Farm Equipment Tour: How to Drive a Combine


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  • David M
    David M  5 days back

    awesome job! you can really tell you enjoy what you do. thank you

  • Sinisa švedek
    Sinisa švedek  2 weeks back

    Ultra cool video. Thank you for it! :)

  • Oddbjørn Gebhardt
    Oddbjørn Gebhardt  2 weeks back

    Very nice to get some instructions and explanation about the technical functions of the modern combine. Normally I never get to see these machines up close and have never actually been in one, so this is very interesting. Keep'em coming. Very good production and a steady camera helps to make it very enjoyable. Everybody knows that a shaking camera video is the worse thing to watch, and nobody can keep on watching such videos for long, so a good gimbal is the best investment any youtuber can make.

  • Alex Shields
    Alex Shields  3 weeks back

    Good explanation of the s series combine control. I am not full time farming but certainly miss not running big equipment. I date my self with this but biggest thing I've run was Jd 8800 and old NH Tr 95. Ridden on 9600 a few times but the new set it from the seat is so much better than old external settings. Auto steer looks like a great idea where corn is still standing. Thanks for the video.

    • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
      Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   3 weeks back

      You actually would be amazed at how well that thing steers through down corn. You can’t tell if you are still on the right rows or not but it usually gets it right. First combine I ever remember was dads 7700 turbo. What a beast.

  • Allen Moore
    Allen Moore  4 weeks back

    That was a great video! You’re the only person who has demonstrated how everything works inside the combine. And to think I thought all those beeps was your chicken fryer going off 😂

  • Marc Sharpe
    Marc Sharpe  4 weeks back

    Fun video. Thanks for the tour!

  • ixNay
    ixNay  4 weeks back

    Excellent video! Something you do not get to see is the intricate details behind running that machine and how you set things up! Great learning experience.

    • Haylee Hoffman
      Haylee Hoffman  4 weeks back

      How do you have enough time to farm with your family when you work full time off the farm?

      • Haylee Hoffman
        Haylee Hoffman  4 weeks back

        Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch Keep up the great work!

      • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
        Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   4 weeks back

        Good question Haylee! Fortunately, hay making takes place at a time when there isn’t much going on in the grain farming operations. Cattle fencing can usually be worked on during bad weather when we can’t be in the fields anyway. Just the other night I started hauling our cattle manure at supper time when we had our drying bin filled up for the day. I didn’t get done til midnight. It takes some sacrifice and some creativity to find time to make it all work, but we love it! Couldn’t do it without the support and help of the rest of the family!

    • Snakeman 48
      Snakeman 48  4 weeks back

      I watch my share of farming video's on YT. But always wondered what all the controls and sounds are for. Thank you for explaining how it all worked. You are the first tuber to do so. Excellent job. Now I can walk across the road and jump in his JD combine and run it like a pro.................................................................................NOT !!

      • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
        Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   4 weeks back

        Thanks a lot for the encouraging comments! I can’t take credit for this idea. Lots of people asked for this video in the comments of other harvest videos.

    • Jason Rich
      Jason Rich  4 weeks back

      Great video!

      • Kathrin Fendt IDEAL Mähdrescher Studt

        Good Video , how for combine John Deere on cornharvest drive . She is very good, the technica and mashine make . 😉🌽👍

        • Ticky66MN
          Ticky66MN  1 months back

          What a great video. I've never seen it explained and demonstrated so well. Thank you!

        • David Barger
          David Barger  1 months back

          Taught me something while entertained my son at the same time. Thanks for the video!

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   4 weeks back

            Thanks David! One thing that is really important to me here is to always make videos that can be watched by people of all ages. You will never hear swearing or crude jokes on this channel. Thanks for watching and be sure to let me know if there’s anything that you would like to see or anything that you wonder about.

        • Jerry Fowler
          Jerry Fowler  1 months back

          Very good instructional video.

