The story of Alejandro Aranda and his journey to the American Idol Finale | 2019 Season 17


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  • Deena Minyard
    Deena Minyard  3 weeks back

    Millions of people are extremely happy for Alejandro and his success. I know I am. What a savant.

    • lucciano gucci
      lucciano gucci  3 weeks back

      he is humble person and the fact that he did most of his Performances with just a Casual clothes makes it even better not as flashy as other Contestants

      • ARTS
        ARTS  1 months back

        No doubt he is genius !!

        • Jerri Lum
          Jerri Lum  1 months back


          • Ada Redmond
            Ada Redmond  2 months back

            HE IS THE BEST!!♥️🙏🏻

            • Janet Donais
              Janet Donais  2 months back

              I love his music it touches my heart He should be the winner

              • Sherri Brody
                Sherri Brody  3 months back

                I have this to say about Alejandro. I love Coldplay. But after Alejandro performed "Yellow", I was like....Coldplay who? This young artist is going to become world famous. He brings me to tears, and I'm grateful I get to see him on his first tour since Idol.

                • Terry Lewis
                  Terry Lewis  3 months back


                  • Living Life
                    Living Life  4 months back

                    I thought I was gonna get his story(family) story. I’m curious

                    • lehn Albarico
                      lehn Albarico  5 months back

                      Love this guy Alejandro Aranda

                      • Raymundo Ruiz
                        Raymundo Ruiz  5 months back

                        Yes he will
                        I will like to heard Lionel Ritchie song Hello on he’s stile I think will be amazing

                        • FERNANDO TORRES LEIVA
                          FERNANDO TORRES LEIVA  6 months back

                          A genius go ahead

                          • Nikos Karapidakis
                            Nikos Karapidakis  7 months back

                            Thank god for Alejandro Unique. Talented. Genius

                            • T Jebb
                              T Jebb  7 months back

                              Hell Yah he should have won, but they wanted the clean cut all american boy, an idol, NOT a ARTIST. I cheer Alejandro on, and watch for him to perform in my area.

                              • kuldeep kohar
                                kuldeep kohar  7 months back

                                True winner!!

                                • thehuonpine
                                  thehuonpine  7 months back

                                  Alej is a great and talented musician, but his music and voice might not be the tastes of most people. And his songs were a bit boring because the tunes of all his songs are mostly similar. His vocal sounds just like another great singer, not something fresh and new as Laine Hardy. His music belongs to niche. Laine is different, everytime he sang, his voice and look.just grabbed you and you feel lifted.

                                  • clint lonefight
                                    clint lonefight  7 months back

                                    Montebello.unifif.umak IAM losing visionmy familpo Riverside.

                                    • clint lonefight
                                      clint lonefight  7 months back

                                      He's hb to be Bell gardens.meonebell

                                      • rusher rush
                                        rusher rush  8 months back

                                        you just have one powerful way to become famous becouse unique cant imitate

                                        • Carla Langenstein
                                          Carla Langenstein  8 months back

                                          Alejandro has already been signed by United Talent Agency. UTA also represents D.J.Khaled , Mariah Carey and many many A-List actors, musicians, screenwriters and Producers.

                                        • LymonSkye
                                          LymonSkye  8 months back

                                          I am so glad that Alejandro did not win American Idol. Because he did not need to be tied down with a contract as a winner. Coming in second place was a good thing for him. I wish him all the best. He is talented and humble and I hope remains that way. Listening to him has been a real blessing. Nowhere to go from here but up.

                                          • Yolanda Saldivar
                                            Yolanda Saldivar  8 months back

                                            Alejandro will always be a winner !!!!!! No matter what people think, just look at the judges comments, even legends took their time to comment gratenes !!!!!! So awesome !!!!! So, so proud of him. 🤗

                                            • Rodrigo R
                                              Rodrigo R  8 months back

                                              He should have won!!!!!

                                              • William Martinez
                                                William Martinez  8 months back

                                                Hello. I think he has a great talent, I hope he win on anything that he'll overtake.

                                                • Elaine Sladek
                                                  Elaine Sladek  8 months back

                                                  Alejandro -- I thank God for your talent he has Blessed you with... totally amazing...   I love your music..

