Goonzquad Gives Me Their Exhaust!! Wrecked 2017 Mustang GT Build In 10 Minutes


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    MANDY FLORES XXX  2 weeks back

    Nice one bro

    • Ernesto Luis Lopez Zapata

      No entiendo q hicieron si el otro carro están mejor para q arreglar este q estaba echo mierda ?

      • JAL Hellcat
        JAL Hellcat  3 months back

        Goonzquad boy's sick

        • Michael Walker
          Michael Walker  3 months back

          Why did you just not build the one that your stripping for parts i dont get it?!!!!

          • Alan
            Alan  3 months back

            sensacional trabajo¡¡¡¡¡ y siempre en familia,sigan asi y muy buenos sus videos y buinisimo aporte de goonzquad¡¡¡¡¡

            • Aldair Mendoza
              Aldair Mendoza  3 months back


              • Brian Proffitt
                Brian Proffitt  3 months back

                Did you keep it or sale it ?

                • Robert DeMilo
                  Robert DeMilo  3 months back

                  That was cool!

                  • George Wheelwright
                    George Wheelwright  3 months back

                    Help me out guys,,,why did the dude buy and strip a nice looking mustang to fix the accident damaged car ? What have I missed ?

                    • Reg Abernathy
                      Reg Abernathy  2 months back

                      If you search up in the comments, they thought the other mustang had too many miles on it, so wasn't worth rebuilding.

                  • Hussain Had
                    Hussain Had  3 months back

                    NICE WORK, NO UPDATES ON THE GTR !!!

                    • Dope Bass
                      Dope Bass  3 months back

                      04:02 rear bumper bro WTF....

                      • Jason Smith
                        Jason Smith  3 months back

                        Beautiful car, well done!

                        • 1992Hoffman
                          1992Hoffman  3 months back

                          Have you all ready sold that one

                        • Matze`s Garage
                          Matze`s Garage  3 months back

                          👍👍👍 Gruß aus Deutschland ✌

                          • Sarath Chandra Siddharth Valmiki

                            We need GTR

                            • Howard Rice
                              Howard Rice  3 months back


                              • Gman 2060
                                Gman 2060  3 months back

                                Great kondor family,Dad definitely needs his own channel ,old school guy but compassionate,patience to teach and great sense of humor

                                • Wilson Andrade
                                  Wilson Andrade  3 months back


                                  • WrongwayUp
                                    WrongwayUp  3 months back

                                    love your videos!!!! on our channel for those watching or reading this we are doing our own build ...2017 mustang gt with a soon to be revealed massive right turn in the a 12year old

                                    • bluecollartrader
                                      bluecollartrader  3 months back

                                      This video must have some age on it. The Goonzquad have been done with the Hellcat for a long time.

                                      • Kondor Buildz
                                        Kondor Buildz   3 months back

                                        It is. This video is all of our mustang videos in one

                                    • Lee Davies
                                      Lee Davies  3 months back

                                      you did a great job on that car

                                      • Abd Abd
                                        Abd Abd  3 months back


                                        • Wayne Gouin
                                          Wayne Gouin  3 months back

                                          Man dude that mustang is badass! Excellent job on it. Also on the videos. I would never sell that mustang, its just too sweet. But thats yiur call. Rev. P.S. That black one sure is sweet also.

                                          • Its a Rome Thing Everyday


                                            • Screamin Demon
                                              Screamin Demon  3 months back

                                              The Goonzquad guys seem like pretty decent guy's its amazing how their channel has just blown up, I see that happening for your channel, you do great work and your projects always come out looking lie it came from the factory. Keep up the good work man

                                              • Johnathan Farnsworth
                                                Johnathan Farnsworth  3 months back

                                                Best channels car's rebuild are goonquad, max rebuild , kondor rebuildz , diy gangs , v tune and also Danny tv

                                              • Adrián Mouly
                                                Adrián Mouly  3 months back

                                                What was wrong with the parts mustang? It looked better than the main one.

                                                • BroFist
                                                  BroFist  3 months back

                                                  same question here

                                                • Zephen Schroeder
                                                  Zephen Schroeder  3 months back

                                                  Adrián Mouly I was thinking the exact same thing it looked like it just needed a bumper??