        • Anders Felten
          Anders Felten  1 months back

          Great video!
          You make it easy to understand! 👍🏼🙂

        • Ron Loomis
          Ron Loomis  1 months back

          One more thing. Thanks for the data about 85,000 kernels per bushel, just more numbers for me to play with. Now one for you. In a 1 inch rainfall 27,154 gallons of water will fall on 1 acre. Had to figure that out in college.

          • Ron Loomis
            Ron Loomis  1 months back

            @Dodge Brothers Farm and RanchThank you very much. I grew up in Palo Alto county Iowa. Some of what you are saying I have know a long time. But it is always good to learn something new. Watching your videos I see the same things from years ago being done with greater efficiency. How a piece of machinery like combines, planters ect perform are not new, but how and how fast it is done is the amazing and neat stuff. I love technology and improving efficiency. Every fall I would plow gardens for local people with a Ford 9n and a 2 bottom plow to make a few dollars. Nowadays I hardly ever see a molboard working in a field.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            Thanks! Another interesting note for you: every bag of seed corn has 80,000 seeds in it since planting population is measured in seeds per acre. That means some bags will weigh as little as 32 pounds while others can be upwards of 65 pounds. The standard for a bushel of corn is 56 pounds. Generally at harvest time it takes between 80,000 and 90,000 kernels to weigh 56 pounds so that’s why I go with 85,000 for yield estimates.

        • Ron Loomis
          Ron Loomis  1 months back

          Very nice. I did notice that on the rear axle and sometimes on grain carts the tire bars are turned around opposite from the drives. Why is that? Thanks.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            Thanks Ron! Although I don’t know if this is the official reason, I have always assumed that it has to do with the direction of sliding friction. The grain cart tires are never powered so they are in essence “working” in the opposite direction as the tractor tires even though they are rotating the same direction.

        • Brandon Taylor
          Brandon Taylor  1 months back

          Awesome! Thanks for the great and very informative video!

        • Zeus Macafee
          Zeus Macafee  1 months back

          Very interesting

        • ron7938
          ron7938  1 months back

          Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Love your videos!

        • gerald pettigrew
          gerald pettigrew  1 months back

          great video

        • Barny Canuck
          Barny Canuck  1 months back

          Looks like a lot more fun than the old Massey Harris 80 Sp was. Have you done a video on setting up the GPS?

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            You may not know this but I am a Massey Harris collector. I have a 33 wide front that my dad and I bought together at an auction when I was a kid and I have a 44 narrow front that used to belong to my great uncle who passed away four years ago. I have always loved the “old masseys” since I was a little boy, but he really got me excited about them. Super happy to have his old 44. Anyway, I should definitely show some gps stuff in a future video. Thanks for the tip!

        • casey5711
          casey5711  1 months back

          What a GREAT video , Thank you so much , will watch a couple more times to sink in. 😀 The beeping noises was really interesting . Much luck on your harvesting, the weather has been real nasty .
          George - Non Farmer
          Sarasota Fl. 😀👍🏾🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            Thanks George! Now when you are watching farming videos you can feel really smart knowing that the driver just grabbed the steering wheel based on the proper understanding of the beeping noises. And if you ever find yourself in a situation where being able to drive a modern combine could save a bunch of people, you will be a hero!

        • Michael Taylor
          Michael Taylor  1 months back

          This was super informative! Thanks for doing this.

        • Fran Rautiola
          Fran Rautiola  1 months back

          Wow, very interesting explanation of the combine controls, all hi tech farm equipment, i wonder what would your grandfather say about this equipment. My grandfather farmed with horses, i grew up on a farm in the 50S with small tractors, our production was huge increase over his. The production now with modern farm equipment has made a much larger increase from my era of farming than the increase we made over my grandfathers farming with horses.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            My grandma (dads
            mom) was 70 years old when I was born. She was born in 1915. We were very close and I love thinking back on the stories she used to tell me. She’s gone now, but I wish she could watch my videos. I think she’d just shake her head and say “why you need all those tv screens in the combine is beyond me. We picked ear corn by hand into a horse drawn wagon!”

