Interview with Scott Evans and Henry McMillan


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  • Paul2377
    Paul2377  3 years back

    I hoper he's nicer in real life haha.

    • 黄松
      黄松  3 years back


      • Shams Qasr
        Shams Qasr  3 years back

        Scott, Scott, Scottie... woof... just woof!!

        • Skroot
          Skroot  3 years back

          Chest hair <3

          • artb3
            artb3  4 years back

            Oh I love Scott Evans!

            • tudorjason
              tudorjason  5 months back

              Loved him on OLTL. His character was so genuine.

            • artb3
              artb3  4 years back


            • Jimmy Fowlie
              Jimmy Fowlie   4 years back

              +artbaugh3 I know! Isn't he the best! We did theater camp when we were little kids and I'm so happy we are still friends!

          • Julie Wilkinson
            Julie Wilkinson  4 years back

            Wow Scott has some Dreamy eyes - and that smile! So handsome!!

            • MDkid1
              MDkid1  4 years back

              mmmmmm....Scott Evans...with his beautiful hair, furry chest, and wide open mouth.

              • Harry Han
                Harry Han  4 years back

                More scott evans

                • zet7220
                  zet7220  4 years back

                  OMG, I love Scott Evans 😍

                  • Independent Politics
                    Independent Politics  4 years back

                    Yes, Scott Evans!! Will he be featured alot more this season? He played a gay cop on One Life to Live, and it followed his story with him being in the closet, coming out process, and finding love. It was a beautiful story!

                    • thepokekid01
                      thepokekid01  4 years back

                      Urgh! I need some more money!!!!

                      No offense to anyone, but this is the first KS I want to support purely for the project (I mean, I didn't even read what they all were, I guess to be fair... um, I guess a DVD or BR would be a nice reward). First season was really great, and really just in the end I end up loving anything Fowlie writes, especially the more than improve stuff. (But improve stuff is really funny too) To say something... probably more offensive than I mean it to be, and probably a little ignorant: it just feels like, even though this particular content is "gay"-themed, (and really, I guess "sex-worker"-themed), the jokes are funny for everybody. (Although I imagine some straight people I know could be a bit uncomfortable with some things in this) I just feel like that isn't something I can easily find in gay programming. It seems like some rely too much on the looks of the actors, imo, and produce something that feels very niche.

                      I feel like the things Jimmy Fowlie makes feel very mainstream, even though the content pulls no punches. I just feel like, looking outside of the really famous gay comedians, who can do standup and stuff to a mainstream and gay crowd at the same time, I can only think of a handful of people that are probably more "up and coming", or less well known, and come across as really talented at attracting both and everyone at the same time. Jimmy is definitely one of my favorite comedians on Youtube.

                      Sorry if I enraged a lot of people! Definitely going to give what I can, but am going to give.