Who Is PJ's Father? - A Million Little Things


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  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose  3 days back

    The fact that PJ isnt even confronting them is stupid

    • Sam Rose
      Sam Rose  3 days back

      That's so fucked up that they lied to him

      • cleverboy86
        cleverboy86  1 weeks back

        Rick Grimes is PJ’s father.

        • Dave TheRave
          Dave TheRave  1 weeks back

          It only proves that the person who wore that sweater is the dad. Someone could have borrowed it. Didn’t they say there was a Dave with him at college? He could have worn it instead of John. A DNA test from either of the children could prove it.

          • NICHOLAS SELIM
            NICHOLAS SELIM  1 weeks back

            jon is Pj's Father????????

          • Alexandra Foster
            Alexandra Foster  1 weeks back

            so John and Delilah were cut from the same cloth and thats why they fit

          • Erin NJ
            Erin NJ  1 weeks back

            John can't be PJ's father. It didn't make any sense. I've been watching this show from the beginning.

            • Marco Antonio Angara
              Marco Antonio Angara  4 days back

              Erin NJ yes he is. This is the reason why he is extremely sorry to that lady on the address on Season 1. And why he was extremely regretful to the dude who died on that plane crash.

          • Sandra Tenaglia
            Sandra Tenaglia  1 weeks back

            I would like the show to go deeper about Rome's and Pj's depression because not enough shows or movies adress this illness and it's refreshing and interesting. And also more people need to be more aware of this mental illness.

            • Anita Tharmarajah
              Anita Tharmarajah  1 weeks back

              Lol this song was henry and violets song from Once Upon a Time

              • Liz Rose
                Liz Rose  1 weeks back

                Omg, i have a feeling there will be a twist and he isnt John's son

                • Nikki
                  Nikki  5 days back

                  @Anita Tharmarajah that's what I thought. I think his DNA was somehow on the shirt.

                • Anita Tharmarajah
                  Anita Tharmarajah  1 weeks back

                  I thought John's friend from the plane was pj's father

                • Jess Sgh
                  Jess Sgh  1 weeks back


              • M T
                M T  1 weeks back

                First comment. Yay!😁