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  • Rebecca Hope
    Rebecca Hope  17 hours back

    Where is your “wolf” necklace from please?

    • Pampered Wolf
      Pampered Wolf   1 hours back

      I got it as a gift from my husband for Christmas last year so I'm not sure I'm afraid xxx

  • Josephine Cassar
    Josephine Cassar  2 days back

    What is the thing you do instead of the Dermaroller? Could not get the name. Great video as usual

  • stephanie armiger
    stephanie armiger  2 weeks back

    Gemma, what does your necklace say? I love your comprehensive reviews. You face is adorable and you have the most elegant hands and nails. Any tips for their care?

    • stephanie armiger
      stephanie armiger  2 weeks back

      I want one.

    • Pampered Wolf
      Pampered Wolf   2 weeks back

      It spells Wolf Stephanie. My nails are deteriorating quite rapidly with age I'm afraid. I'm trying my best to look after them with cuticle oil and will update in another 'how to' video. xxx

  • Christine Kofman
    Christine Kofman  2 weeks back

    Just popping back in here to say that I picked up the Revolution nail polish (goodness shipped all the way from the UK!) and it is every bit as good as you said! I haven't been painting my nails for years bc it took so much time, and this stuff was dry before I knew it. ❤️

    • Sophie Gafney
      Sophie Gafney  3 weeks back

      Love this idea of having a monthly Faves and Fails video.. Would love to see one every month as a regular thing!!

      • Papillon Creations
        Papillon Creations  4 weeks back

        I love the true match minerals I use real techniques buffing brush works a treat for me 😁

        • Cynthia Sexton
          Cynthia Sexton  4 weeks back

          I use tretinoin on the same night of derma rolling. You just have to build up to it. Gradually...

          • Pampered Wolf
            Pampered Wolf   3 weeks back

            It's not advisable as the tretinoin will get too deep into the skin xxx

        • Debbie Hibburt
          Debbie Hibburt  4 weeks back

          I use the real techniques expert face brush and dip in the loreal true match powder, i like it, i've had more luck with that than the bareminerals one but the loreal one is having most of the shades discontinuing in boots so the woman told me

          • Dana Adams
            Dana Adams  1 months back

            Fun video! Really hope you do these kinda frequently. Even when the products are ones I would never use, whether because of price, or just because I feel it wouldn't work for my skin, I still love your videos. They're always a hoot, and they always have good tips and techniques. You always seem happy and upbeat. Whether you always feel that way, or not, you still pull it off. You're doing a great job. Thanx, for all you do. 💜

            • Lee White
              Lee White  1 months back

              What you don’t use Vitamin C? I’ve just bought The Ordinary brand Vitamin C on your recommendation hmmm

              • Pampered Wolf
                Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                Vitamin C doesn't like my skin. I try and use a weak version as often as possible though xxx

            • J M G P Knight
              J M G P Knight  1 months back

              Yes, I agree. I don't like the Fill & Fluff either, and I've de-cluttered it.

              • Sharon Curran
                Sharon Curran  1 months back

                I love how natural you always look. Perfect day to day make up 😍

                • Wendy Marsh
                  Wendy Marsh  1 months back

                  CYO foundation being discontinued!- love it. Oh well I'm sure you will be able to to find another suitable one for us all to try at a good price. 😁

                  • Lovemykids46
                    Lovemykids46  1 months back

                    What is tretinoin? Is it a medication that you take orally? I have heard you mention it, but I did not see a video describing it.

                    • Pampered Wolf
                      Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                      The video will be coming. Tretinoin is like retinol in a cream or gel formula....it's 100 times stronger than retinol xxx

                  • linda dee
                    linda dee  1 months back

                    Hey Gemma :-)) Great favs :-) I did get CYO foundation lol awe and now its getting the boot. oxoxox

                    • Francesca W
                      Francesca W  1 months back

                      Brows look incredible! Gorgeous makeup

                      • Shelley Pitchford
                        Shelley Pitchford  1 months back

                        Love your non-make up makeup. Could you share what you did to get this look? Thanks.

                        • Pampered Wolf
                          Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                          I'll try Shelley, all the products are in the description box though. xxx

                      • Shelley Pitchford
                        Shelley Pitchford  1 months back

                        I wonder why anyone does "fails" because what works for one person might not work for another. Far more useful to know what you like. Telling us about your reconsideration of products is great idea!!

