Are You Who You Think You Are?

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  • Chubbyemu
    Chubbyemu   2 years back

    with the troubles YouTubers are having right now, short term success may be more relevant now than ever: thanks for sticking with me :)

    • Nerdygirl
      Nerdygirl  2 days back

      Chubbyemu (Bernard), you are absolutely brilliant! Your videos are excellent and very informative! While we are on the subject of Chinese astrology, what is your Chinese Zodiac sign, (and Western sign as well) ?

    • seumas Broderick
      seumas Broderick  8 months back

      Excellent wisdom!! Taken me a long time to realise the dangers of ideology!! All ideologies!

    • Crotchet
      Crotchet  9 months back

      Who are you?
      I'm Crotchet
      No, that's your name
      Who are you?
      Im a man
      No that's your sex
      Who are you?
      I'm a musician
      No that's your job
      Who are you.....?

    • Karen Bowler
      Karen Bowler  9 months back

      Something that has a part in this is as a child you think you will grow up and be a different person. When your an adult you are still the same person for the most part. It doesn't mean you didn't mature, you are perfectly capable. People can lack confidence because of this.

    • Angels God Sent
      Angels God Sent  10 months back

      @Chad Pyeatt

      To you Chad and all of you who are lucky enough to come across this post......God gives you everyday so that you can improve your life. More and more I hear about people not have that self worth feeling. You have a reason to be here because God put you here and one day that will be clear to you. I am surrounded by people who commit suicide. That is not the answer. No one said life was easy and for most it is not. Life itself is a struggle. But don't give up you will be greeted by a brighter future as long as you try everyday to improve yourself, your impact on others and truly do your best at everything you do. People will start to notice how you stand out. Trust me. This is what I have done in my life. It's not about me all the time in fact it's about everybody else. I have learned to not be selfish I put others before me because it's what God wants. I want to share a couple of videos with you. I listen to them every now and then..... They bring me up all the time. Thanks

  • John Smith
    John Smith  4 hours back

    I'm not surprised that this type of video is very outstanding just like all of your others. Very smart and good delivery. Plz keep making videos!!!

    • eri
      eri  11 hours back

      i think so yeah

      • Cassandra Broome
        Cassandra Broome  3 days back

        I miss the 90s

        • Isaac Clarke
          Isaac Clarke  3 days back

          Who am I? I am nobody.
          Who are you? Are you a nobody too?

        • Losy video Heavens
          Losy video Heavens  4 days back

          I like your passion of sharing knowledge & wisdom

          • Clairabelle99
            Clairabelle99  5 days back

            I want your mum to read my face! Start a business! 😁

          • coweatsman
            coweatsman  1 weeks back

            Strange that his grandfather wanted to restore the emperor given how incompetent the Qing dynasty had been in the 19th century, too corrupt, weak and inept to respond intelligently to creeping western domination of China and the increasing disloyalty of regional warlords within to the Qing administration. Clearly the mandate of heaven over the middle kingdom had been withdrawn from the Qing dynasty as with previous dynasties, and as it was again with the KMT in 1949 and will be again to the present Maoist dynasty at some time in the future. Oct 1 2019 marks 70 years of Maoist rule.

            • coweatsman
              coweatsman  1 weeks back

              The missing 4th floor and 14th floor in many Chinese buildings I can confirm from my visits to China. 14 sounds like 10 deaths with a tonal change.

              • QueenCrystal04
                QueenCrystal04  1 weeks back

                This video is so thought provoking, I come back to watch it all the time and share it with my friends, I think everyone needs to hear it.

                • Marc Panther
                  Marc Panther  2 weeks back

                  Dude, capitalize on your mum's skills with another youtube channel. Let's review face submissions daily.

                  • baller desu
                    baller desu  2 weeks back

                    I kind of though the same things as he said at the end of the video, about ideas and stuff, b ut i just couldn't put it into words ever, its just like some weird thoughts floating in my mind

                    • baller desu
                      baller desu  2 weeks back

                      woaw, grandpa that was good friends with the old ruler of china

                      • frederick tang
                        frederick tang  3 weeks back

                        The most interesting part is whether the hypothesis of superstition become reality one day

                        • TheFandrian
                          TheFandrian  4 weeks back

                          North korea used old korean language meanwhile the south used a somekind of simplified korean

                          • s g
                            s g  1 months back

                            i was actually really good story i needed to here it thank you, it sounds close to my story if feels good. I am in my 30s now and my name is sarah lol go figure right so it touch my heart. I had mental abusive child hood and really bad relationships. I am now going back school and finishing its because its what i really want. and its going to take me awhile but i get there. It was nice to hear because lately i have been feeling to old and no one there to encourage me. but it really feels good to know someone out there just like me did the same. I know i look back one day and say it was worth it.

                            • snp4
                              snp4  1 months back

                              Ayyyy age of mythology!

