Jo Spills All of Piper's Secrets to Chris - Emergence

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • After excusing Chris (Robert Bailey Jr.) from the room to have a sensitive conversation with Benny and Emily regarding Alan Wilkes, Jo (Allison Tolman) changes her mind and lets him on Piper's secrets -- that she is a sentient AI created by Augur Industries who has powers beyond this world. And he takes it pretty well. From 'Mile Marker 14,' season 1, episode 6 of Emergence. Watch Emergence TUESDAY 10|9c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.
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  • Metallkopf86
    Metallkopf86  1 weeks back

    ABC! PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THE EPSTEIN COVERUP! It's funny how silent you are about hiding ground breaking info......

    • Truthat
      Truthat  1 weeks back

      Please, stay on topic! This is a comment section to discuss ABC's new, ground-breaking show, "Epstein Did Not Kill Himself"!

  • qwerty zezeze
    qwerty zezeze  1 weeks back

    Complicit in hiding the crimes of high profile pedophiles and child traffickers, endangering children, this is the ABC.
    VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup

    • Michael B
      Michael B  1 weeks back

      I LMAO when I saw this scene. I'm really lovin this show.

      • Michael B
        Michael B  1 weeks back

        @a p IKR

      • a p
        a p  1 weeks back

        Her reactions to everything are gold

    • thomasfholland
      thomasfholland  1 weeks back


      • Elizabeth Strahan
        Elizabeth Strahan  1 weeks back

        • 947969
          947969  1 weeks back

          liars yall are liars to protect people sexual assaulting people and kids yall are ugly at abc on the inside smh

          • Cody
            Cody  1 weeks back

            HEY ABC!! You forgot to upload the kiss the girl clip from The Little mermaid live. Unfortunately my local ABC decided to put up election results which made my daughter who has autism, very sad and mad. She keeps looking for the video she really wanted to see and of course this is the one that you guys don't upload.
            So if you could please upload that clip, it would make my day a lot easierright now thanks.

            • Sushmita Ghosh
              Sushmita Ghosh  1 weeks back

              He is taking this very good really