                        • Pampered Wolf
                          Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                          I agree with you Shelley. I think it also works the other way around though too. So what I like isn't going to work for everyone. I think as long as I say exactly why I don't like something, that will give people an idea on whether that would specifically work for them. I've always shied away from negative reviews in the past, and did them only when necessary. xxx

                      • Tracie Stone
                        Tracie Stone  1 months back

                        Hi Jemma! We'd love a video on your tretinoin journey! I'm super curious about how long it took you to adjust and reach daily use comfortably. Much love to you and Mum🌺

                        • Pampered Wolf
                          Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                          That video will be coming in the next few months. I'm waiting 6 months to make sure I cover all areas and review the whole journey. I'm loving it at the moment, and had absolutely no irritation whatsoever, but I've been using retinol for a few years now so my skin isn't overly sensitive xxx

                      • Joan Nogas
                        Joan Nogas  1 months back

                        Hi Jemma. I was a little surprised that the packaging on the L'Oreal mineral foundation doesn't work. It is my favorite packaging for talc based finly milled finishing powders. Perhaps the mineral powder particles cling to one another and eventually block the pores of the mesh. Too bad. It could have been a lovely product to wear.

                        • Pampered Wolf
                          Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                          It's as if the mineral powder is slightly damp and therefore can't get through the mesh. Very frustrating. I like the product, but not as much as bare minerals xxx

                      • Carolyn Hamilton
                        Carolyn Hamilton  1 months back

                        I may have horse hide Ha Ha. I can derma roll, wait 24 hours and apply Vit c and retin A. No problem, but I'm closer to your moms age. Maybe skin gets tougher as you age. Loved the video with your kids and always watch you with mum.☺️

                        • Karen McLean
                          Karen McLean  1 months back

                          Brilliant vid, hope you plan to do this every month! 😁💄

                          • M Mc70
                            M Mc70  1 months back

                            Hi Gemma , great vlogs ! Can you review Kevyn Aucoin Foundation balm x

                            • Pampered Wolf
                              Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                              It's on my list. I was very excited about it after Charlotte Holdcroft tried it earlier this week and it looked beautiful. If you want to check her review out you won't be disappointed xxx

                          • Fiona Frazer
                            Fiona Frazer  1 months back

                            Let's think - how many of these have I bought on your recommendation!! The NYX brow product is my current fave, and works so well for me. I haven't experienced the smudging, and I love the natural color, so a fave! You already know I love the CYO foundation and now have 4 back ups! So glad you finally came around to the YSL high coverage concealer, for an older skin, this is perfect. I have two colors .5 & .75 that I mix and it is very natural. The No.7 high end stuff is rubbish (am I being harsh?) and doesn't do a thing. Great video!

                            • Jane Keith
                              Jane Keith  1 months back

                              Couldn't agree more on the NYX Fill & Fluff - such a shame as I love their products (introduced by you!!) and this is useless after first go - as you say - the end just smudges and loses its "sharpness".  Thanks as always - great videos!

                              • Deanna
                                Deanna  1 months back

                                I love the fill and fluff. I don’t have the issues being precise. It lasts over 12 hours for me but I use a brow setting with it. Believe me if it can last through me sweating like mad at work I’m sold. I love that you are doing a fav and fails! Please do more.

                                • Heidi Hurn
                                  Heidi Hurn  1 months back

                                  Hi Gemma do you still use The Ordinary x

                                • Gail King
                                  Gail King  1 months back

                                  Can you but CYO in Australia?

                                  • Miss p
                                    Miss p  1 months back

                                    please do the video on Tretinoin

                                    • Jackie Davis
                                      Jackie Davis  1 months back

                                      Great video! You looks so pretty and your brows look great!! They are so natural looking. I wish you would do a video to get this exact look.

                                      • Tracey Wright
                                        Tracey Wright  1 months back

                                        Thanks for the 'heads up' for Revolution high gloss. Was looking at them in Superdrug last week (they were doing 3 for 2)as they were new but hadn't looked at reviews yet. Will definitely pick them up now. Small but gorgeous range of colours x

                                        • June Harrop
                                          June Harrop  1 months back

                                          Great video Gemma. I can’t believe they are discontinuing the cyo foundation. Will have to try and pick up a couple of my colour next time I’m in town although I always struggle to find it in stock as it is. I am definitely going to try the revolution nail polish ❤️ xx

                                          • Tela Long
                                            Tela Long  1 months back

                                            thank you so very much for this post. i had bought the dermaroller after watching your video two months ago. i watched all the videos from the founder of the company. i told my son what i had, still in the box, and he took it from me. he was emphatic that i NOT use it. he works with the cosmetic surgeon/medical spa communities here. after he talked to me i decided NOT to use it. and negotiated him paying for treatments (hah). ive watched this video with the subtitles (my hearing is waning). would you please let me know what you are using on your skin now. it sounds like tresnowing? subtitles are useless. you are my go to for skin care/make up. thank you so much, thank you so much, thank you so much.