                                                  • Jackie Bat
                                                    Jackie Bat  8 months back

                                                    Has anyone else in this world received so many wonderful comments ? I don’t think so!!! Alejandro did, he is the winner of our hearts and souls!i never wrote a comment in my life on anyone and he Inspires me to be creative and write and complement him which he deserves!!🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️💙🤷‍♂️😍

                                                    • Allan Cross
                                                      Allan Cross  8 months back

                                                      Alajandro should have won and the person who said his music was forgettable doesn’t know what they are talking about

                                                      • josephine velez
                                                        josephine velez  8 months back

                                                        stay cool, Mr. Alejandro

                                                        • O O
                                                          O O  8 months back

                                                          Who else comes back to watch, just to shake their head in awe?

                                                          • Don Kloos
                                                            Don Kloos  8 months back

                                                            Alejandero is extremely gifted and refreshingly original. As a guitarist myself, playing and performing for 56 years, I especially appreciate his open- tunings and tasty hammer on riffs - even while singing! His piano is amazing too.

                                                            He may expand his vocal range with time, but it is very enjoyable to listen to as is. Somebody mentioned Dan Fogelberg and Cast Stevens as comparisons, but I thought of Kenny Rankin and James Taylor. Also, he can write, arrange, compose songs for other singers, too, which may become a huge outlet for him.

                                                            Congrats to Laine Hardy. I see him as a headline cover band in Vegas or Tahoe, but hope he gets some original material to showcase his unique 'gravely' voice and develop.

                                                            American Idol is not really a karaoke singing contest, but a venue for true original talent to develop. I can't remember what happened to Adam Lambert's opponent, and likewise I'm sure we'll be hearing from Alejandro for a long time.

                                                            • Cal 99ers
                                                              Cal 99ers  8 months back

                                                              His voice isn't good enough to be the star they're predicting I can see him writing a lot of songs for singers in the future.

                                                              • Cal 99ers
                                                                Cal 99ers  8 months back

                                                                @Carla Langenstein Well you weren't listening very good, she did not play around where she lived, her parents took her to another town to ONE Coffee shop that had a open mic, she went there 4 or 5 times before she went to AGT, it holds about 25 people full

                                                              • Carla Langenstein
                                                                Carla Langenstein  8 months back

                                                                Cal 99ers ,Yes I do know that and she use to play around at coffee shops and open mikes around where she lived that her parents would go with her to perform gigs. It was on one if her videos that told about how she came to be on the show.

                                                              • Cal 99ers
                                                                Cal 99ers  8 months back

                                                                @Carla Langenstein Grace was in the 5th grade, not sure if you know what that means. She joinS a little kids acting troupe in her town. A few months later she buys a Ukulele and starts writing songs at 11 years old. Grace's mother tells the leader of the acting troupe that Grace sounds pretty good with a ukulele. She put's her on a open mic night in the town beside them, a little place that looks like it holds 20 people. She plays about 3 songs. She did this about 4 times before she goes on AGT. Did you really think UTA or Alejandro would put anything on the internet that would contradict the story they're giving you?

                                                              • Carla Langenstein
                                                                Carla Langenstein  8 months back

                                                                Cal 99ers , Actually you’re right!! Grace Vanderwaal use to play in small clubs and venues when she auditioned because she said so later on in the show. Didn’t know Brian Crum was on Broadway when he auditioned but, that’s a good fit for him. UTA didn’t see Alejandro until October when he auditioned because they said that’s why they’ve been after him since late fall 2018 because the auditions are taped then and American Idol is also a client of UTA. Anyway I’m very happy for him and am waiting with the rest of the fans for June 28th hopefully for his album. Alejandro started a countdown on his IG and post everyday counting down the days and he did say his album would be out soon after Idol was over.

                                                              • Cal 99ers
                                                                Cal 99ers  8 months back

                                                                @Carla Langenstein It's big business, how many times have you seen them say " I have never seen anything like it before" or "your nervous aren't you?" and a few other stupid statements meanwhile half of Asia or England have already seen them on talent shows before. Some have quit their professional careers and have moved on in life only to be brought back to these talent shows and they try to tell you they are married with kids and always wanted to try a professional career and have never done anything like this before. Brian Crum was singing on Broadway when he auditioned. Courtney Hadwin and Amanda Mena where previous on Children Talent shows.Glennis Grace had a big following in Europe after being on BGT but Simon keeps pretending he doesn't know them. Those two girls on Germany Got Talent (I think) that sang Creep, they were almost professional, there's no way you could convinced me that no talent agency has never seen them before. I think they got the idea of using talent they were going to sign anyways after seeing Grace VanderWaal. Nobody outside her family knew she sang outside her family and she was a 12 year already to be marketed, they probably thought "why don't we create that scenario ourselves" I believe Jackie, Amira, Angelina, Grace and a few others were freak accidents in discovering talent that young. The really good ones from Voice, Got Talent and X factor are acts where they can see ahead of time their appeal on stage before signing them, less chance of taking a huge loss after signing a loser

