A Day to Remember


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  • French Frys
    French Frys  7 months back

    I bet tiger is saving up the biggest fart to release when he wins.

    • John Harrington
      John Harrington  7 months back

      👁 of the🐅 !!

      • scott ferguson
        scott ferguson  7 months back


        • Nick Santos
          Nick Santos  7 months back

          great video, made me hyped for later

          • Rikards Guitar
            Rikards Guitar  7 months back


            • Daniel Wu
              Daniel Wu  7 months back

              Let's 🐅 the legend and the greatest comeback

              • Dave Story
                Dave Story  7 months back

                Go Tiger. Would be the biggest sports story of 2019 and its only April. Only thing that beats it would be him adding a second major.

                • Dave Story
                  Dave Story  7 months back

                  @Michael why? Why not. Im a teacher of golf and I know he's the best thats ever played but some like yourself will never recognize that fact until he beats Jack. Even then some of you wont get it. The true "haters" of Tiger I find typically hated Jordan, Gretsky and so forth. Sad.

                • Michael
                  Michael  7 months back

                  Dave Story
                  Why why why? He’s won 14 majors- so what if he gets another? He still needs FOUR MORE after that to beat Jack. Which will never happen. Jack was 46 when he won his last Major(Tiger is 43).

              • Seki Maika
                Seki Maika  7 months back

                Go go Tiger

                • David Miller
                  David Miller  7 months back

                  Go Tiger Woods all the way keep believing in yourself and you can win this weekend

                  • Fleury29Power
                    Fleury29Power  7 months back

                    Finally no 5 year olds editing the videos

                    • james roubidoux
                      james roubidoux  7 months back

                      Great video

                      • Brett Blevins
                        Brett Blevins  7 months back