Srt4 pt cruiser pulls 0-60 in 8 secs


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  • Trey With a basketball game tomorrow

    You don’t know how to shift.

    • chenna hok
      chenna hok  2 months back

      Looks like your in West Virginia?

      • Bond James Bond
        Bond James Bond  10 months back

        SORRY TO HEAR THAT... no one deserves a PT Cruiser. lmao!!!

      • trevor sinclair
        trevor sinclair  10 months back

        the electric motor from a rotisserie can pull a semi truck faster than that

        • TJ CRIM
          TJ CRIM  12 months back

          What parts are needed to add that blowoff valve???

        • Cleavis
          Cleavis  1 years back

          If you find yourself showing off a PT Cruiser, you are also probably married to your cousin

          • TwiTch
            TwiTch  2 years back

            Jesus that was slow. what was with the really REALLY fucked up shifts. were you pretending to be in a manual vehicle and letting off the gas to "auto stick" it?

            • That Neon Channel
              That Neon Channel   2 years back

              Dude I was spinning listen... needed better tires

            • TwiTch
              TwiTch  2 years back

              It was literally just over 9 seconds to get to 60.

          • BuzzFeedRight
            BuzzFeedRight  2 years back

            My moms van is qiucker.

            • J G
              J G  2 years back

              I've managed to get my Touring turbo from stock 8 seconds to 7.5. All from removing the unnecessary crap from the car. Gonna replace the driver seat with a lighter racing seat. Goal is to shed 300 lbs or more.

            • BigBoiBronx145
              BigBoiBronx145  3 years back

              how much HP?

              • BigBoiBronx145
                BigBoiBronx145  3 years back

                That Neon Channel absolutely love it

              • BigBoiBronx145
                BigBoiBronx145  3 years back

                That Neon Channel I'm thinking about going down the srt4 route

              • That Neon Channel
                That Neon Channel   3 years back

                +JustAPerson had about 300 when said and done

            • Mark Lilly
              Mark Lilly  3 years back

              hey man my pt pulls 16 pounds it's stage 1 and other shit if u do the air box mod it's better than a cold air

            • Randy Bubba Smith
              Randy Bubba Smith  3 years back

              I have a pretty much stock 04' GT Cruiser Maroon just like that with only 35k Original miles on it and she moves with the channel I put a lot more into my F150 daily driver but we do switch back and forth....keep it Rollin

              • Florian Cz
                Florian Cz  3 years back

                276.000miles? realy

                • TheBikemaster94
                  TheBikemaster94  2 years back

                  Florian Cz Chrysler minivan go for that much, look at taxi fleets and many of them use those

                • Florian Cz
                  Florian Cz  3 years back

                  @That Neon Channel damn thats a lot

                • That Neon Channel
                  That Neon Channel   3 years back

                  +Florian Cz yea man

              • starion boi
                starion boi  3 years back

                my cruiser at 8 psi is in the 14s at 97mph. my old pt gt was running 108mph in the 13s. 0 to 60 I have no idea. but then again both cruisers had the 5 speed and traction is a issue.

              • JayMan 512
                JayMan 512  3 years back

                Srt4? I thought it was just a Gt? I don't think there is a Srt4 pt cruiser. I've heard of people doing an Srt4 neon motor swap. It's basically the same motor.

                • John Allen
                  John Allen  2 years back

                  Jason Redding not true on 05' pt gt all is same. HP & torque numbers equal.

                • That Neon Channel
                  That Neon Channel   3 years back

                  +Jason Redding it is the same motor just different ecu,same block,same forged internals same turbo same everything except ecu is dumb down on the pt Cruiser

              • Anthony Smeraldo
                Anthony Smeraldo  3 years back

                this thing really has that many miles?

              • cubx1979
                cubx1979  3 years back

                Look into getting another intake. An air raid will give you more cold air. I actually kept my air box and just modded it a little. Mostly to hear my BOV better.

              • I'm Xypher
                I'm Xypher  3 years back

                my stock zx2 gets 0-60 faster than that

                • Juan R
                  Juan R  8 months back

                  By what a millisecond ?

                • kirby4041994
                  kirby4041994  2 years back

                  zx2 is also a bike (actually a zx-2r)

                • eric meyers
                  eric meyers  3 years back

                  +that neon channel HAHAHAHA A ZX2 is an escort! Not a bike

                • That Neon Channel
                  That Neon Channel   3 years back

                  +I'm Xypher it's a bike and I have a pt Cruiser not meant to be fast really

              • Houston Texas
                Houston Texas  3 years back

                what is the stock hp on the pt cruiser?