Rebuilding My First Wrecked Car Totaled Pt Cruiser turbo Blown Motor From Copart Salvage Auction


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  • David Chaisson
    David Chaisson  3 months back

    Awesome job

    • redez 1918
      redez 1918  3 months back

      Better than Randy I guess

      • Therealgamer Att Jatt
        Therealgamer Att Jatt  3 months back

        Same as your brother😶

        Top of the line content 👍

        • oncewaslost1982
          oncewaslost1982  3 months back

          Was this car sitting next to a car that was on fire? Looks like that is how it got roasted on the driver's side.

          • Todd Bush
            Todd Bush  3 months back

            Where u all located?

            • Todd Bush
              Todd Bush  3 months back

              I ND a PT fixed and nobody know what's wrong with it

          • MollyAnnMill
            MollyAnnMill  3 months back

            The burnt car has a bad head gasket or a cracked head it will start if you drain the coolant out of it and leave the radiator cap off then try to start it will start for sure then

            • Bret Joseph
              Bret Joseph  3 months back

              Blown head gasket

              • Amberley Warren
                Amberley Warren  3 months back

                Opps wrong way😂

                • Amberley Warren
                  Amberley Warren  3 months back

                  Love the channel inspiration for me

                  • Rebuilder Max
                    Rebuilder Max   3 months back

                    That’s awesome! Thank you for the support

                • SHIP CHANELS
                  SHIP CHANELS  3 months back

                  Good work bro

                  • Kim Poskey
                    Kim Poskey  3 months back

                    It's about what you like

                    • Bemorecarefull Respect
                      Bemorecarefull Respect  3 months back

                      🤔That's a great part car🤗and I love the insides for a burned car.

                      • Robo Rob
                        Robo Rob  3 months back

                        Wow love your brothers channel and looks like yours will be awesome as well good luck 👍👍👍👍👍

                      • ND Mac
                        ND Mac  3 months back

                        Max, you might want to check out Motor City Mechanic's series of videos on the repair of a PT Cruiser. He walks through the troubleshooting steps to fix a non-start issue:

                      • Enderson Perozo
                        Enderson Perozo  3 months back

                        So my younger friend.... What appended with this pt Cruiser????

                        • ALEXIS TOVAR
                          ALEXIS TOVAR  3 months back

                          Hello Rebuilder Max. Excellent Parts Car. Change the complete front end and the chrome wheels. Can not wait to see your first project complete.Keep up the good work.Greeting from Venezuela!!!!

                          • Gear Vlogz
                            Gear Vlogz  3 months back

                            Great job!!! Soon you will be monetized soon.

                            • adriann charles
                              adriann charles  3 months back

                              sanford and son....👊🏼 let’s see your work kid

                              • Chad Morris
                                Chad Morris  3 months back

                                Max excellent work dude. Love your brother’s builds and your Dad’s hard work! Nice job on your driving skills!

                                • Crazy Mandyal
                                  Crazy Mandyal  3 months back

                                  Great work bro can u say my name in ur nxt video

                                  • Hogan Frazier
                                    Hogan Frazier  3 months back

                                    Got to say I'm impressed u start small and grow with your progress your brother and dad are awesome much love to you all ♥

                                  • Bobbiesgonewild
                                    Bobbiesgonewild  3 months back

                                    Don’t less us down champ

                                    • Chris L
                                      Chris L  3 months back

                                      Tell him to RELAX. He sounds rushed .

                                      • Ironhead
                                        Ironhead  3 months back

                                        Keep up the good work.

                                        • vickydhugga
                                          vickydhugga  3 months back

                                          Good luck champ

                                          • Tim Molch4
                                            Tim Molch4  3 months back

                                            Keep it up man! Beat those other kids🤣

                                            • Miguel Martinez
                                              Miguel Martinez  3 months back

                                              It’s a shitty car why would u start with that

                                              • Reversz
                                                Reversz  3 months back

                                                Miguel Martinez thats what im saying😂

                                            • Jason Wells
                                              Jason Wells  3 months back

                                              Let's go pick up the new project from Copart. Goes to get in driver seat oops wrong way. Love it kid. Can't wait to see what you can do.

                                              • Matt Pratt
                                                Matt Pratt  3 months back

                                                Already more subscribers then me. Good work

                                                • Heriberto Ruiz
                                                  Heriberto Ruiz  3 months back

                                                  Looking forward to your builds bro! 👍🏽