Redoken X  2 days back

                                                                        What kind of principal would be so careless to stop bullies, a principal like that should not be working in a school and that’s why I don’t trust others that much and find better solutions for myself.

                                                                        • Redoken X
                                                                          Redoken X  2 days back

                                                                          This also happened to me getting suspended from school by even doing the right thing for myself and I was extremely sad and mad but then I did the better thing I did is that I kept my calm, carefully planned, used my brain and I adapted trough it then the problem was all solved eventually I became respected so the solution is that you should always keep your mind cool, calm and relaxed then you should plan everything carefully and adapt trough it.

                                                                          • Pinkamena diane pie
                                                                            Pinkamena diane pie  2 days back

                                                                            This really shows how people can change if you bully them. It’s funny how nobody in the comments cares what this is about and repeats the same part. “SChOol: DOeSNT Care” WE HEARD IT ALREADY 50 TIMES! Can you at least say ANYTHING original?! Maybe get a life and stop using the comment section to beg for likes? Where is begging going to get you? I feel like nobody actually came here to watch the vid but came here to like beg. Y’all trashy for that I hope you know.

                                                                            • iggy
                                                                              iggy  2 days back

                                                                              hey, if your getting pushed against a locker every day, just buy boots.
                                                                              and destroy their white nike shoes.

                                                                              • ReusableNine0 !!
                                                                                ReusableNine0 !!  2 days back

                                                                                I recognize myself in this story but i didn't fight every time but i remember what she said the trauma of feeling weak or being bullied that can i recognize myself with.

                                                                                • Naomi J
                                                                                  Naomi J  2 days back

                                                                                  99% of comments: "girl: gets bullied. school: whatever"

                                                                                  The other 1%: comments like this

                                                                                  It's getting really annoying to read those types of comments when you see them over and over again

                                                                                • Sov3reign X
                                                                                  Sov3reign X  2 days back

                                                                                  Damn, I feel you.

                                                                                  • Kihyun's favorite chicken

                                                                                    Student: *gets bullied*

                                                                                    Students: *chews gum*

                                                                                    Teacher: DETENTION!!!!

                                                                                    • peachiiediting
                                                                                      peachiiediting  2 days back

                                                                                      kid: *gets bullied*
                                                                                      school : ight luv enjoy
                                                                                      kid : *fights back*
                                                                                      school : LoADiNg

                                                                                      • Hồng Cảnh Nguyễn

                                                                                        Sarah is a #@^?*#%¿#@*%&

                                                                                        • saber
                                                                                          saber  2 days back

                                                                                          schools: tell us if ur getting bullied!!
                                                                                          kids: get bullied
                                                                                          schools: haha lmao nice

                                                                                          • Lord of the pun
                                                                                            Lord of the pun  2 days back

                                                                                            I had a bully problem once but there were many people that helped me through it.
                                                                                            Some teachers won’t help but others can act like your hero.

                                                                                            • THE RAVEN
                                                                                              THE RAVEN  2 days back

                                                                                              Nigga if anyone touched you break his bones