        • matthewrenshaw
          matthewrenshaw  1 months back

          Hey this was an awesome video! I watch a lot of farming videos but this one broke it down to exactly what we wanted to know. Thanks a lot! I look forward to more "How to" videos.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            My best ideas always come from you guys in the comments! Thanks for watching and taking a second to leave an encouraging comment!

        • Teddy Mullins
          Teddy Mullins  1 months back

          I used to run a d11 r caterpillar carry Dozer a few years ago had a lot of the controls on the combine are familiar compare it to the D 11 carry Dozier

        • Tim Honaker
          Tim Honaker  1 months back

          Great explanations. Really enjoyed that and now the controls don't seem as overwhelming. Thanks!

        • Brad Miller
          Brad Miller  1 months back

          Thanks for this video. Haven’t driven a combine in a few decades. Didn’t have any of that fancy auto stuff back then.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            I started out running dads John Deere 7700 turbo. Then we got a 7720 and I thought I had won the lottery!

        • Larry Mixer
          Larry Mixer  1 months back

          Another great video on some of the equipment that is used today and all the help that computers have provided for you today. I can't tell you how many sore legs and back I've had trying to harvest lodged corn from a windstorm. Looking out the windshield and guesstimating center row and where to keep the head out of the soil and not to high to not pick up the stalks. Hopefully you and your brother are having a better rest of the year. We're still fighting the moisture in the forms they have taken this year. The freeze come earlier than usual by a few weeks and some our corn that was put in the latest wasn't quite to dent yet. I think that things will work out for the year. Just have to keep some equipment and thing on the want list go a little longer.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            Thanks for the encouragement! We always have a list of things that need replaced or repaired and it’s always a game of sorts to figure out how to prioritize. I’m fortunate to have a good job with a good farm and a great boss to work with. We got lucky on the down corn lottery so far this year. Some guys right around us got it bad.

        • STUBS 1
          STUBS 1  1 months back

          Great demonstration and like the new intro.

        • Dave Starr
          Dave Starr  1 months back

          That was nothing short of amazing. Thank you, I learned one heck of a lot in 15 minutes of "no fluff" video. I greatly appreciate the time you take on these videos, as a non-farmer but a mechanical, machinery guy I _thought_ I knew something about combines. Boy did I learn how much I _didn't_ know.

          • Dave Starr
            Dave Starr  1 months back

            @Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch I already watched the hydraulic repair "learning experience". I've had a few of those myself ;-)

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            Thanks! If you are into mechanical stuff you should check out a couple of my videos from last fall. I did one on how a combine works and there was one where we had a hydraulic repair gone wrong. You might like them. They weren’t as well edited as the ones I’m making now, but I was just learning how to do this back then. Thanks for watching!

        • James Irving
          James Irving  1 months back

          Your videos are so well edited and put together. They move fast with no wasted time, Your combine explanation did a great job of explaining what us city slicker sees as a mysterious black box. If you get a chance sometime it would be interesting to know just a little more about the inner workings of a combine. Thanks for all your videos.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            Thanks James! I did a video last fall about how combines work. Take a look at it and let me know if that was what you were looking for or if you still have a desire to go deeper. Thanks for your support!

        • Robert Pautsch
          Robert Pautsch  1 months back

          That was great. I enjoyed every minute and the 15 minutes went by too fast. That certainly is a complicated machine and to learn to drive it certainly is not a short lesson. How does one learn? When I first learned to fly an airplane, it took almost 12 hours of dual instruction before I could even fly solo. Even that was not enough. The final license took a total of 40 hours of solo practice and more dual. The combine in a different way seems to approach that level of complexity in order to operate it as second nature.

          I could ask more questions that would keep you from doing your day job but I appreciate the time and effort you take to do this for us non-producers (the agribusiness guy on our radio avoids the term "farmers"). I look forward to whatever you post next.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            Wow thanks Robert! I have a great appreciation for you airmen after studying and passing my “Part 107” remote pilot certificate with the FAA. Those sectional charts are a mess!

