Garma Festival from the air - drone photography in Arnhem Land | ABC News


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  • Fishpest Aussie
    Fishpest Aussie  1 months back

    Shame the best parts of the area weren't shown, poor lighting footage hid the true colours of the landscape, seas and waters

    • richard mccann
      richard mccann  1 months back


      • MrLunithy
        MrLunithy  1 months back

        Man I need to go home................

        • Shyam
          Shyam  1 months back

          I feel so lucky to live and be a part of such a beautiful country. 🇦🇺

          • Offgrid John
            Offgrid John  1 months back

            Good use of technology 👍

            • Offgrid John
              Offgrid John  4 weeks back

              SeaWorld socialartslecturer seems to be the trend...

            • SeaWorld socialartslecturer
              SeaWorld socialartslecturer  1 months back

              @Daniel B considering the bar for journalists has been lowered so much. I don't see the problem. There are no journalists at ABC they have all broken their journalistic oath to be fair and impartial.

            • Offgrid John
              Offgrid John  1 months back

              Daniel B wasn’t that a disturbing bit of work..

            • Daniel B
              Daniel B  1 months back

              @Offgrid John AFP might do another raid to retrieve the footage and destroy it

            • Offgrid John
              Offgrid John  1 months back

              edstar83 😂that would have certainly lowered the value of the exercise 👍

          • Mark_Porsche _911
            Mark_Porsche _911  1 months back

            I felt a great pride in me an Australian, as our country is so wonderful 👍🏻