Xander Schauffele's Final Round Interview

  • Published: 15 April 2019
  • Xander Schauffele addresses the press following the final round of the 2019 Masters Tournament.
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  • Swift chopper
    Swift chopper  4 months back


    • max_eh
      max_eh  7 months back

      What a humble man. You have a new fan Xander.

      • Gary Mercer
        Gary Mercer  7 months back

        Classy guy . A few more majors in his bag!

        • Lakeshore Group
          Lakeshore Group  7 months back

          I would root for this kid all day... unless Tiger was in contention. Other than that he's my guy! LOL

          • J Mouch
            J Mouch  7 months back

            Hard not to root for this kid. 👍

            • Jerome Pinson
              Jerome Pinson  7 months back

              Wow! Great guy, he will win him one soon

              • Haas Hammad
                Haas Hammad  7 months back

                Really nice guy .... wish him the best

                • Jay Tee
                  Jay Tee  7 months back

                  Great attitude, gracious. Congrats!
                  Does not look half Taiwanese though.

                  • Big102080
                    Big102080  7 months back

                    Lol, I feel for the guy, just about ever question was about tiger.

                    • Oscar Robinson
                      Oscar Robinson  7 months back

                      I imagine that these guys probably grew up playing 'Tiger Woods Golf', the video game. LOL!!! Schauffele looks a lot smaller than his listed 5' 10", 175 lbs.

                      • Oscar Robinson
                        Oscar Robinson  7 months back

                        Another one of the young Tiger fans who is now on tour WITH Tiger. Bobby Jones wasn't a big man but he was one of the greatest golfers ever. Like a wise man once said, "You drive for show, but you putt for dough."

                        • Conor Barry
                          Conor Barry  7 months back

                          He's the real deal

                          • Zaprooda
                            Zaprooda  7 months back

                            He did really well on that property

                            • C Rowe
                              C Rowe  7 months back

                              This kid can contend! And as a woman old enough to be his grandmother, he melts my heart with his SMILE!

                              • dttruman
                                dttruman  4 months back

                                There are going to be a lot of women following him, and I wouldn't be surprised if one accidentally bumps into him at a grocery store or somewhere.

                            • Cliff Sharp
                              Cliff Sharp  7 months back

                              This guy has Tiger like guts - loves the pressure. I do not believe he has an overpowering game like a Koepka or D.J. but when he finds a way to get close he plays to win and is tough as nails. Tee shots on 15 and 16 cost him the tournament. Future multiple major winner in my opinion as well as Ryder Cup star.

                              • masonotp332
                                masonotp332  7 months back

                                Cool guy and has a great game.. he will be around for awhile

                                • Aldo D
                                  Aldo D  7 months back

                                  Great athlete !!

                                  • leftnutdangler 83
                                    leftnutdangler 83  7 months back

                                    After that stretch of six holes where he had 3 bogeys I thought he was done, but just like everyone else once they hit the 10th tee they seemed to turn it on. Awesome tournament, Tiger is back. Jack better be worried #19

                                    • Diane Lim
                                      Diane Lim  7 months back

                                      Such a great guy, played amazing all week with a lot of class

                                      • charly yoo
                                        charly yoo  7 months back

                                        Kids legit.

                                        • Angel Hernandez
                                          Angel Hernandez  7 months back

                                          Have Xander win next years master and Tiger gives him the green jacket and then the following year tiger gets his 6th and he hands the jacket right back off to him. What better way to finish the master than receiving the green jacket and handing it the year after to the guy you watched growing up? Let’s do it!

                                          • Brandon Smith
                                            Brandon Smith  7 months back

                                            Great interview! I hope to see him in contention in the rest of the majors this year.

                                            • eddy1367
                                              eddy1367  7 months back


                                              • Taisen's Cool Stuff
                                                Taisen's Cool Stuff  7 months back

                                                Hopefully he does well in this sport!

                                                • XxTomcastxX
                                                  XxTomcastxX  7 months back

                                                  This guy has a lot in his future!

                                                  • dttruman
                                                    dttruman  4 months back

                                                    He is young but tough. I am going to take him quite a bit in upcoming golf pools.

                                                  • LRN_News
                                                    LRN_News  7 months back

                                                    XxTomcastxX Yeah, great talent for sure.

                                                  • Russell E Simonetta
                                                    Russell E Simonetta  7 months back

                                                    His future is ahead of him.