Fortnite Squad - SNL


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  • Alex
    Alex  22 hours back

    All the young writers coming up with the video game experience....

    • Silent Crscndo
      Silent Crscndo  2 days back

      One word. Accurate

      • R T
        R T  2 days back

        SNL Skits are not even funny anymore. They should just end it already...

        • Diana Fronsdahl
          Diana Fronsdahl  6 days back

          Too close to home.... 🤡

          • Rene Hernandez
            Rene Hernandez  2 weeks back

            Man! Kids would have ripped this dude apart and then cried about an update

            • Dre Ray
              Dre Ray  2 weeks back

              Damn, And i was hoping someone would play that thick ass white girl.

              • Gillian Fleischer
                Gillian Fleischer  2 weeks back

                They immediately started laughing as soon as the loading screen popped up
                That’s saying something

                • Cybertron Warrior
                  Cybertron Warrior  2 weeks back

                  Yes the gay squad

                  • AstroBoy TX
                    AstroBoy TX  2 weeks back

                    Oh no...

                    • Eamo
                      Eamo  2 weeks back

                      Fortnite is dead... It's on SNL

                      • NOT0RIOUS
                        NOT0RIOUS  2 weeks back

                        Someone went tp acting school, spent there few years to play in fortnite video

                        • Jared spriggs
                          Jared spriggs  2 weeks back

                          DEAR SNL: MAKE A SKIT ABOUT PUBG OR ILL BE MAD

                          • dooj
                            dooj  2 weeks back

                            This is painfully unfunny

                            • FBI
                              FBI  3 weeks back

                              Try playing Minecraft *Or I Will Force Choke You*

                              • Superradness!
                                Superradness!  3 weeks back

                                Freaking kill me.

                                • kevorksound
                                  kevorksound  3 weeks back

                                  Mr. McTavish out here rocking the double barrel shotgun.

                                  • the unknown
                                    the unknown  3 weeks back

                                    Even as a joke it is still pathetic

                                    • Little Miho
                                      Little Miho  3 weeks back

                                      Tried to teach my ex hubby how to play MMORPGs...he could not get pass the simple WASD move keys, then we tried the mouse look and mouse run...for a college grad, he had no coordination.
                                      My grandkids, me and **his mom** can play games better than he could.

                                      • Tyler Keller
                                        Tyler Keller  3 weeks back

                                        You know Mooney is a gamer. The fact he's wearing Turtle Beach headphones is a dead giveaway.

                                        • sinkiy
                                          sinkiy  3 weeks back

                                          This sketch is even lamer than the game.

                                          • Karl Bastian
                                            Karl Bastian  3 weeks back

                                            As a dad who plays with his son, this was fun. I feel better, I'm not THAT bad! (The Dad Noob)

                                            • Dumbledore Fan
                                              Dumbledore Fan  4 weeks back

                                              Minecraft is better.

                                              • jimthecat
                                                jimthecat  4 weeks back

                                                End the show please

                                                • ChonkyBoi
                                                  ChonkyBoi  4 weeks back

                                                  One quick game but then I gotta go back to rehab

                                                  • Alex McTavish
                                                    Alex McTavish  1 months back

                                                    As a McTavish, I approve this skit.

                                                    • Space_Duck 147
                                                      Space_Duck 147  1 months back

                                                      As an Epic Fortnite gamer, this is accurate.

                                                      • Mengsk Arcturus
                                                        Mengsk Arcturus  1 months back

                                                        Um what was i gonna say, oh yeah. 16 and i think this game is the shittiest, least well made game ive seen in the history of computer games. If you play this, for fucks sake, delete it, install, download StarCraft 2, and learn how to play proper challenging games that do not involve ANYTHING like this. Have a eye for some good games fellas. Like Ori, StarCraft, Stanley Parable, Anno, Underlords.

                                                        • Miles M
                                                          Miles M  4 weeks back

                                                          this self righteousness in this comment made me cringe

                                                      • Dingles TheDog
                                                        Dingles TheDog  1 months back

                                                        Someone told about this and I thought they were joking
                                                        I wish that they were joking, who wrote this.
                                                        Why did they write it.
                                                        This is somehow worse than an early 2010s youtube parody
                                                        Im sorry to all the 65 year old boomers out there watching this just hoping that for one time just this one time snl will be even remotely close to being funny like it was 20+ years ago im sorry

                                                        • Travis
                                                          Travis  1 months back

                                                          Does William Mctavish offer Fortnite lessons? He looks a lot better than me

                                                          • Jake Neidert
                                                            Jake Neidert  1 months back


                                                            • Cerulean Sealpup
                                                              Cerulean Sealpup  1 months back

                                                              Im ashamed to admit...i play like this..i suck😣😕

                                                              • Bamaracin 03
                                                                Bamaracin 03  1 months back

                                                                I like how he says press y to open chest but yur suppose to press x 😂😂😂

                                                                • Trinity Hayes
                                                                  Trinity Hayes  1 months back

                                                                  Oh boy

                                                                  • trumoo
                                                                    trumoo  1 months back

                                                                    Clint looks a little different

                                                                    • Peters Sixth Sense
                                                                      Peters Sixth Sense  1 months back

                                                                      I wonder if one of them is NoobMaster69

                                                                      • Andrew Call
                                                                        Andrew Call  2 months back

                                                                        It’s not y it’s x

                                                                        • LilKoolCid
                                                                          LilKoolCid  2 months back

                                                                          I’m disappointed in SNL for acknowledging Fortnites existence.

                                                                          • LilKoolCid
                                                                            LilKoolCid  4 weeks back

                                                                            FroggoBonano not enough

                                                                          • FroggoBonano
                                                                            FroggoBonano  4 weeks back

                                                                            Nah it was good cause they made fun of it

                                                                        • Peter Conerly
                                                                          Peter Conerly  2 months back

                                                                          If my sleep paralysis demon was a YouTube video.

                                                                          • lil pepe
                                                                            lil pepe  2 months back

                                                                            Never thought snl would stoop so low

                                                                            • rolf stamenov
                                                                              rolf stamenov  2 months back

                                                                              Don Atari

                                                                              • Hrothmeir
                                                                                Hrothmeir  2 months back

                                                                                I thought Fortnite was a PC game; why are they using controllers?

                                                                                • Diego Zein
                                                                                  Diego Zein  2 months back

                                                                                  Ther is no way actual Fortnite gamers would be this patient, real fortnite gamers would have just left him behind

                                                                                  • lil cowboy2000
                                                                                    lil cowboy2000  2 months back

                                                                                    Who else got mad at this while watching

                                                                                    • Gary Braden
                                                                                      Gary Braden  2 months back

                                                                                      Doomsnake from

                                                                                      • Katelinlmao 38
                                                                                        Katelinlmao 38  2 months back

                                                                                        This some gay shit

                                                                                        • Dominic DiRicci
                                                                                          Dominic DiRicci  2 months back

                                                                                          Just holler if you need help

                                                                                          • Brown Buns
                                                                                            Brown Buns  2 months back

                                                                                            They actually made fortnite fun

                                                                                            • DatMinionLover26
                                                                                              DatMinionLover26  2 months back

                                                                                              0:57 his name is jonesy