                                              • Gene Holmes
                                                Gene Holmes  3 months back

                                                That is so AWESOME. 2 channels working together.

                                              • CarGuy
                                                CarGuy  3 months back

                                                I was curious and I meant to ask back when you got the parts mustang, what was wrong with that one that it could not be rebuilt?

                                                • Kondor Buildz
                                                  Kondor Buildz   3 months back

                                                  It was hit in the quarter but it just had more miles so wasn’t worth rebuilding it

                                                • Adrián Mouly
                                                  Adrián Mouly  3 months back

                                                  I have same question.

                                              • Mark Livarchuk
                                                Mark Livarchuk  3 months back

                                                Didn’t you give that exhaust to fix bros?🤣

                                                • Kondor Buildz
                                                  Kondor Buildz   3 months back

                                                  That’s funny, check out my videos I get enough views as is. So chill out and enjoy your day without starting stuff with others 👍

                                                • Mark Livarchuk
                                                  Mark Livarchuk  3 months back

                                                  Still doesn’t make it relevant 😂 you just using them for views

                                                • Kondor Buildz
                                                  Kondor Buildz   3 months back

                                                  Because it all happened during the build, smart one..

                                                • Mark Livarchuk
                                                  Mark Livarchuk  3 months back

                                                  Then how’s the title relevant to this build?😶

                                                • Kondor Buildz
                                                  Kondor Buildz   3 months back

                                                  Yeah I did give it to them..

                                              • Charlie Barnard
                                                Charlie Barnard  3 months back

                                                What was up with the parts Mustang it looked in mint condition I can't work out why you stripped what looks to be a mint Car car to rebuild a smashed up one can you please please explain

                                                • Alton Neese
                                                  Alton Neese  3 months back

                                                  What ever happened to this car?

                                                • Eric Touani
                                                  Eric Touani  3 months back

                                                  Humm I seen this video already

                                                  • Brian mcm
                                                    Brian mcm  3 months back

                                                    Excellent video and excellent content

                                                  • Ever Fuentes
                                                    Ever Fuentes  3 months back

                                                    Love the video keep up the great work up

                                                    • TheSpeedMaster
                                                      TheSpeedMaster  3 months back

                                                      Oh shit a combo!

                                                      • martin okram
                                                        martin okram  3 months back

                                                        Waiting on gtr build

                                                      • Cruzredeye
                                                        Cruzredeye  3 months back

                                                        Your brother really sprouted since this video

                                                        • bl st
                                                          bl st  3 months back

                                                          Love the time lapse and the channel!

                                                        • ALEXIS TOVAR
                                                          ALEXIS TOVAR  3 months back

                                                          Hello Kondor Buildz. Great video but no audio///?????. Beautiful Dark Grey Ford Mustang GT. Did not know you purchased a water damage donor car???. Way to go!!!. In case you are selling that Mustang how much it will be????.Keep up the good work.Greeting from Venezuela!!!!!!!

                                                          • ALEXIS TOVAR
                                                            ALEXIS TOVAR  3 months back

                                                            @Kondor Buildz To have an idea.How much you sold the Mustang?.If you can\?.Thanks my friend

                                                          • Kondor Buildz
                                                            Kondor Buildz   3 months back

                                                            Thank you! And sold the mustang awhile ago

                                                        • Gregg Frazier
                                                          Gregg Frazier  3 months back

                                                          Great channel..enjoying your brothers channel too

                                                        • miju miju gang*
                                                          miju miju gang*  3 months back

                                                          This is crazy kondor

                                                        • Shivam Modi
                                                          Shivam Modi  3 months back

                                                          You guys should do a S2000 build!

                                                        • Lucas Martínez Parra
                                                          Lucas Martínez Parra  3 months back

                                                          The Ford Mustang is still my favorite pony-car.

                                                          • Shivam Modi
                                                            Shivam Modi  3 months back

                                                            Great Work!

                                                          • Lorie A Waitley
                                                            Lorie A Waitley  3 months back

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                                                            July 21 19 09:30 am SUN 👍🖐✌🇺🇸

                                                            • APNA VILLAGE PUNJAB pa
                                                              APNA VILLAGE PUNJAB pa  3 months back


                                                              • APNA VILLAGE PUNJAB pa
                                                                APNA VILLAGE PUNJAB pa  3 months back