            Truth be told I started driving dads combine when I was about 9 years old. Before he let me drive on my own I spent a fair amount of time (from age 7) sitting on his lap and just steering. Then he’d let me raise or lower the header, and then maybe speed up and slow down the ground speed. Then he switched seats with me and rode with me for a while. When he finally climbed out of the cab and “turned me loose” I felt like a king! Thanks for your encouraging words and I hope you continue to enjoy the videos!

        • Thomas Williams
          Thomas Williams  1 months back

          What an informative video. I forget that some people have never driven a combine, much less an S660 with row sense. Well done, sir.

        • Hartung Family Farms
          Hartung Family Farms  1 months back

          How come you guys only have half of the flights in the discharge beater?

          • Hartung Family Farms
            Hartung Family Farms  1 months back

            @Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch Hahaha that's funny. I don't think I have ever seen that before. I am not familiar with the smaller S series combines but I thought they always came with full discharge beater wings

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            A better question might be how come have I never noticed that until now??? I’m going to have to have a look at that tomorrow...

        • Ineluctable Smith
          Ineluctable Smith  1 months back

          Great video. Fascinating! I have wanted to know about this for some time. Even simple farmers a have to be tech savvy today. But what a help! I enjoyed the practical side too adjusting for losses was great. Thanks so much for this!

        • David Vincent
          David Vincent  1 months back

          You done that very well !! Great video

        • The Yard Dogs
          The Yard Dogs  1 months back

          A man with tne name Carl is got to be a great guy lol. I truly love your videos thanks for sharing. Add long as you are driving an not me it's all good. Carl

        • 2fast65
          2fast65  1 months back

          Great video thanks have a great day.

        • LIX 59
          LIX 59  1 months back

          Excellent video, feel like I just completed a mini ground school like on a jet simulator.

        • tony haemerlinck
          tony haemerlinck  1 months back

          That was a good video , thx . I learned a lot 👍

        • Mike McElfresh
          Mike McElfresh  1 months back

          Thanks I wil never drive a combine, no problem, no regrets. The only farm implement I drove was Dad's 1947 JD 2 cyl. tractor....

          • Dave Starr
            Dave Starr  1 months back

            @Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch My Colorado buddy and I used a JD 60, narrow front end with "Rolla-Matic" (makes a difference) to pull our New Holland baler (forget the model number but it was similar in size to the JD baler I've seen you using, and a JD 620, wide front end with power steering (something JD never really got right back in the early 60's) pulling a New Holland HayBine MoCo. Wish that had been a disc machine, ours had an 8 or 9 foot sickle bar and dang there were a lot of teeth to keep sharp on that sucker. A very good machine though, it laid down a very compact winrow and we seldom had to use a rake or tedder. Just mow one day and bale directly after a day or so of drying. Dry mountain air and strong Colorado sunshine work wonders on mountain meadow grasses.

          • Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch
            Dodge Brothers Farm and Ranch   1 months back

            I raked hay with a neighbors John Deere 60 one time and it was great!

          • Dave Starr
            Dave Starr  1 months back

            JD 2 Cylinders forever!

        • Vasudeva Rao
          Vasudeva Rao  1 months back

          Great video. Thanks for your explanation

        • holoholo haole no ka oi
          holoholo haole no ka oi  1 months back

          i know that ain't no John Deere green wristband. thanks for another great video!

        • Stephen Eilenfeld
          Stephen Eilenfeld  1 months back

          Thanks for taking the time to explain running a combine shelling corn. I never had a clue why you do this or that. I’m a non farmer and have watched many other Vlogs. They just take the time to explain why. Keep up the good work. God bless you and entire family.

        • Jerry Miller
          Jerry Miller  1 months back

          That was amazing! Thank you sir.

        • charfont
          charfont  1 months back

          Yup enjoyed that 👌👌😎