                                                            • you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️

                                                              Does anyone know this kid’s story? Like does he have a family and stuff?

                                                              • Paul O
                                                                Paul O  8 months back

                                                                Has anyone ever noticed that on American idol number two is always number one?!

                                                                • Don Kloos
                                                                  Don Kloos  8 months back

                                                                  Yes, the show is often a huge disappointment that way. Somebody who is massively talented like Alejandro or Adam Lambert comes in second to a far less talented 'vanilla' performer. I'm a fan of Alejandro and what he is trying to do.

                                                              • Light Lucis
                                                                Light Lucis  8 months back

                                                                Love this guy

                                                                • Linda Jobe
                                                                  Linda Jobe  8 months back

                                                                  A true travesty that he didn't win

                                                                  • Audrea Constancio
                                                                    Audrea Constancio  8 months back

                                                                    Alejandro is an artist and will be on stages all over the world.

                                                                    • FERNANDO TORRES LEIVA
                                                                      FERNANDO TORRES LEIVA  8 months back

                                                                      Alejandro won "American Idol" the other won American Pretty

                                                                      • ESTADOUNIDENSE Mexfortuna

                                                                        Educated young man. So proud and happy for you.

                                                                        • Joe Sua
                                                                          Joe Sua  8 months back

                                                                          Yes he should of won the holdanrthing

                                                                          • Ernie McGowin
                                                                            Ernie McGowin  8 months back

                                                                            He is a musical genius. The fact that he didn’t even start until he was 20 and has advanced this far already proves that. But. He is not what I would consider an American Idol to be. His music is unique and different but it’s limited to the range of people that will buy it or go to his concerts.

                                                                            • Carla Langenstein
                                                                              Carla Langenstein  8 months back

                                                                              @Ernie McGowin , Wrong!! His concerts sold out in “SECONDS”!!! And he just got signed by one of the largest talent agencies in the entertainment industry, UTA. Alejandro has a massive worldwide fan base that continues to grow every single day!! 750 k and growing!!

                                                                          • Arturo Varela
                                                                            Arturo Varela  8 months back

                                                                            Hey bro' you have what it takes to get to sing &;all you do, but Men, there nothing like singing to the One Above all of us, , amigo ❤️ if we going to be singing in Heven , well it's better to strat right now.!!! Thanks

                                                                            • lorena rossi
                                                                              lorena rossi  8 months back

                                                                              Thank you

                                                                              • Diana Peck
                                                                                Diana Peck  8 months back

                                                                                Enormous talent! He landed exactly where he should be--his music has been given a place in the spotlight but he doesn't have the obligations of being the winner. I haven't been a fan of American Idol but I'm grateful for bringing this talent to the fore.

                                                                                • Tony Serrano
                                                                                  Tony Serrano  8 months back

                                                                                  This kid is special, his inspirational and unique on how he approaches music.

                                                                                  • tharru
                                                                                    tharru  8 months back

                                                                                    How do you call Alejandro a one trick pony when all that the other contestants know how to do is sing covers? That comment didn't deserve to be quoted here.

                                                                                    • Carlene Augustine
                                                                                      Carlene Augustine  8 months back

                                                                                      Piano and guitar alone are enough to make him a star. His ability to compose and unique singing and personality will make him a true execptionally good artiste. Good Luck. Looking forward for his releases.

                                                                                      • Ana Valder
                                                                                        Ana Valder  8 months back

                                                                                        “One trick pony”? He’s starting! He has the extraordinary capacity of transmitting his feelings. Some guys have a great voice, but they don’t make us feel a thing.

                                                                                        • Angie TobiiDynavox
                                                                                          Angie TobiiDynavox  8 months back

                                                                                          I love AlejandropleasemakeaCD.