                                            • Pampered Wolf
                                              Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                                              Hi Tela,
                                              I use Tretinoin on my skin which is awesome. Well done for getting your son to help pay for your treatments....I just need someone to pay for mine now. Haha! xx

                                          • Sandra McDonagh
                                            Sandra McDonagh  1 months back

                                            I’ll be trying the nail polish you recommended tomorrow. 🥰

                                            • Katwalkbeauty_by_kat
                                              Katwalkbeauty_by_kat  1 months back

                                              I was told by ItCosmetics that they do keep in mind that people like to brighten their under eyes, hence medium is matching the medium foundation ( but brightened under the eyes). Personally I really dislike the new concealer formula.

                                              • NorthWest
                                                NorthWest  1 months back

                                                Dip a a brush into the loreal powder and it picks up the perfect amount of product. It's actually genuinely great. You don't need a big brush for mineral powder anyways.

                                                • Stephanie B
                                                  Stephanie B  1 months back

                                                  Fenty has a new hydrating foundation that is being launched on August 15th here in the US!☺️

                                                  • Pampered Wolf
                                                    Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                                                    I'll definitely be trying that when I can get my hands on some Stephanie xxx

                                                • Little Voice
                                                  Little Voice  1 months back

                                                  Which tretinon are you using? Have you tried the subscription service by dermatica.co.uk?

                                                  • Pampered Wolf
                                                    Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                                                    That's where I get it from. I'm just over 2 months in now and loving it xxx

                                                • Little Voice
                                                  Little Voice  1 months back

                                                  Have you tried Dr Sam Bunting night serum?

                                                  • Little Voice
                                                    Little Voice  1 months back

                                                    @Pampered Wolf hope it gets there soon

                                                  • Pampered Wolf
                                                    Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                                                    I haven't yet....it is on my list but it might take a while to reach the top xxx

                                                • Whitney Huskins
                                                  Whitney Huskins  1 months back

                                                  Also...could you please try the new fenty beauty hydrating foundation?

                                                • Whitney Huskins
                                                  Whitney Huskins  1 months back

                                                  I love that you break down exactly why you don't (or do) like something. It's so helpful to us when it comes to making purchases. Other beauty youtubers could learn something from you. 🤗❤

                                                • marnie clark
                                                  marnie clark  1 months back

                                                  That is really a big part of nail polish longevity is the base coat/topcoat....but polish stays longer...it just does.... know it’s a pain, but that was my experience in the 30 plus years of doing manicures....that and fast drying drops....

                                                  • Pampered Wolf
                                                    Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                                                    I know Marnie, I would never do a Manicure on anyone without the Base and Top coats....but at home I'm rather lazy xxx

                                                • Donna Riddell
                                                  Donna Riddell  1 months back

                                                  The cyo foundation is my holy grail foundation and I will be stocking up on this x I hate the way companies do this and then bring out a more expensive version shame on you Boots!

                                                  • Alison ball
                                                    Alison ball  1 months back

                                                    could you do a video on starting to use tret and tips as a lot of people are using it and some of us don't have a clue , read reports about peeling etc which puts me off! thanks

                                                    • Alison ball
                                                      Alison ball  1 months back

                                                      @Pampered Wolf that's great thank you. Look forward to it x

                                                    • Pampered Wolf
                                                      Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                                                      I will do Alison. It will take a while though as I want to give the products 5-6 months before I form a proper opinion xxx

                                                  • JO ELLIS
                                                    JO ELLIS  1 months back

                                                    What is the name of the Soap n glory cyo foundation dupe. Ive heard about the Soap n glory Kick Ass foundation but I cant see it on the boots website?

                                                    • JO ELLIS
                                                      JO ELLIS  1 months back

                                                      @Pampered Wolf that's what i thought but i cant find it anywhere

                                                    • Pampered Wolf
                                                      Pampered Wolf   1 months back

                                                      It's the Kick Ass Foundation Jo xxx

                                                  • Mim Claire
                                                    Mim Claire  1 months back

                                                    Please, please, please do a comparison of the CYO and Soap and Glory foundations! I won't trust the dupe-ability unless you "sign off" on it! Lol!

                                                    • Crystal Resler
                                                      Crystal Resler  1 months back

                                                      You're so flippin delightful!! "Base coat and top coat shenanigans " LOL! Love your videos!

                                                      • louise price
                                                        louise price  1 months back

                                                        I use Tretinion 0.05% and I derma roll once a fortnight. I usually do it on a Friday evening and don't use my Tret till Monday evening. I really nourish my skin over the weekend. Agree that Tretinion is the greatest!!