How to Perfect Your Pushup | Form Check | Men’s Health


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  • Edgar Santos
    Edgar Santos  5 days back

    Need subtitles

    • Jessica Babin
      Jessica Babin  6 months back

      Great explanation. Very similar to how i instruct it to my clients 👍🏼

      Love pushups 😁

      • muoian
        muoian  6 months back

        When is ebenezeer gonna be the model ? Sharing is caring ! Lol

        Seriously need to work on squeezing my shoulders and not flaring my elbows

        Thanks for the video

        • Dan Esposito
          Dan Esposito  6 months back

          What about his wrists? They are taking a beating. Use dumbbells

          • armando carrillo
            armando carrillo  6 months back


            • Filip Bebek
              Filip Bebek  6 months back

              come on guys, look at his back, he is not straight at all, he doesn't even squeeze the gluts, please delete this video and make new one with proper form, don't harm people!

              • Daniel Hughes
                Daniel Hughes  6 months back

                His head is too small for his body

                • Itzhak Levchar
                  Itzhak Levchar  6 months back

                  1 like = 1 workout day 💪

                  • Alvin Cornelius
                    Alvin Cornelius  6 months back

                    The floor is lava

                    • Gregory KEROR Davis
                      Gregory KEROR Davis  6 months back