                              • Hinanai Liang
                                Hinanai Liang  1 months back

                                OMg i noticed age of mythology in the background at 4:40, insta subscribe <3 age of mythology is my favorite game of all time

                                • laurengarciabasora
                                  laurengarciabasora  1 months back

                                  Really grateful I found this channel

                                  • elevengiant
                                    elevengiant  2 months back

                                    Just nonsense

                                    • One Eighth
                                      One Eighth  2 months back

                                      Confirmed that ChubbyEmu is a Intersectional Vegan Transman

                                      • TheGmodMagician
                                        TheGmodMagician  3 months back

                                        What is this, vsauce?

                                        • Sheri Pipp
                                          Sheri Pipp  3 months back

                                          Thank you for the video. Your videos keep me focused.

                                          • ExperiencedNoob5000
                                            ExperiencedNoob5000  3 months back

                                            2017: ehh...
                                            2018: Hmm...
                                            2019: Okay time to recommend this to everyone

                                            • AlphaArcticWolf
                                              AlphaArcticWolf  3 months back

                                              A quality video. Everyone today can become an expert in a certain field due to well developed procedures humanity has created (medical doctors, engineers, even scientists), but rare are those who question everything.
                                              Questioning is the basis of one true philosophy humanity has abandoned within last 2 centuries by standardisation - going as far as standardising philosophy itself, thus obliterating it. Questioning everything around you and yourself is the only method of self-elevation because it allows you to discover deeper logic behind everyday events, many so trivial that people ignore them despite being complex in the "grand scheme".

                                              Self-elevation brings knowledge which, when combined with already existing human knowledge, can turn you into an elevated being, something greater than an average human.

                                              • Jra33 16
                                                Jra33 16  3 months back

                                                Great video! Love this channel!!
                                                Some of my family and friends might be a bit tired of this channel though, because I send them the link to almost every video I watch!

                                                • Laurie chrisy
                                                  Laurie chrisy  3 months back

                                                  Can you show my face to your mom please 😂😂

                                                  • サディ東京
                                                    サディ東京  3 months back

                                                    700th comment!

                                                    • Kevin Stoffel
                                                      Kevin Stoffel  3 months back

                                                      I love this style of content. I hope you'll do more like this.

                                                      • None Bunn
                                                        None Bunn  3 months back

                                                        I see that you have taken the red. Welcome to Zion!

                                                        • Jack b
                                                          Jack b  3 months back


                                                          • Cosmic kitty
                                                            Cosmic kitty  4 months back

                                                            Where do you get a Chinese face reading?

                                                            • Graham Ohayon
                                                              Graham Ohayon  4 months back

                                                              Am I the only one who’s more impressed his mom got into his phone with her fingerprint than I am with the face reading?

                                                              • Graham Ohayon
                                                                Graham Ohayon  4 months back

                                                                I still don’t know what an intersectional is

                                                                • TNT Explodes LOL
                                                                  TNT Explodes LOL  4 months back

                                                                  Really interesting video! please consider making some of these videos again soon.

                                                                  • The KFC Dragon
                                                                    The KFC Dragon  4 months back

                                                                    My last brain cell just died...

                                                                    Woman watches video, this is what happened to her brain.

                                                                    • The Pixel Key
                                                                      The Pixel Key  4 months back

                                                                      You have quality content. Makes me remember Vsauce.

                                                                      • kha wen
                                                                        kha wen  4 months back

                                                                        This guy gives the best advice. Stay real

                                                                        • Tom Ashley
                                                                          Tom Ashley  4 months back

                                                                          Americans have this notion as well. I have "Uncles" I'm not biologically related to.

                                                                          • NinjaTheClumsyturtle
                                                                            NinjaTheClumsyturtle  4 months back

                                                                            *So I’m not skinny?*

                                                                            • Difficultfuckhead
                                                                              Difficultfuckhead  4 months back

                                                                              Yuri Bezmenov owns all your ideas...

                                                                              • Hangfried
                                                                                Hangfried  4 months back

                                                                                Words of wisdom

                                                                                • seraphic
                                                                                  seraphic  4 months back

                                                                                  i love your channel but THAT THUMBNAIL IS NIGHTMARE FUEL.

                                                                                  • AnonymouslyKind
                                                                                    AnonymouslyKind  4 months back

                                                                                    Lol you china eyes.

                                                                                    • Black Ceiling
                                                                                      Black Ceiling  4 months back

                                                                                      I still recognised you without a face

                                                                                      • Ernesto Guevara
                                                                                        Ernesto Guevara  4 months back

                                                                                        Read Michael Puett's book "The Path"

                                                                                        • London England
                                                                                          London England  4 months back

                                                                                          Takeout: better work in the US pharma industry, than for Chang Kai Shek.

                                                                                          • Hravn Valdyr
                                                                                            Hravn Valdyr  4 months back

                                                                                            Also if you don't become something that can produce money you'll basically die under the crushing weight of capitalism.