I Dumped My Ex And He Planned A Horrible Revenge

  • Published: 14 July 2019


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    Hey! My name is Sonya. I’d classify this story as a story of multiple losses of mine. And some of them happened to be for the better, so to speak.

    Everything started a few weeks before my graduation from high school. I had been dating Nick for more than a year already. We were always together, all the time and everywhere – at school, after classes, at the gym... He even insisted that I go to all of his football practices and, obviously, I never missed a single game. I had almost totally given up hanging out with my girlfriends because, you know, Nick didn’t like it when I would go somewhere without him. But I didn’t mind.

    However the closer we got to graduation, the less time we were able to spend together. Final exams were also approaching. So at some point, preparing for them, sending applications to colleges, some extra time spent at school to get better grades for me, and additional training for Nick had started to become really time-consuming. He and I could no longer be together, like day and night, and this had added some major drama to my life. We also started to fight over it pretty often. Usually, I was the one to give in, while Nick just continued to act like the alpha male, so to speak.

    One morning I got woken up by my mom. She came in my room with her eyes full of tears and said that my great-grandma had just been admitted to the hospital with some health problems. Of course, I got really worried and we went to visit her. You might say that there was nothing surprising about it, taking into account that she was 95-years-old. But our whole family loved Nana a lot and we were pretty sure that this was going to be her last hospital trip, you know, forever. So we had to sort of start to get ready.

    I couldn’t help but cry when I saw her there in the hospital bed. She looked really tired and seemed to be very small, but she said she was happy that I’d come. We talked a little bit and she had asked me to do her a favor and take care of her cat Snowball while she was there at the hospital. Of course, I promised her I would do it, and I’d even decided to go and check in on him right after the hospital, when I saw Nick right at the exit door.

    He looked very unfriendly, if I may say so myself. I thought he’d come to support me, but he was pretty cold with me and asked me where my cellphone was. I checked my pockets and suddenly realized that I must have forgotten it at home. You know, I was nervous and sad about what had happened to Nana, and my parents kept breathing down my neck, so I’d completely forgotten about everything else. And when I'd received my regular morning text from Nick, I'd texted him back saying that I was going to hospital and rushed to see Nana. He might have thought that it was me who needed medical assistance. And since I'd left my phone at home and he couldn't reach me, he'd gotten worried and rushed to the hospital himself.

    I explained everything to him and said how sorry I was for making him worry. However he still seemed to be a little angry and definitely not happy. For a second I thought that he should have been more kind to me because I was about to lose my Nana, but I tried to drive these thoughts away. I had gotten used to Nick’s over aggressiveness and resentful temper somehow. Also, I was about to take my final exam in about two hours and I needed to feed granny’s cat, so, you know, I was too busy for negative thoughts.

    The next couple of days were a nightmare for me. I had to visit Nana, feed the cat, do some stuff for my parents, and so on. And as my bad luck would have it, my car engine was giving out, so I was constantly late everywhere I went. And Nick decided to wait until this day to show the worst of his temper. He texted me almost every hour that he was disappointed in me for something, or angry at me, or that I had forgotten about him. So, at some point, for the first time in my life I’d gotten so angry that I went down to his beloved football practice and yelled at him that we were breaking up, right in front of the whole team.

    I guess I will never be able to forget his dumbfounded face, full of misunderstanding and embarrassment. Because as soon as I spun on my heels and walked away, I heard everybody begin to laugh and start to mock him. And some part of me still feels that feeling of final relief and pride for myself, for having done what I’d done. It was strange, but I never thought that I was as stressed as I was about this relationship. I was driving to Nana’s place to feed the cat when my phone rang. I was sure it was Nick calling me to apologize or something, and I immediately felt a determination inside myself to tell him we were over, one more time.

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      @lemonqde Calling 911

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      Captions for the last part of the video

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    I'm pretty sure she meant the authorities.

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      Oh my gosh, this sounds EXACTLY like my life! Straight down to the gramma dying! Minus the cat being kidnapped. But good grief, that was weird to hear from someone else...

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        "I got away with it with almost no scratch"

        Reality: all bruised up, broken leg, concusion

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          Does anyone else notice that every Nick is crazy?

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              “so far i haven’t told anybody what he did”

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                Sonialee Phillips  3 days back

                My name's sonia and I'm 21 was in an abusive relationship for 6years. These stories are so good. Have only started watching two days ago and am now addicted to trying to watch them all 😂 plus I love reading stories with pictures and this is a better way to do that.

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                I got out of the crash without a scratch... only swollen brain broken arm and broken leg 🦵

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                    She was going to be one of the abuse victim

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                                                The title: he planned a horrible revenge
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